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2016-04-12 Tony Cookfix IO::Handle documentation mangled by a manually...
2016-04-12 Karl Williamsonperllocale: Unicode has changed their data; fix references
2016-04-12 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Some minor fixes.
2016-04-12 Karl Williamsonpod/perldelta: Fixes to pedantic failures
2016-04-12 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Add note about recent doc change
2016-04-11 Ricardo SignesMerge branch 'release-5.24' into blead
2016-04-10 Ricardo SignesCoreList: update for v5.24.0
2016-04-10 Ricardo Signesfix versions of generated perldelta
2016-04-10 Ricardo Signesput perl5240delta into place
2016-04-10 Ricardo Signesregen META.json for v5.24.0-RC
2016-04-10 Ricardo Signesregen: B::Op_private and uconfig.h
2016-04-10 Ricardo Signesversion bump: this is now v5.24.0-RC0!
2016-04-10 Ricardo Signesperldelta: merge in perl5239delta
2016-04-10 Ricardo Signesperldelta: remove unneeded entries, do more merge and...
2016-04-10 Ricardo Signesperldelta: merge in changes from perl5238delta
2016-04-10 Ricardo Signesperldelta: merge in changes from perl5237delta
2016-04-10 Ricardo Signesperldelta: merge in changes from perl5236delta
2016-04-10 Ricardo Signesperldelta: merge in changes from perl5235delta
2016-04-10 Ricardo Signesperldelta: merge in changes from perl5234delta
2016-04-10 Ricardo Signesperldelta: merge in changes from perl5233delta
2016-04-10 Ricardo Signesperldelta: merge in changes from perl5232delta
2016-04-10 Ricardo Signesperldelta: merge in changes from perl5231delta
2016-04-10 Ricardo Signesperldelta: bootstrap perl5240delta with perl5230delta
2016-04-10 Steve HayAdd 5.22.2-RC1 epigraph
2016-04-10 Steve Hay5.22.2-RC1 today
2016-04-09 Karl WilliamsonPATCH: [perl #127708] segfault in "$!" in threads
2016-04-09 Karl WilliamsonAdd locale mutex
2016-04-09 David Mitchellmove perf test from re/pat.t to re/speed.t
2016-04-09 David Mitchellnew perf test in pat.t: avoid timing failure
2016-04-08 Karl WilliamsonStrengthen cautions about locale use with threads
2016-04-08 Yves OrtonMore generalized fix for #127855, overallocate in SvGRO...
2016-04-08 Yves Ortonfix #127855, in Perl_sv_setpvn() we have to overallocat...
2016-04-08 Yves Ortontest for #127855 - Slowdown in m//g on COW strings...
2016-04-08 Karl WilliamsonRevert "Make instr() a macro"
2016-04-08 David Mitchellupdate security contact information.
2016-04-07 Steve HayAdd another missing link to epigraphs.pod
2016-04-07 Tony Cook(perl #126162) improve stat @array handling
2016-04-07 Tony Cookerror messages vary between platforms, use errno values...
2016-04-07 Tony Cookadd the new stat(@array) diagnostic to perldiag
2016-04-07 Dan Collins(perl #126162) warn if stat() is called on an array
2016-04-07 Steve Hay5.22.2 should appear this month, starting with RC1...
2016-04-06 Yves OrtonAdd SILENT_NO_TAINT_SUPPORT to S_Internals_V ()
2016-04-05 Matthew HorsfallGet -Accflags=-DPERL_MEM_LOG compiling again
2016-04-05 David Mitchellss_dup: make new savestack have SS_MAXPUSH extra
2016-04-04 David MitchellFollow-up to previous Solaris/S_regmatch commit
2016-04-04 David MitchellS_regmatch(): work around Solaris optimiser bug
2016-04-04 Steve Hayepigraphs.pod - Add missing link, plus minor formatting...
2016-04-04 Tony Cook[perl #127760] add CUSTOMIZED for File-Path
2016-04-04 Tony Cook[perl #127760] skip the Win32 UNC path tests on Win2k...
2016-04-04 Tony Cookavoid mis-mangled name references on threaded C++ builds
2016-04-04 Tony Cooknote for detecting crypt() on Cygwin
2016-04-03 Tony Cookdon't test crypt()s tied fetch count if we don't have...
2016-04-03 Yves Ortonrestore incorrectly deleted note
2016-04-03 Yves Ortonfix debug sprintf issue
2016-04-02 Aaron CraneExport lround() from POSIX
2016-04-01 David Mitchellrun regen/
2016-03-30 David MitchellImprove code comments for some ctx stuff
2016-03-28 David MitchellRT #127786: assertion failure with eval in DB pkg.
2016-03-28 David Mitchellre_exec_indentf,re_indentf: silence warnings
2016-03-28 David Mitchellsilence -Wparentheses-equality
2016-03-28 Daniel Dragansilence warnings in inline.h on Win64 VC build
2016-03-27 Jarkko HietaniemiMove the zeroing back before the dladdr() call.
2016-03-27 Vladimir Timofeev[perl #127773: Assertion failure in perl built with...
2016-03-27 Jarkko HietaniemiODBM_File version bump
2016-03-27 Jarkko Hietaniemi[perl #127751] error building ODBM_File on Windows...
2016-03-26 Craig A. BerryRevert " update for newlocale, freelocale...
2016-03-25 Aristotle Pagaltzisimprove perldiag implicit close text still further
2016-03-25 Craig A. BerrySuppress another empty \N{} warning in pat_advanced.t.
2016-03-25 H.Merijn BrandAdd probe for memmem
2016-03-25 AbigailSuggest having the previous release ready.
2016-03-25 James E KeenanAdd 's' and 'S' to list of ANSI C portable filename...
2016-03-25 Aristotle Pagaltzisimprove perldiag implicit close text further
2016-03-25 Karl WilliamsonPATCH: [perl #123417] Deprecate empty \N{}
2016-03-25 Karl Williamsont/re/re_tests: Add missing \ escape to a test
2016-03-24 David Mitchellstop lc() etc accidentally modifying in-place.
2016-03-24 David Mitchellimprove perldiag implicit close text
2016-03-23 David MitchellMark unexpectedly passing TEST -deparse tests
2016-03-23 Matthew HorsfallList in the RMG regarding smoke...
2016-03-22 Jarkko Hietaniemi[perl #127764] Perl with '-Dusecbacktrace' doesn't...
2016-03-22 Dagfinn Ilmari... [perl #127765] Fix bogus $File::Spec::AmigaOS::VERSION
2016-03-21 AbigailPoint out that at some stage, porting tests will fail.
2016-03-21 Chris 'BinGOs... updates
2016-03-21 David MitchellIntegrate podlators 4.07
2016-03-20 AbigailBump version in various places
2016-03-20 AbigailNew perldelta
2016-03-20 Leon TimmermansRemove vutil.c from list of customized files
2016-03-20 AbigailTick off releases
2016-03-20 AbigailEpigraph for 5.23.9.
2016-03-20 AbigailMerge branch 'release-5.23.9' into blead
2016-03-20 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Clarify a statement
2016-03-20 AbigailAdd new release to perlhist v5.23.9
2016-03-20 AbigailChanged modules section for perldelta.pod
2016-03-20 AbigailAdded Acknowledgements
2016-03-20 AbigailUpdate Module::CoreList for 5.23.9
2016-03-20 AbigailMention (relative) path to Module::CoreList's Changes...
2016-03-20 Karl WilliamsonImprison at_tindex_nomg()
2016-03-20 Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Fix -Dr output.
2016-03-20 AbigailDocument the changes for perl 5.23.9
2016-03-19 Craig A. update for newlocale, freelocale, and...
2016-03-19 Father ChrysostomosSort perldiag