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CX_POPFOO(): assert cx is of the right type
[perl5.git] / cop.h
2016-02-03 David MitchellCX_POPFOO(): assert cx is of the right type
2016-02-03 David Mitchellrename POPFOO() to CX_POPFOO()
2016-02-03 David Mitchellfactor out common actions in TOPBLOCK and POPBLOCK
2016-02-03 David Mitchelltweak POPLOOP and CXt_LOOP_* order
2016-02-03 David Mitchellfix CxFOREACH
2016-02-03 David Mitchellonly set CXp_FOR_DEF with CXp_FOR_GV
2016-02-03 David Mitchellgive POP_SAVEARRAY() macro a cx arg
2016-02-03 David MitchellTOPBLOCK: make comment clear its used by goto too
2016-02-03 David MitchellPOPSUB_ARGS: move a code comment to the right line
2016-02-03 David Mitchellmake TOPBLOCK(cx) not set cx
2016-02-03 David Mitchellrename DEBUG_CX() to CX_DEBUG()
2016-02-03 David Mitchelladd CX_CUR() macro
2016-02-03 David Mitchellmake POPSUBST re-entrant safe
2016-02-03 David Mitchellmake POPGIVEN re-entrant safe
2016-02-03 David Mitchellmake POPSUB re-entrant safe
2016-02-03 David Mitchellmake POPEVAL safe against re-entrancy
2016-02-03 David Mitchellmake POPSUB and POPFORMAT re-entrant safe
2016-02-03 David Mitchellreorder 'struct block' fields.
2016-02-03 David Mitchellmove and rename cx_old_savestack_ix
2016-02-03 David MitchellPUSHLOOP_PLAIN: don't set unused fields
2016-02-03 David MitchellEliminate cx->blk_loop.resetsp
2016-02-03 David Mitchellsplit CXt_LOOP_FOR into CXt_LOOP_LIST,CXt_LOOP_ARY
2016-02-03 David Mitchellrename S_doeval() to S_doeval_compile()
2016-02-03 David MitchellPOPEVAL: don't set optype
2016-02-03 David Mitchelladd CX_POP(cx) macro: glorified cxstack_ix--
2016-02-03 David Mitchellsimplify CHANGE_MULTICALL_FLAGS
2016-02-03 David Mitchellfactor common code into POPSUB_ARGS()
2016-02-03 David Mitchellsplit some common POPSUB code into a macro
2016-02-03 David Mitchellmake POPSUBST not cxstack_ix--
2016-02-03 David Mitchellmove blku_old_savestack_ix to base of cxt struct
2016-02-03 David Mitchellmove sbu_oldsave into base of CX struct
2016-02-03 David Mitchellmove CX_LEAVE_SCOPE outside the POPFOO's
2016-02-03 David Mitchelldo PL_tmps_floor save in PUSHBLOCK
2016-02-03 David Mitchelldo PL_tmps_floor restore in POPBLOCK
2016-02-03 David Mitchellsort(!) out CXt_NULL and CXp_MULTICALL
2016-02-03 David Mitchellpp_sort: add missing CX_LEAVE_SCOPE()
2016-02-03 David Mitchellremove newpm param from POPBLOCK() macro.
2016-02-03 David Mitchellreverse the order of POPBLOCK; POPFOO
2016-02-03 David Mitchellmake PL_tmps_floor restore consistent
2016-02-03 David Mitchelleliminate LEAVESUB() macro
2016-02-03 David Mitchellmake LEAVESUB() always immediately follow POPSUB()
2016-02-03 David Mitchellmove CX_LEAVE_SCOPE into POPEVAL
2016-02-03 David Mitchelladd CX_LEAVE_SCOPE(cx) macro
2016-02-03 David MitchellPOPBLOCK: don't set newsp and gimme
2016-02-03 David Mitchelladd PUSH/POPBASICBLK macros.
2016-02-03 David MitchellMake remaining context types avoid ENTER/LEAVE
2016-02-03 David Mitchellpp_given: avoid using savestack for old var
2016-02-03 David Mitchellcontext: move couple of fields into block struct
2016-02-03 David Mitchellpp_enteriter, POPLOOP: simplify some code
2016-02-03 David Mitchelladd CXp_FOR_PAD, CXp_FOR_GV flags
2016-02-03 David Mitchellfor loops: don't refcount bump orig var
2016-02-03 David MitchellPOPLOOP(): no need to mortalise current item
2016-02-03 David MitchellAdd itersave field to LOOP context struct
2016-02-03 David MitchellPOPLOOP: call LEAVE_SCOPE()
2016-02-03 David MitchellCXt_EVAL: save savestack_ix and tmps_floor in CX
2016-02-03 David MitchellCXt_FORMAT: save ss_ix and tmps_floor in CX struct
2016-02-03 David Mitchelltweak POPSUB()
2016-02-03 David MitchellEliminate ENTER/LEAVE from sub calls
2016-02-03 David Mitchelladd old_tmpsfloor field to CXt_SUB context frame
2016-02-03 David MitchellPUSH_MULTICALL: move SAVETMPS later
2016-02-03 David Mitchelladd Perl_clear_defarray()
2016-02-03 David Mitchellmake POP_SAVEARRAY() safe
2016-02-03 David Mitchelleliminate the argarray field from the CX struct
2016-02-03 David Mitchellassert that it's safe to remove CX.argarray field
2016-02-03 David Mitchellmake "for my $lex {}" faster under ITHREADS
2016-02-03 David Mitchelleliminate cx->blk_sub.oldcomppad
2016-02-03 David Mitchelldocument unrolled PUSHSUB/POPSUB
2016-02-03 David Mitchellsave old PL_comppad in CXt_SUB/FORMAT block
2016-02-03 David MitchellSvREFCNT_inc(cv) recursive subs
2016-02-03 David Mitchelleliminate an SAVEFREESV(cv) from PUSHSUB
2015-11-16 Tony Cook[perl #126602] make sure targ isn't freed from under us
2015-10-18 David Mitchelloptimise save/restore of PL_delaymagic.
2015-09-04 Karl Williamsonperlapi, perlintern: Add L<> links to pod
2015-08-01 Karl Williamsonperlapi: Use C<> instead of I<> for parameter names...
2015-06-19 David Mitchelladd PERLSI_MULTICALL
2015-05-15 David MitchellRT #124156: death during unwinding causes crash
2015-05-05 David Mitchellfix weird comment in cop.h blurb
2015-03-23 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Replace common Emacs file-local variables with dir...
2014-12-24 Father Chrysostomos[perl #103260] Fix s/// with long strings
2014-10-11 Father Chrysostomosforeach \$var
2014-02-12 Reini UrbanNETWARE CopFILE_setn
2013-12-29 Father Chrysostomosperlapi: Consistent spaces after dots
2013-12-26 Father ChrysostomosRevert "[perl #119801] Stop @DB::dbline modifications...
2013-12-22 Father Chrysostomos[perl #119801] Stop @DB::dbline modifications from...
2013-11-02 Daniel Draganremove redundant Zero() from JMPENV_BOOTSTRAP
2013-09-21 Brian FraserRemoved OP_IN_REGISTER and related defines.
2013-08-27 Father Chrysostomos[perl #119311] Keep CvDEPTH and savestack in sync
2013-08-10 Father ChrysostomosRevert "[perl #117855] Store CopFILEGV in a pad under...
2013-08-05 Father ChrysostomosPrevent __FILE__ corruption when ${"_<..."} is modified
2013-08-05 Father Chrysostomos[perl #117855] Store CopFILEGV in a pad under ithreads
2013-06-30 Ruslan ZakirovG_METHOD_NAMED flag for call_method and call_sv
2013-06-21 Father Chrysostomos[perl #118305] make dtrace sub-entry probe support...
2013-05-28 Father Chrysostomos[perl #117947] Verify lvalueness of XSUBs at run time
2013-04-24 David MitchellPUSH_MULTICALL_WITHDEPTH becomes ..._FLAGS
2013-04-12 David MitchellEliminate PL_reg_state.re_reparsing, part 1
2013-01-14 Steve HaySilence a couple of warnings
2013-01-04 Eric BrineRemove redundant NULL checks.
2012-12-24 Daniel Draganuninline panic branch from POPSTACK
2012-12-05 Father ChrysostomosUse SvREFCNT_dec_NN in various cop.h macros
2012-11-11 David Mitchellmake MULTICALL safe across cxstack reallocs