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update README.threads
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1998-07-19 Andy Doughertyupdate README.threads
1997-12-10 Jarkko HietaniemiPatches for IRIX, AIX and some generic stuff:
1997-11-27 Malcolm BeattieGive dire warnings about the IRIX 6.2 kernel panic.
1997-11-20 Malcolm BeattieInitial stab at IRIX configuration support for threadin...
1997-11-06 Malcolm BeattieUpdate README.threads and Todo.5.005.
1997-10-15 Malcolm BeattieFinish thread state machine: fixes global destruction...
1997-10-10 Gurusamy SarathyIntegrated changes on mainline into the win32 branch...
1997-10-02 Malcolm BeattieUpdate README.threads amd Thread/README
1997-09-09 Malcolm BeattieUpdate README.threads to mention -DL.
1997-09-09 Malcolm BeattieUpdate README.threads
1997-08-13 Malcolm BeattieThreading fixups for Digital UNIX.
1997-08-11 Malcolm BeattieAssorted changes for multi-threading (now works rather...