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Metaconfig and Porting patches from Andy; start using the new
[perl5.git] / Porting / pumpkin.pod
2000-01-15 Jarkko HietaniemiMetaconfig and Porting patches from Andy; start using...
1999-04-20 Andy DoughertyRe: 5.006 Todo
1999-02-02 Gurusamy SarathyTodo updates from Andy Dougherty <doughera@lafayette...
1999-01-17 Gurusamy Sarathyundo change#2336, and add clarification about subversive
1998-12-17 Jarkko HietaniemiMore porting notes.
1998-12-13 Jarkko HietaniemiSome notes about porting issues.
1998-10-02 Gurusamy Sarathytweak run_byacc recipe
1998-07-22 Andy DoughertyRe: 5.005 - a sneak preview
1998-07-15 Gurusamy Sarathyrename some long file names to be 8.3 truncation-safe
1998-07-15 Andy DoughertyConfig_74-01
1998-07-09 Andy Doughertymore on finding metaconfig units.
1998-07-06 Andy DoughertyUpdate metaconfig info
1998-07-04 Andy DoughertyConfigure update
1998-06-28 Gurusamy Sarathyintegrate ansiperl to get tweak
1998-05-14 Gurusamy Sarathy[win32] integrate mainline
1998-05-14 Andy Dougherty[PATCH for 5.004_64] Configure patch Config_64-01
1998-04-02 Dominic DunlopAdd "Full 64 bit support" to Todo; document Todo in...
1998-03-05 Andy DoughertyConfigure patches -01 and -02 for 5.004_61.
1998-02-25 Andy DoughertyRe: ANNOUNCE: perl5.004_60 Configure patch is available
1997-09-05 Perl 5 Porters[inseparable changes from patch to perl 5.004_04] perl-5.004_04
1997-06-11 Tim Bunce[differences between cumulative patch application and... perl-5.004_01
1997-04-17 Andy DoughertyDoc updates: INSTALL-1.13, pumpkin.pod-1.9
1997-02-21 Andy Doughertypumpkin-1.9.pod
1997-02-21 Perl 5 Porters[inseparable changes from patch from perl5.003_27 to...