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2019-03-13 Karl Williamsonperlvar: Fix broken link
2019-03-13 Karl Williamsonperlrecharclass: Minor wording improvements
2019-03-13 Karl Williamsonperlre: Minor wording improvements
2019-03-13 Karl Williamsonperlre: Italicize a bunch of stuff
2019-03-13 Karl Williamsondquote.c: Use UTF8_SAFE_SKIP
2019-03-13 Karl WilliamsonAdd UTF8_SAFE_SKIP API macro
2019-03-13 Karl Williamsonperldiag: A deprecation is now fatal
2019-03-13 Karl Williamsont/re/pat_advanced.t: Change some ok's to like's
2019-03-13 Dan KogaiEncode: synch with CPAN version 3.01
2019-03-12 Karl Williamsontoke.c: Clarify comment
2019-03-12 Karl Williamsont/re/pat_advanced.t: Add some comments
2019-03-12 Karl WilliamsonAdd tests for wildcards in Unicode property values
2019-03-12 Karl WilliamsonAdd Unicode property wildcards
2019-03-12 Karl Williamsonregen/ Add tables for Unicode wildcards
2019-03-12 Karl WilliamsonAdd warnings category experimental::uniprop_wildcards
2019-03-12 Karl Williamsonis_invlist(): Allow NULL input
2019-03-12 Karl Williamsonperlunicode: Update, clarify
2019-03-12 Karl Williamsonperlapi: Clarify entry for hv_store()
2019-03-12 Karl Williamsonregen/ Remove stray debugging stmts
2019-03-12 Karl Williamsonregen/ Comment/white-space only
2019-03-12 Karl Williamsonregen/, lib/ Rename variable
2019-03-12 Karl Williamsoncharclass_invlists.h: Add comment
2019-03-12 Karl Williamsont/re/reg_mesg.t: Add test
2019-03-12 David Mitchellfix blead on non-threaded builds
2019-03-11 David MitchellFix leak on syntax error in main prog
2019-03-11 David Mitchellfix leak when compiling typed hash deref
2019-03-11 Karl WilliamsonDon't use unless needed
2019-03-10 Karen Etheridgeupgrade ExtUtils::Manifest from version 1.71 to 1.72
2019-03-08 Karl Williamsonperldelta for fd879d933c2a2ee22ac6e2462acc016aa033854d
2019-03-08 Karl WilliamsonPATCH: [perl #131642] pack returning malformed UTF-8
2019-03-08 Karl WilliamsonPATCH: [perl #133876] Write out of bounds
2019-03-08 Tony Cookperldelta for d22170b0f355 through bf3e41ff5d42
2019-03-07 Tony Cook(perl #124203) fix a similar problem with DB::lsub
2019-03-07 Tony Cookbump $DB::VERSION for to 1.55
2019-03-07 Tony Cookbump $threads::shared::VERSION to 1.60
2019-03-07 Tony Cook(perl #124203) avoid a deadlock in DB::sub
2019-03-07 Tony Cookadd extra lock tracing to threads::shared
2019-03-07 Karl WilliamsonPATCH: [perl #133882] Assertion failure
2019-03-07 Karl Williamsont/re/subst.t: Fix typo in comment
2019-03-07 Karl Williamsonregexec.c: Rule out match sooner
2019-03-07 Karl Williamsonregexec.c: Improve comments for a function
2019-03-07 Karl WilliamsonPATCH: [perl #133899] panic in s///
2019-03-07 Karl WilliamsonAdd hook for Unicode private use override
2019-03-07 David Mitchellfix CvFILE() leak in Perl_newATTRSUB_x()
2019-03-07 David MitchellImprove description of CVf_DYNFILE flag
2019-03-07 David Mitchelladd comments above Perl_newSTUB()
2019-03-07 David Mitchellfix leak in regex re-entrant capture buffer
2019-03-07 David Mitchellfix leak in /[(?{]/
2019-03-07 David Mitchelldocs for op slab functions
2019-03-06 Karl WilliamsonCheck for \n in EBCDIC code pages
2019-03-06 Karl Williamsondocs (incl. perldelta) for aa8a2baafac
2019-03-06 Karl WilliamsonUse POSIX locale functions if setlocale not available
2019-03-04 Karl Williamsonperldelta for Unicode 12.0
2019-03-04 Unicode ConsortiumUse Unicode 12.0
2019-03-04 Karl WilliamsonMerge branch 'crippled_locales' into blead
2019-03-04 Karl WilliamsonProperly handle systems with crippled locales
2019-03-04 Karl Williamsont/ Only try C.UTF-8 if Configure says...
2019-03-04 Karl Williamsonlocale.c: Tighten turkish locale tests on C99 platforms
2019-03-04 Karl WilliamsonImprove setlocale() detection in Configure-ish files
2019-03-04 Karl WilliamsonAdd towupper() and towlower() to Configure-ish files
2019-03-04 Karl WilliamsonAdd wctype.h to Configure-ish files
2019-03-04 Karl Williamsonperl.h: Improve a comment's wording
2019-03-04 Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Silence compiler warning msg.
2019-03-04 Karl Williamsonlocale.c: Fix grammar in comment
2019-03-04 Karl Williamsonlib/locale.t: Improve wording of test name
2019-03-04 Karl Williamsonperlop: Improve documentation for (mostly) tr///
2019-03-04 Karl Williamsonebcdic_tables.h: Remove alien '#'
2019-03-04 Karl Williamsonregen/ Move code to function
2019-02-27 Karl WilliamsonFix dup_warnings()
2019-02-27 Karl WilliamsonAdd missing ARGS_ASSERT
2019-02-27 David Mitchelladd Perl_dup_warnings() and fix leak
2019-02-25 David Mitchellt/re/pat.t: avoid failing test under ASan
2019-02-25 Tony Cookperldelta for 7d0a46b7159e
2019-02-25 Tony Cookbump $PerlIO::encoding::VERSION
2019-02-25 Tony Cook(perl #131683) enable warnings for the block that tests...
2019-02-24 PaliPerlIO::encoding: Use Encode::ONLY_PRAGMA_WARNINGS...
2019-02-24 Tony Cookperldelta for 238f2c136aa0
2019-02-24 PaliAdd newSVsv_nomg() macro which is like newSVsv() but...
2019-02-23 David Mitchellupgrade cpan/JSON-PP from 4.00 to 4.02
2019-02-22 David MitchellPerl_op_sibling_splice(0 remove dead code
2019-02-21 Nicolas REpigraph for 5.29.8
2019-02-21 Chris 'BinGOs... they seek him here, they seek him there
2019-02-21 Nicolas Rfix for Module/ 5.029009
2019-02-21 Nicolas RUpdate Module::CoreList for 5.29.9
2019-02-21 Nicolas RBump the perl version in various places for 5.29.9
2019-02-21 Nicolas RNew perldelta for 5.29.9
2019-02-21 Nicolas RTick! 5.29.8
2019-02-21 Nicolas RExtra advice to release_managers_guide.pod
2019-02-21 Tony Cook(perl #133778) adjust MARK if we extend the stack in...
2019-02-20 Nicolas RBump Devel::PPPort to 3.44 for CPAN release v5.29.8
2019-02-20 Nicolas RAdd 5.29.8 release to pod/perlhist
2019-02-20 Nicolas RAdd XS::APItest to unclaimedModules in corelist-perldel...
2019-02-20 Nicolas RUpdate Module::CoreList for 5.19.8
2019-02-20 Nicolas RPerldelta final massage for 5.29.8 release
2019-02-20 Nicolas RAdd more Travis CI flavors to the matrix
2019-02-20 Nicolas RAdd note for BLEAD point release to release_managers_gu...
2019-02-20 Nicolas RTime-HiRes 1.9760 - bump Module::CoreList & co
2019-02-20 PaliDevel::PPPort: Fix D_PPP_FIX_UTF8_ERRSV macro
2019-02-20 Tony Cookperldelta for 125ddee8ebdb, 2e51033c15c9
2019-02-19 Tony Cooktest for error set on socket() failure origin/tonyc/socket-error