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Call a hash %hash in the documentation
[perl5.git] / pod / perlref.pod
2018-12-10 E. ChorobaCall a hash %hash in the documentation
2018-04-19 Alexandr SavcaSpelling corrections in pod/*.pod from Alexandr Savca.
2017-01-03 James E KeenanPlace discussion of postfix under DESCRIPTION.
2016-07-17 Father Chrysostomosperlref: Wrap pod
2016-07-17 Father ChrysostomosUpdate docs for declared_refs
2016-04-30 reneebperllol: remove docs about the removed autoderef feature
2016-01-03 Ricardo Signes*glob{FILEHANDLE} is no longer deprecated
2015-12-16 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Fix use of == to compare strings in perlref.pod
2015-07-13 Aaron CraneMake postfix dereferencing work without the postderef...
2015-06-27 Aaron CraneThe postderef feature is no longer experimental
2014-12-04 Shlomi FishConvert "\t"s to spaces in perlref.pod.
2014-10-18 Father Chrysostomosperlref: \@hash{slices} = too
2014-10-18 Father ChrysostomosRename lvalue references
2014-10-12 Father Chrysostomosperlref: Document lvalue slice refs
2014-10-11 Father ChrysostomosDocument lvalue references
2014-10-11 Shlomi Fishremove trailing whitespace.
2013-12-18 Father ChrysostomosDocument ->$#* in perlref
2013-10-05 Ricardo Signescorrect documentation of postfix glob deref
2013-10-05 Ricardo Signestweak postfix deref docs, update for glob deref
2013-10-05 Ricardo Signespreliminary postfix dereference docs
2013-06-23 Brian GottreuFixed verbatim lines in POD over 79 characters
2012-11-18 Father ChrysostomosDocument and test *glob{NAME} and *glob{PACKAGE}
2012-09-17 Steve HayRemove duplicate paragraph from perlref.pod
2012-06-27 Brian Fraserperlref: #109408
2011-09-09 Dave Rolskyfix now-broken link to removed section in perlobj
2011-09-09 Dave RolskyRemove all references to old OO tutorial docs, and...
2011-07-10 Phil Monsenperlref: update bareword bracketing discussion, mention...
2011-07-06 Dave RolskyAdd section on circular refs to perlref
2006-10-30 Christian WinterRe: Closures with named subs
2006-09-25 Rafael Garcia-SuarezRemove three X<...> that cannot be handled by pod2text...
2006-09-25 David Landgrenperlref clarification (was: Re: Is this a bug or a...
2006-09-04 chromaticRe: AW: [PATCH pod/*] Use Direct Object Constructor...
2005-10-21 Steve PetersDocumentation on getting a FORMAT ref from a GLOB was...
2005-10-13 Ivan Tubert-BrohmanPOD index entries with X<>
2005-06-03 Andy LesterQuotes in pod/*.pod
2003-05-29 Dave Mitchelljumbo closure fix
2002-08-17 Michael G. SchwernRemove pseudo-hashes (complete)
2001-11-12 Jeffrey Friedla few typo fixes
2001-09-23 chromaticRe:
2001-05-16 Jarkko HietaniemiDeprecate pseudo-hashes.
2000-05-23 Charles BaileyResync with mainline prior to post-5.6.0 updates
2000-03-13 Gurusamy Sarathylexical warnings update for docs and tests (from Paul...
2000-03-03 Gurusamy Sarathywhitespace and readabiliti nits in the pods (from Micha...
2000-02-27 Gurusamy Sarathysupport fields::new() and fields::phash() to create...
2000-01-20 Charles Bailey Quick integration of mainline changes to date
2000-01-13 Gurusamy Sarathysupport delete() and exists() on array, tied array...
1999-10-11 Gurusamy Sarathywriting to perllocal.pod fails if it was never created;
1999-10-03 Jarkko HietaniemiFix a typo in #4293 spotted by Graham Barr.
1999-10-03 Michael G SchwernRe: Should keys in pseudo-hashes -always- exist? [DOC...
1999-05-25 Gurusamy Sarathyperlref update from Tom Christiansen
1999-05-24 Gurusamy Sarathymajor pod update from Tom Christiansen
1999-02-21 Ronald J. KimballPATCH: perlref.pod - symbolic ref example
1999-02-15 Gurusamy Sarathypatches suggested by John Bley <
1998-11-28 Gurusamy Sarathyadd perlreftut.pod
1998-09-23 Gurusamy Sarathymake \(%foo) return refs to values (not copies of values)
1998-07-04 Gisle Aasadded patch, with tweaks
1998-06-15 Tom Christiansendocumentation update from tchrist
1998-05-15 Gurusamy Sarathy[win32] add doc for C<+{}> vs. C<{;}> disambiguation
1998-05-14 Gurusamy Sarathy[win32] merge change#897 from maintbranch
1997-04-29 Chip SalzenbergSupport C< $coderef->($x,$y) >
1997-03-25 Perl 5 Porters[inseperable changes from patch from perl-5.003_95...
1997-03-25 Cary D. RenzemaPod updates
1997-03-22 Chip SalzenbergMention and discourage use of term 'soft reference'
1996-12-31 Perl 5 Porters[inseparable changes from patch from perl5.003_17 to...
1996-12-19 Perl 5 Porters[inseparable changes from patch from perl5.003_11 to...
1996-12-19 Steve Kelempod patches for English errors
1996-12-06 Perl 5 Porters[inseparable changes from patch from perl5.003_10 to...
1996-11-19 Perl 5 Porters[inseparable changes from patch from perl5.003_07 to...
1996-09-20 Perl 5 Portersperl 5.003_06: pod/perlcall.pod pod/perldata.pod pod...
1996-09-04 Gurusamy SarathyRe: \ ( @array ) busted for lexical @array (once more)
1996-06-18 Perl 5 Portersperl 5.003_01: pod/perlref.pod
1996-03-11 Perl 5 PortersMore o' them pesky typos fixed
1995-12-21 Andy DoughertyThis is patch.2b1g to perl5.002beta1.
1995-11-20 Larry Wall5.002 beta 1
1995-03-13 Larry WallPerl 5.001 perl-5.001
1994-10-17 Larry Wallperl 5.000 perl-5.000