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2009-01-19 H.Merijn BrandSetUID scripts are deprecated for 5.12
2009-01-19 KarlAdd NameAliases.txt; regenerate mktables.list
2009-01-19 Niko TyniFix h2xs enum handling with C++ comments
2009-01-19 Rafael Garcia... Mark podlators as preferably to be patched upstream
2009-01-19 Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to podlators 2.2.2
2009-01-19 Rafael Garcia... Add warning category
2009-01-19 Slaven Rezicabout warnings if forks fail in Perl_my_popen
2009-01-19 Rafael Garcia... Be sure to call L_R_TZSET before localtime_r()
2009-01-19 KarlCombine sv_utf8_upgrade with a following grow
2009-01-19 Robin Barkerignore
2009-01-18 Craig A. BerryNot everybody (hardly anybody?) uses const for tm.tm_zone.
2009-01-18 Rafael Garcia... Make B::Deparse handle the _ prototype
2009-01-18 Rafael Garcia... [perl #62488] B::Deparse fails on 'CORE::require(STRING)'
2009-01-18 Steffen MuellerJarkko says: Upstream for Math::Complex is the CPAN...
2009-01-18 Marcus Holland... Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.15
2009-01-18 John Peacock... Add aliases for several version numbers in Module:...
2009-01-18 Rafael Garcia... Add ExtUtils::Miniperl to the list of core modules...
2009-01-18 Rafael Garcia... Add 5.8.9 to list of versions known to Module::CoreList
2009-01-18 Robin Barkerconsting goodness for time64
2009-01-18 Robin BarkerUPSTREAM => blead; because CPAN => 0
2009-01-17 Craig A. BerryNeed even more stack for VMS_IA64-ithread.
2009-01-16 Rafael Garcia... Fix deparsing of readpipe() ([perl #62428])
2009-01-16 KarlAdd warning about octal > 377 in some regexes
2009-01-16 Reneeuse F<> in perlrepository.pod consistently and remove...
2009-01-15 Vincent PitFix t/uni/lex_utf8.t entry in MANIFEST
2009-01-15 Craig A. BerryFix handling of DECC$DISABLE_POSIX_ROOT feature on...
2009-01-15 John Malmbergvms rmsexpand refactor
2009-01-15 karl williamsonChange documentation for UCD::casespec() to match reality
2009-01-15 karl williamson[perl #59908] \x, \0, and \N{} not ok in double-quotish...
2009-01-15 David Goldenmake add-package git friendly and fix bugs (take 2)
2009-01-14 Steve HayNote Math-Complex's test files in Porting/
2009-01-14 Steve HayUpgrade to Math-Complex-1.55
2009-01-14 Steve HayUpgrade to ExtUtils-Manifest-1.56
2009-01-14 Steve HayUpgrade to ExtUtils-Command-1.16
2009-01-14 Steve HayUpgrade to Module-Build-0.31012
2009-01-14 Steve HayAllow '\r' after "#line XXX" directives.
2009-01-14 Aaron Craneapplying patches and upstream
2009-01-14 Nicholas ClarkActually commit the state infomation at the end of...
2009-01-14 Nicholas ClarkMake write out a shell script of its action...
2009-01-13 Nicholas ClarkIf there is one argument, and it looks like a commit...
2009-01-13 Nicholas ClarkAdd the upstream status to the output of Porting/Mainta...
2009-01-13 Nicholas Clarkchomp the output from git ls-files. Display a helpful...
2009-01-13 Nicholas Clarkext/Hash/Util/Makefile.PL should not recurse to FieldHa...
2009-01-13 Jerry D. HeddenSilence time64.c build warning
2009-01-13 Steve HaySilence Win32 compiler warnings.
2009-01-13 Nicholas ClarkGive the git file browser URL as the most up to date...
2009-01-13 Steve HayRestore Win32 build by creating git_version.h.
2009-01-13 John Malmbergvms - unixspec refactor
2009-01-13 AbigailCapitalize "SysV" correctly
2009-01-13 John Malmbergvms - vmsspec refactor
2009-01-12 Nicholas ClarkFix my refactoring typo in change 33001 that broke...
2009-01-12 Renée Bäckershow -E in error message when called with -E
2009-01-12 Nicholas ClarkAdd $(EXE_EXT) where it was missing from $(RUN) ./miniperl
2009-01-12 Nicholas ClarkCorrect the over-zealous addition of $(RUN) into test...
2009-01-12 Nicholas Clarkmake_patchnum requires miniperl$(EXE_EXT) to run, so...
2009-01-12 Florian RagwitzIgnore ext/DB_File/constants.xs.
2009-01-12 AbigailFix typo in pod/perlhack.pod
2009-01-12 Rafael Garcia... Merge commit 'nothingmuch/p4_git_utils' into blead
2009-01-12 Yuval Kogmanadd git-make-p4-refs script to Porting
2009-01-12 Rafael Garcia... Test that overload::constant works in eval("")
2009-01-11 John Malmbergmore vms thread ctx fixes
2009-01-11 Nicholas ClarkAdd -Ilib to the invocations of I guess...
2009-01-11 Nicholas ClarkRemove from MANIFEST following
2009-01-11 Steffen MuellerMerge branch 'blead' into miniperl-make-ext
2009-01-11 Craig A. BerryRemove (now using
2009-01-11 Steffen MuellerMerge branch 'blead' into miniperl-make-ext
2009-01-10 John MalmbergFile::Copy fixes for VMS follow-up
2009-01-10 John Malmbergvms setup_cmddsc buffer fixes.
2009-01-10 Craig A. BerryRevision to thread context fixes from ebd4d70bfcb408fd3...
2009-01-10 Steffen Muellerminiperl-ification of ext/utils/make_ext
2009-01-10 AbigailFix typo in pod/perldsc.pod
2009-01-10 Steffen Muellermove ext/utils/make_ext to ext/utils/
2009-01-10 AbigailTypo fix in pod/perldiag.pod
2009-01-09 John Malmberg'VMS support for Unix and extended file specifications...
2009-01-09 John MalmbergMerge changes from PathTools: 'Update to support VMS...
2009-01-09 AbigailBe consistent in writing deobfuscator
2009-01-09 AbigailFix typo
2009-01-09 AbigailCapitalize "latin"
2009-01-09 Craig A. Berryfake_localtime_r and fake_gmtime_r may need thread...
2009-01-09 Craig A. Berrysimple_trnlnm needs an actual length as its last argument.
2009-01-09 AbigailTypo fix in pod/perl5110delta.pod
2009-01-09 AbigailFix typo in pod/perltodo.pod
2009-01-09 Abigail-Be consistent with kb/kB.
2009-01-09 AbigailMerge branch 'blead' of ssh://
2009-01-09 AbigailFixed some spelling errors
2009-01-09 Vincent PitPrefer tabs over spaces in MANIFEST
2009-01-09 AbigailChange the link to the sort pragma to be more clear.
2009-01-08 John Malmbergvms.c backslash efs and long name fixes
2009-01-08 John Malmbergext/File/Gob/t/basic.t, ext/POSIX/t/posix.t vms fixes
2009-01-08 John Malmberglib/blib.t, lib/h2xs.t patches for VMS
2009-01-08 John Malmbergmkppport using catfile for catdir
2009-01-08 John Malmbergt/op/chdir.t, t/op/defins.t on VMS
2009-01-08 John Malmbergt/x2p/s2p.t fix for VMS in UNIX mode
2009-01-08 AbigailFixed spelling of 'uncondtional', as reported by Ronald...
2009-01-08 John MalmbergMake File::Copy detect Unix compatibility mode on VMS.
2009-01-08 Rafael Garcia... Use a slightly more paranoid regex
2009-01-08 David Goldensort MANIFEST
2009-01-07 Steffen on CPAN is considered upstream
2009-01-07 John MalmbergVMS feature logical name fixes
2009-01-07 John MalmbergVMS thread context fixes