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Add thread-safe locale handling
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2018-02-18 Karl WilliamsonAdd thread-safe locale handling
2018-02-18 Karl WilliamsonLatch LC_NUMERIC during critical sections
2018-02-18 Karl WilliamsonExtUtils::ParseXS/lib/perlxs.pod: Nits
2018-02-18 James E KeenanUpdate dist/if/Changes to current version in blead.
2018-02-17 Sawyer XAdd MANIFEST to PathTools
2018-02-17 Sawyer XReflect what I think are the correct changesets for...
2018-02-17 Zeframdefine NEED_croak_xs_usage in PathTools
2018-02-17 James E KeenanAdd ABSTRACT, LICENSE, AUTHOR, etc. elements.
2018-02-17 James E KeenanEnsure that all tests in t/cwd.t have descriptions.
2018-02-17 James E KeenanProvide .gitignore for PathTools distribution.
2018-02-15 Zeframavoid vivifying UNIVERSAL::isa:: in Carp
2018-02-15 PaliExtUtils::ParseXS::Eval: Fix variable name ALIAS in...
2018-02-15 James E KeenanCorrect typo: agreement in tense.
2018-02-14 Craig A. BerryConstruct dependency with File::Spec.
2018-02-12 Tony Cook(perl #127743) remove the no longer needed stacksize_in.h
2018-02-12 Tony Cook(perl #132849) try to disable core files when deliberat...
2018-02-08 Steve HayUpgrade Time::HiRes from version 1.9752 to 1.9753
2018-02-08 Tony Cookbump $Storable::VERSION to 3.06
2018-02-08 Tony Cook(perl #127743) update Changes
2018-02-08 Tony Cook(perl #127743) re-work recursion limit handling
2018-02-08 Tony Cook(perl #50608) add experimental regular expression support
2018-02-08 Tony Cook(perl #127743) fix dependencies for
2018-02-08 Tony Cook(perl #25933) always rethrow exceptions thrown through...
2018-02-08 Tony Cook(perl #127743) improve performance in -DDEBUGGING builds
2018-02-08 Tony Cook(perl #131136) clear padding before writing long doubles
2018-02-08 Tony Cook(perl #118551) an empty string from _freeze() now suppl...
2018-02-08 Tony Cook(perl #127743) ensure gzip/gzip are available before...
2018-02-08 Tony Cook(perl #127743) support for >= 4GB data from hooks
2018-02-08 Tony Cook(perl #131999) treat a 32-bit hook data size as unsigned
2018-02-08 Tony Cook(perl #131990) treat the length for LSCALAR, LUTF8STR...
2018-02-08 Tony Cookwe only need 64-bit object support with 64-bit pointer...
2018-02-08 Tony Cookfix various 32-bit issues:
2018-02-08 Tony Cook(perl #127743) read the hash's flags for large SX_FLAG_...
2018-02-08 Tony Cook(perl #127743) we should only handle SX_LOBJECT ops...
2018-02-08 Tony Cook(perl #127743) fix network order read/write of large...
2018-02-08 Tony Cook(perl #127743) fixes for READ_U64()
2018-02-08 Tony Cook(perl #127743) fix some -DDEBUGGING build issues
2018-02-08 Tony Cook(perl #127743) limit the number of extra refs returned...
2018-02-08 Tony Cook(perl #127743) fix large object ids in hook sequences
2018-02-08 Tony Cook(perl #127743) update PERL_TEST_MEMORY requirements...
2018-02-08 Tony Cook(perl #127743) fix two problems with large object ids
2018-02-08 Tony Cook(perl #127743) correct some types for Win32
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable 3.05_13: safe defaults
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable: Analyze #304
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable: cygwin64 MAX_DEPTH /2
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable: Need more stack reserve on cygwin also
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable: fix cygwin stack probing
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable: Update to 3.05_12
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable: fix stacksize with shared libcperl
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable: fix wrong fake_tag check
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable: memory leak
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable 3.05_11: croak on sizes read > I32_MAX
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable: simplify last_op_in_netorder
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable: protect from empty retrieve_vstring
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable: protect store_other error buf
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable: Bump to 3.05_10
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable: various core fixups: $PERL,libpth,getcwd
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable 3.05_09: compute stacksize
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable 3.05_08: adjust MAX_DEPTH
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable 3.05_07: update documentation from CPAN
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable: improve recursion depth check
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable: add testcase for #257
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanFix rurban email address
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable: Update to 3.05_03
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable: Update to 3.05_02
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable: Upgrade to 3.05 from CPAN
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable: re-indent from 8 hard tabs to soft 4
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable: skip LOBJECT on 32bit
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable: fixup huge
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable: protect against classname len overflow
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable 3.04c: fix printf types
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable: Update to 3.02c
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable: fix -Wchar-subscripts
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable 3.01 security: detect CVE-2015-1592
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable: silence cast warnings
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable: comments
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable: throw exception on huge values
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanRelease cperl-5.22.2
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable: fix win32, missing INT32_MAX
2018-02-08 Reini Urbanparser: expand tokenbuf from 256 to 1024
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable 3.00: u64 strings, arrays and hashes >2G
2018-02-08 Aaron CraneStorable: throw exception on huge values
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable: document, reformat and fix for DEBUGGING
2018-02-08 Todd RinaldocPanel Storable 2.53_03: don't bless [security]
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable: bump to 2.53_02
2018-02-01 James E Keenan'if' module: clarify documentation and test more thorou...
2018-01-30 Tony Cookbump $Devel::PPPort::VERSION to 3,39
2018-01-30 PaliDevel::PPPort: Use croak_nocontext() intead of croak...
2018-01-30 PaliDevel::PPPort: Declare dTHX in croak_xs_usage()
2018-01-30 Tony Cook(perl #132761) croak_xs_usage() shouldn't accept a...
2018-01-30 PaliDevel::PPPort: Do not run tests which use \N{U+XX}...
2018-01-30 PaliDevel::PPPort: Do not define PERL_MAGIC_qr more times
2018-01-30 PaliDevel::PPPort: Do not mask Perl_warn_nocontext and...
2018-01-22 Chris 'BinGOs' Wil... Remove Module::CoreList::TieHashDelta
2018-01-22 Chris 'BinGOs' Wil... Reset Module-CoreList versioning back to 5.20180220
2018-01-22 PaliDevel::PPPort: Skip ASCII tests on non-ASCII platforms
2018-01-22 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Remove obsolete reference to Module::CoreList::TieHashDelta
2018-01-22 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Improve handling of broken versions in Module::CoreList...
2018-01-22 jdheddenUpgrade to threads 2.21
2018-01-20 AbigailUpdate Module::CoreList for 5.27.9