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Fixed repeated words
[perl5.git] / pod / perlgit.pod
2011-09-10 Walt MankowskiFixed repeated words
2011-08-04 brian greenfieldFix typos in pod/perlgit.pod
2011-07-10 Father Chrysostomosperlgit: C<<...>> -> C<< ... >>
2011-07-03 Nicholas ClarkUse C<< >> to avoid tripping a podchecker heuristic...
2011-07-03 Ricardo Signesadd when/how to merge/rebase to perlgit.pod
2011-07-03 Ricardo Signesremove another duplicated section
2011-07-03 Ricardo Signesremove duplicated "topic branches" section
2011-03-06 Craig A. BerryDocument running "make minitest" to test miniperl.
2011-02-09 Michael Stevens[perl #83792] Fix doubled "a" in perlgit.pod.
2011-02-04 Dave RolskyMajor revision of perlhack and perlrepository