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[perl #117941] Blessing into freed current stash
[perl5.git] / pod / perldiag.pod
2013-06-08 Father Chrysostomos[perl #117941] Blessing into freed current stash
2013-06-08 Father Chrysostomosperldiag: Correct descr of ‘Expecting '(?flags:(?[...
2013-06-06 Father Chrysostomosperldiag: Document ‘Expecting '(?flags:(?[...'’
2013-06-06 Father Chrysostomosperldiag: Clarify why ‘False [] range’ can be F
2013-06-06 Father Chrysostomosperldiag: Correct severity/category for ‘False [] range’
2013-06-05 Father Chrysostomos-l $handle warning: globs, iorefs, utf8
2013-05-28 Father Chrysostomosdiag.t, perldiag.pod: Make sure S is used for Perl_warn
2013-05-27 Father Chrysostomosperldiag: reflow another entry for nice splain output
2013-05-27 Father ChrysostomosMake \N{ } deprecation warnings fatalizable
2013-05-27 Father Chrysostomosperldiag: mark two deprecated entries with D
2013-05-27 Father Chrysostomosperldiag: wrap an entry for better splain output
2013-05-27 Father Chrysostomosperldiag: more alphabetisation
2013-05-27 Ricardo Signesdo not wrap long non-verbatim lines in perldiag.pod
2013-05-27 Father Chrysostomosperldiag: miscellaneous clean-up
2013-05-26 Father Chrysostomosperldiag: Re-correct spelling of copiable
2013-05-25 David Steinbrunnertypo fixes for diag changed use of initialise to be...
2013-05-24 David Goldenfix various podcheck nits
2013-05-24 David Goldenfix various Pod line length warnings
2013-05-22 Karl Williamsonperldiag: Describe \g syntax error
2013-05-22 Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Actually emit proper warning
2013-05-20 Nicholas ClarkRemove buggy loop-based byte swapping code.
2013-05-07 Ricardo Signesupdate perldiag with new warnings
2013-05-07 Yves OrtonMake it possible to disable and control hash key traver...
2013-05-03 Nicholas ClarkRevert "Change the warning for $* to add ", and will...
2013-05-03 Nicholas ClarkRevert "Add a deprecation warning for all uses of ...
2013-05-02 Karl WilliamsonDeprecate spaces/comments in some regex tokens
2013-04-19 Karl Williamsonperldiag.pod: Fix wrong Perl versions
2013-03-27 Brian FraserMake smartmatch, given & when experimental
2013-03-21 Nicholas ClarkAdd a deprecation warning for all uses of @*, %*, ...
2013-03-21 Nicholas ClarkChange the warning for $* to add ", and will become...
2013-03-18 Yves Ortondetect each() after insert and produce warnings when...
2013-03-18 Karl Williamsonpod/perldiag: Document some regex messages
2013-03-18 Karl Williamsonpod/perldiag: Document new messages for qr/(?[ ])/
2013-03-18 Karl Williamsonperldiag: Nits
2013-03-18 Karl Williamsonperldiag.pod: Fix broken link
2013-03-14 James E KeenanApply two POD corrections supplied by SHIRAKATA Kentaro++.
2013-02-20 Ricardo Signesput an experimental warning on lexical topic
2013-02-20 Rafael Garcia-SuarezUn-deprecate the support for lexical $_
2013-02-15 Nicholas ClarkExtend t/porting/diag.t to cover code in DynaLoader.
2013-02-10 Father Chrysostomosdiag.t: Validate severity of ck warn routines better
2013-02-10 Father Chrysostomosperldiag.pod: Remove regexp cat from \b{ \B{ message
2013-02-07 David Goldenadd example of warning categorization to perldiag
2013-01-31 Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Expand diagnostic
2013-01-25 Karl WilliamsonFix various minor pod issues
2013-01-24 Tony Cookdocument the new warning
2013-01-24 Karl WilliamsonAdd deprecation warning for literal PATWS under /x
2013-01-20 Karl WilliamsonDeprecate certain rare uses of backslashes within regexes
2013-01-20 Karl WilliamsonRevert "Deprecate literal unescaped "{" in regexes."
2013-01-16 Karl Williamsonutf8.c: Reword a warning message
2013-01-16 Karl Williamsonperldiag: Move an out-of-alphabetical_order entry
2013-01-14 Karl WilliamsonAdd warnings for "\08", /\017/
2013-01-04 Karl Williamsoncharnames: Deprecate character names with spacing issues
2013-01-03 Matthew Horsfall... Fix period at the end of perldiag.pod and remove entry...
2012-12-27 Matthew Horsfall... Add regcomp.c warning checks to t/porting/diag.t.
2012-12-23 Karl WilliamsonDeprecate calling isFOO_utf8() with malformed
2012-12-23 Matthew Horsfall... RT-89642 - Don't treat ,; as special end-of-line charac...
2012-12-14 Yves OrtonAdd diagnostics for PERL_HASH_SEED warning
2012-12-09 Father Chrysostomosperldiag: Make Constant(%s) messages match reality
2012-12-09 Father Chrysostomosperldiag: s/about where/whereabouts/
2012-12-06 Father Chrysostomosperldiag: -D message is a warning
2012-12-06 Father Chrysostomosperldiag: Remove category from ‘POSIX syntax [. .]...’
2012-12-04 Father ChrysostomosDeprecate lexical $_
2012-11-24 Father Chrysostomosperldiag: Correct wording of ‘Using just the first...
2012-11-24 Father Chrysostomosperldiag: Add cat to ‘Using just the first char...’
2012-11-24 Father ChrysostomosWarn when declaring lexsubs, not when enabling them
2012-11-21 Father Chrysostomosperldiag: Correct entry about sort sub and single values
2012-11-20 Father Chrysostomosperldiag: typo
2012-11-11 Karl WilliamsonValidate above-Latin1 characters in \N{} aliases
2012-11-11 Karl Williamsontoke.c: Fail on malformed UTF-8 in \N{} input
2012-11-11 Karl Williamsonperldiag: Add entry for unknown charname
2012-11-11 Karl Williamsoncharnames: Don't accept illegal :aliases
2012-11-11 Karl WilliamsonMake \N{alias} deprecations fatal.
2012-11-11 James E KeenanAmplify diagnostic about in-place editing.
2012-09-30 Father ChrysostomosUse two colons for lexsub warning
2012-09-19 Steve HayAdd new warning about sleep's limitation on Windows
2012-09-16 Father ChrysostomosDisable lexsubs outside of
2012-09-16 Father ChrysostomosAdd experimental lexical_subs feature
2012-09-16 Father Chrysostomos‘Subroutine "&x" is not available’ during compilation
2012-09-16 Father Chrysostomosperldiag: closure referents → closure references
2012-09-16 Father ChrysostomosDon’t say ‘variable &foo’ in warnings
2012-09-16 Father ChrysostomosDon’t allow name after our/state sub
2012-09-15 Karl WilliamsonPATCH: [perl #82954] Make "Can't do {n,m} with n >...
2012-09-15 Father Chrysostomosperldiag: 13 years for reserved word deprec. is enough
2012-09-15 Father Chrysostomosperldiag: ‘Attempt to free unreffed scalar’ is S
2012-09-15 Father ChrysostomosFix %vd with alpha version
2012-09-15 Father Chrysostomosperldiag: ‘Unbalanced string table’ is a default warning
2012-09-15 Father Chrysostomosperldiag: ‘Scalars leaked’ is a default warning
2012-08-14 Steve HayDocument new diagnostic message added by d903973c05
2012-08-02 Father Chrysostomos[perl #114104] Better error for unterminated heredoc...
2012-07-04 Father ChrysostomosUse ‘state’ in warning about sort {state $a}
2012-07-04 Father Chrysostomos[perl #86136] Downgrade sort {my $a} to a warning
2012-06-29 Father Chrysostomosperldiag: Document ‘Slab leaked from cv’
2012-06-28 Father Chrysostomosperldiag: Add missing regexp delims
2012-06-27 Father Chrysostomosperldiag: ‘Unicode surrogate is illegal’ is a default...
2012-06-27 Father Chrysostomosperldiag: ‘Code point is not Unicode’ is a default...
2012-06-27 Father Chrysostomosperldiag: ‘Operation returns its argument’ is a default...
2012-06-27 Father Chrysostomosperldiag: ‘...illegal for interchange’ is a default...
2012-06-27 Father Chrysostomosperldiag: ‘UTF-16 surrogate U+%X’ is a default warning
2012-06-27 Father Chrysostomosperldiag: ‘Ambiguous use resolved as’ is always S
2012-06-27 Father Chrysostomosperldiag: Add cat for Lost precision