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2001-11-18 Nick Ing-SimmonsIntegrate mainline - a few Devel::Peak fails.
2001-11-18 Jarkko HietaniemiStart working on perldelta. This is not yet any sort of
2001-11-17 Jarkko HietaniemiBanish "use utf8".
2001-11-17 Jarkko HietaniemiTweak from Charles Lane.
2001-11-17 Jarkko HietaniemiIntegrate change #13058 from maintperl;
2001-11-17 Jonathan StoweSync with CPAN version
2001-11-17 Tels[PATCH9 File/ doc nits
2001-11-17 nit
2001-11-16 Andy Doughertylib/Unicode/UCD.t @INC oddity
2001-11-16 Charles Lane[Patch Perl@13023] VMS system() warning
2001-11-16 Jarkko HietaniemiIt's neither-nor, and protect against the impossible.
2001-11-16 Jarkko Hietaniemi5005threads didn't work because $Thread::VERSION wasn't
2001-11-16 Charles RandallRobustness against Linux using something else than...
2001-11-16 Russ AllberyRe: [ Installman problems]
2001-11-16 Jarkko HietaniemiUpdate perluniintro on the UTF-8 output matters
2001-11-16 Jarkko HietaniemiAdding new files to MANIFEST is nice.
2001-11-16 Jarkko HietaniemiUpdate Changes.
2001-11-16 Jeff PinyanRe: [PATCH regcomp.[ch], regexp.h, pp_hot.c, t/op/re_te...
2001-11-16 Jarkko HietaniemiRename perlunintro to perluniintro; regen toc.
2001-11-16 Jarkko HietaniemiDocument the negated lookahead trick to emulate
2001-11-16 SADAHIRO TomoyukiUnicode General Category: Cn
2001-11-16 Ilya Zakharevichruntime runops switch
2001-11-16 Jarkko HietaniemiFurther discourage old Thread code; tell how to tell
2001-11-16 Jarkko HietaniemiA missing return; from Charles Lane.
2001-11-16 Abhijit Menon-Sen[PATCH] Doc spellcheck + podcheck
2001-11-16 Jarkko HietaniemiAvoid redefinedness warning for now.
2001-11-16 Jarkko Hietaniemiuse strict.
2001-11-16 Charles Lanesubprocess command line size increase
2001-11-16 chromaticFix AIX Failure (was Re: Smoke 12998 /pro/3gl/CPAN...
2001-11-16 Jarkko HietaniemiMake Thread a wrapper for both ithreads and 5005threads.
2001-11-16 Jarkko Hietaniemi$VERSION "a5" doesn't quite work.
2001-11-16 Jarkko HietaniemiAdd the fruits of Larry Shatzer's version verifying...
2001-11-16 Jarkko HietaniemiAdd Larry Shatzer's VERSION verifying script.
2001-11-16 Michael G.... runperl(), \n and stdin
2001-11-15 Jarkko HietaniemiDocument the MY_CXT business; from Paul Marquess.
2001-11-15 Jarkko HietaniemiVMSCMD synch attempt.
2001-11-15 Jarkko HietaniemiAdvise against -P as instructed by Schwern.
2001-11-15 John Peacockv-strings as Objects Step 1
2001-11-15 Michael G.... -x (was Re: [PATCH] new tests for command-line switches)
2001-11-15 Jarkko HietaniemiUpgrade to Getopt::Long 2.26_03.
2001-11-15 Michael G.... VMSCMD missing
2001-11-15 Robert SpierRe: [ID 20010713.001] use lib segmentation fault
2001-11-15 Jarkko HietaniemiUpdate Changes.
2001-11-15 Rafael Garcia... new tests for command-line switches
2001-11-15 Jarkko HietaniemiUpgrade to podlators 1.13.
2001-11-15 Jarkko Hietaniemiskip "might be used uninitialized".
2001-11-15 Jarkko HietaniemiFix for "perlio bug in koi8-r encoding". The problem
2001-11-15 Rafael Garcia... Re: [ID 20011114.118] chop and chomp bind too tightly
2001-11-15 Robin BarkerRe: Strange syntax error with map
2001-11-15 Rafael Garcia... [DOC PATCH] mention Filter::cpp in perlrun
2001-11-15 Jarkko Hietaniemi"link =" from utils.lst was being processed oddly.
2001-11-15 Ilya ZakharevichCreateTTY in -d
2001-11-15 Jarkko HietaniemiCorify the Filter::Simple tests.
2001-11-15 Jarkko HietaniemiUpgrade to Filter::Simple 0.70.
2001-11-14 Jarkko HietaniemiCleanliness inspired by Cygwin.
2001-11-14 Jarkko HietaniemiAdd perlunintro (formerly known as perlunitut); regen...
2001-11-14 Jarkko HietaniemiFAQ sync.
2001-11-14 Jarkko HietaniemiQuieten pgcc 2.91.66 worries.
2001-11-14 Jarkko HietaniemiUpgrade to Switch 2.06.
2001-11-14 Jarkko HietaniemiUpgrade to Attribute::Handlers 0.76.
2001-11-14 Jarkko HietaniemiSignedness nit.
2001-11-14 Jarkko HietaniemiVERSIONize.
2001-11-14 Jarkko HietaniemiNo pod in internal Net::FTP classes.
2001-11-14 Jeff PinyanRe: [PATCH regexec.c] lookahead for REF, MINMOD, PLUS...
2001-11-14 Jarkko tweaks from Rafael and Pudge (assuming I deciphered
2001-11-14 Jarkko HietaniemiAdd comments to mark where $^X is being handled.
2001-11-14 Michael G.... Re: Test [ID 25] [PATCH t/op/repeat.t] Cleanup and...
2001-11-14 Michael G.... Fwd: [ die_exit.t]
2001-11-14 Charles LaneRe: [PATCH] new version of runperl()
2001-11-14 Jarkko runperl() nits from Chris Nandor and Craig...
2001-11-14 Jarkko HietaniemiGoof in some of the comment fields of #12994.
2001-11-14 Jarkko HietaniemiThe First, Last ranges in the Unicode data weren't
2001-11-14 Rafael Garcia... new version of runperl()
2001-11-14 Michael G.... s/parse_perl/parse_body/
2001-11-14 Philip NewtonRe: [PATCH pod/perlapio.pod double-word fix]
2001-11-14 Jarkko HietaniemiA bool is not a pointer.
2001-11-14 Jarkko HietaniemiAUTHORS updates.
2001-11-14 Jarkko HietaniemiThere are several MIME RFCs.
2001-11-14 Michael G.... Simple little VMS fix
2001-11-14 Michael G.... VMS fix
2001-11-14 Michael G.... Re: select() broken under VMS?
2001-11-14 Michael G.... VMS fixups for IO::* tests
2001-11-14 Michael G.... s/socket/select/ typo
2001-11-13 Larry ShatzerMessage-Id: <>
2001-11-13 Jarkko HietaniemiFix for the :utf8 read() bug noticed by Matt Sergeant:
2001-11-13 Craig A. Berryvms/ tweak
2001-11-13 Philip NewtonMinor patch to (detypo)
2001-11-13 Jarkko HietaniemiEvil tabulators.
2001-11-13 Jarkko HietaniemiDocument the available encodings.
2001-11-13 Barrie SlaymakerRe: Why *not* use UNIVERSAL qw( isa can ) ; ??
2001-11-13 Barrie SlaymakerRe: Why *not* use UNIVERSAL qw( isa can ) ; ??
2001-11-13 Barrie Slaymakerdocco tweaks
2001-11-13 Richard Soderberg[PATCH] Attack of the C loops, round 1
2001-11-13 Paul MarquessUpdate to Filter::Util::Call
2001-11-13 Michael G.... Making a no-op on non-VMS
2001-11-13 Jarkko Hietaniemi:utf8 works only with perlio.
2001-11-13 Charles LaneRe: @Config -"des" not quite working on VMS
2001-11-13 Jeffrey Friedllib/
2001-11-13 Michael G.... exit docs out of order
2001-11-12 Michael G.... Recoving dup tests for VMS