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2004-09-01 Dave Mitchellwhoops, fix 'formline undef' test broken by change...
2004-09-01 Andy LesterPATCH: Taintedness and ternary conditional
2004-09-01 Dave Mitchelldelete spurious blank lines added by change 23251
2004-09-01 Dave Mitchell[perl #31111] Random made scripts crashing perl
2004-09-01 david nicol[perl #31228] no no-op
2004-09-01 Jim Cromie[ PATCH ] 2 added private flags for B::Concise
2004-09-01 Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to Cwd 2.21.
2004-09-01 Rafael Garcia... Update to File::Spec 0.90
2004-08-30 Marcus Holland... Skip Time::HiRes tests if configured without that module.
2004-08-30 Marcus Holland... Fix skipping of a Dumpvalue test when configured withou...
2004-08-30 Marcus Holland... Skip a Data::Dumper test if configured without B module.
2004-08-29 Marcus Holland... Fix typo in B::Assembler.
2004-08-29 Marcus Holland... Skip ext/B/t/assembler.t when configured without B.
2004-08-28 Craig A. BerryFile::Spec::VMS update
2004-08-28 H.Merijn BrandPumpkinship updates
2004-08-26 Marcus Holland... Fix nasty line break in Storable test file.
2004-08-26 Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to MIME::Base64 3.03
2004-08-25 Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to MIME::Base64 3.02.
2004-08-24 Rafael Garcia... Grammatical nit by Hugo.
2004-08-23 Nikola Milutinovic[perl #31295] PATCH: Test comp/use.t fails on Tru64
2004-08-23 Marcus Holland... Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.01.
2004-08-22 Marcus Holland... Fix some backwards-compatibility problems with Storable.
2004-08-22 Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to Time::HiRes 1.61
2004-08-22 Marcus Holland... Fix Storable's MANIFEST.
2004-08-20 Dave Mitchella regex in STDOUT destructor coredumped because regex...
2004-08-20 Marcus Holland... Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.00_03.
2004-08-19 Marcus Holland... Tweak 'h2xs -h' output.
2004-08-19 Marcus Holland... Delete superfluous "with".
2004-08-19 Marcus Holland... Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.00_02.
2004-08-19 Rafael Garcia... Mark a test that relies on tainting behavior as TODO...
2004-08-18 Steve HayAdd notes for building with MS VC++ Toolkit 2003
2004-08-17 Marcus Holland... Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.00_01.
2004-08-17 Marcus Holland... Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.00.
2004-08-17 Jos I. BoumansDocument Carp's global variables + provide tests
2004-08-17 Kirrily RobertUpdates to modules-related pod
2004-08-16 Craig A. Berryrunning mktables on VMS
2004-08-16 Yitzchak Scott... make cygwin ld2 executable
2004-08-14 Dave Mitchellmake pp_goto() cope potential stack reallocation in...
2004-08-13 Telspre Math::BigInt v1.72
2004-08-13 Andy LesterTest for functions with operator names
2004-08-13 Stas Bekmanapi doc fix for SvSetMagicSV_nosteal
2004-08-10 Jim CromieRe: 2 patches: goto.t,
2004-08-10 Jim Cromie2 patches: goto.t,
2004-08-10 Alan BurlisonRe: POSIX::sigprocmask implemented incorrectly
2004-08-09 Dave MitchellFix a typo and remove some debugging crud from change...
2004-08-09 Dave Mitchelleval_sv() failing a taint test could corrupt the stack
2004-08-09 Dave Mitchellmade eq_array in t/ handle undef values better
2004-08-09 Dave Mitchellfix minor nit in file description, to keep Jarkko happy
2004-08-09 Andy LesterPatch for t/op/sleep.t
2004-08-09 Rafael Garcia... Add a note in perltodo about a potential extension...
2004-08-09 Alan BurlisonRe: POSIX::sigprocmask implemented incorrectly
2004-08-07 Dave MitchellAdd tests for XS call_*() API
2004-08-07 Paul MarquessDB_File 1.810
2004-08-06 Steve HayFix [perl #24269] socket() call uses non-IFS providers
2004-08-06 Steve HayAnother small clean-up following changes #23190 and...
2004-08-06 Dave Mitchellremove leaks associated with version object change...
2004-08-06 Craig A. Berrysignedness nit in #23190
2004-08-04 Marcus Holland... Document sv_catpvn_nomg, sv_setsv_nomg and sv_catsv_nomg.
2004-08-04 Nick Ing-SimmonsComment describing purpose.
2004-08-04 Alan BurlisonRe: POSIX::sigprocmask implemented incorrectly
2004-08-04 Rafael Garcia... Remove compilation warnings about uninitialized variables.
2004-08-04 Rafael Garcia... Remove the "Newline in left-justified string" warning.
2004-08-04 Fergal Dalyextension to
2004-08-04 John PeacockFinal version object core patch?
2004-08-03 H.Merijn Brandgcc on AIX 4 doesn't like -G on the commandline too
2004-08-03 H.Merijn Brandgcc on AIX doesn't like -G on the commandline
2004-08-03 Dave Mitchellmore typo fixes for change 3176 (comments at top of...
2004-08-03 Marek Rouchal[perl #30914] ExtUtils::Embed should use libperl name...
2004-08-03 Jim Cromieadditional -V:foo tests
2004-08-02 Nick Ing-SimmonsEnhance the caveat in the description of tell()
2004-08-02 Rafael Garcia... Remove empty rpath from .so files
2004-08-02 Fergal Dalymention refaddr() in overload::StrVal docs
2004-08-02 Steve HayFix breakage caused by Change 23179
2004-08-01 Dave MitchellAdd comment to top of reentr.c and fix typos in other...
2004-08-01 Marcus Holland... Skip test when building without Encode.
2004-08-01 Marcus Holland... Remove redundant SvOOK_off (called implicitly by SvOK_off)
2004-07-31 Dave Mitchellshut up a warning in mg.c
2004-07-31 Dave MitchellAdd comment to the top of most .c files explaining...
2004-07-31 Marcus Holland... Fix copy & paste bugs in mX?PUSH macro tests.
2004-07-31 H.Merijn BrandFirst steps towards an explicit perl.exp-less AIX build
2004-07-31 Marcus Holland... Fix and update Perl_grok_* docs.
2004-07-30 Steve HayA few minor updates to README.win32 (aka perlwin32)
2004-07-30 Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to Math::BigInt v1.71.
2004-07-30 Steve HayBug report #30132 was resolved before it was finished!
2004-07-28 Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to File::Spec 0.88.
2004-07-28 Audrey TangRe: [perl #30783] Test::Builder does not handle overloa...
2004-07-28 david nicolRe: more 5.9 sort tests (second draft)
2004-07-28 Andy DoughertyRe: AW: [perl #7558] [PATCH] README.solaris
2004-07-26 Andy Dougherty[perl #7558] [PATCH] README.solaris
2004-07-26 Marcus Holland... The byte-order modifiers won't go into 5.8.
2004-07-26 Steve HayWindows-related updates to Porting/repository.pod
2004-07-25 Dave Mitchellmake -Dl log runops loop entry and exit, and jump level...
2004-07-24 Dave Mitchelldocument that -i messes soft as well hard hard links.
2004-07-23 Dave Mitchellmake a note in perlrun that -i doesn't preserve UNIX...
2004-07-23 Dave Mitchell[perl #30733] memory leak in array delete
2004-07-23 Dave Mitchellremove binary compat from #23156 (remove PL_retstack)
2004-07-23 Dave Mitchellremove the return stack PL_retstack, and store return...
2004-07-22 Nicholas ClarkBuild the perldelta copying command for the main Unix...
2004-07-22 Nicholas ClarkGrab perl585delta.pod from maint and
2004-07-22 Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to Cwd 2.20