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APItest/t/utf8.t: Add missing test
[perl5.git] / ext / XS-APItest / t / utf8.t
2016-10-13 Karl WilliamsonAPItest/t/utf8.t: Add missing test
2016-10-13 Karl WilliamsonAPItest/t/utf8.t: Rename test for clarity
2016-10-13 Karl Williamsonutf8.h: Change some flag definition constants
2016-10-13 Karl WilliamsonAPItest/t/utf8.t: Extract code to common function
2016-10-13 Karl WilliamsonAdd details to UTF-8 malformation error messages
2016-10-05 Karl WilliamsonXS-APItest/t/utf8.t: Fix failing EBCDIC test
2016-09-30 Karl WilliamsonAPItest/t/utf8.t: Add some constants
2016-09-30 Karl WilliamsonAPItest/t/utf8.t: Fix 3-byte overlong test
2016-09-30 Karl WilliamsonAPItest/t/utf8.t: Fix EBCDIC test
2016-09-30 Karl WilliamsonAPItest/t/utf8.t: Skip some tests if major one fails
2016-09-30 Karl WilliamsonAPItest/t/utf8.t: Fix typo
2016-09-26 Karl WilliamsonAdd is_utf8_fixed_width_buf_flags() and use it
2016-09-26 Karl WilliamsonAdd API Unicode handling functions
2016-09-26 Karl WilliamsonAPItest/t/utf8.t: Rename variable
2016-09-26 Karl WilliamsonXS-APItest/t/utf8.t: Add some tests
2016-09-18 Karl WilliamsonAdd isUTF8_CHAR_flags() macro
2016-09-18 Karl WilliamsonAdd macro for Unicode Corregindum #9 strict
2016-09-18 Karl WilliamsonAdd macro for determining if UTF-8 is Unicode-strict
2016-09-18 Karl WilliamsonAdd tests for is_valid_partial_utf8_char_flags()
2016-09-17 Karl WilliamsonAPItest/t/utf8.t: Add tests
2016-09-17 Karl WilliamsonAPItest/utf8.t: Some clean up
2016-09-17 Karl WilliamsonTest isUTF8_CHAR()
2016-09-17 Karl Williamsonutf8.c: Extract duplicate code to common fcn
2015-12-06 Karl WilliamsonAPItest: Add tests for valid_utf8_to_uvchr
2015-11-29 Karl WilliamsonDeprecate Unicode code points above IV_MAX
2015-11-25 Karl WilliamsonExtend UTF-EBCDIC to handle up to 2**64-1
2015-11-25 Karl Williamsonext/XS-APItest/t/utf8.t: Change variable names for...
2015-11-25 Karl WilliamsonOutput appropriately dire warning for high code points
2015-11-25 Karl Williamsonext/XS-APItest: Add tests for uvchr_to_utf8()
2015-11-25 Karl WilliamsonXS-APItest/utf8.t: Add a bunch more tests
2015-09-18 Karl WilliamsonAdd API tests for utf8.h macros
2015-07-06 Karl WilliamsonChange wording of warning due to Unicode Standard change
2015-03-06 Karl Williamsonext/XS-APItest/t/utf8.t: Fix so passes EBCDIC
2014-01-02 Karl WilliamsonChange some warnings in utf8n_to_uvchr()
2014-01-01 Karl Williamsonext/XS-APItest/t/utf8.t: White-space only
2014-01-01 Karl Williamsonutf8.c: Fix warning category and subcategory conflicts
2013-08-29 Karl WilliamsonAPItest: Test native code points, instead of Unicode
2012-05-01 Karl Williamsonutf8n_to_uvuni(): Fix broken malformation interactions
2012-04-26 Karl Williamsonutf8.c: refactor utf8n_to_uvuni()
2010-11-11 Nicholas ClarkAdd Perl_bytes_cmp_utf8() to compare character sequence...