This is a live mirror of the Perl 5 development currently hosted at
[perl5.git] / cop.h
2020-09-05 Karl WilliamsonDocument IN_PERL_(RUN|COMPILE)TIME
2020-09-04 Karl WilliamsonReorganize perlapi
2020-09-04 Karl WilliamsonChange some =head1 to apidoc_section lines
2020-08-28 David Mitchellcop.h: remove obsolete comment
2020-08-23 Karl Williamsoncop.h: Comments, white space
2020-03-11 Karl WilliamsonCreate new PUSHSTACKi for regcomp.c
2020-03-11 Karl Williamsoncop.h: Add comment
2019-12-17 Karl WilliamsonNote that certain flags are documented
2019-10-30 Tony CookFaster feature checks
2019-10-20 Dan BookUpdate documentation, comments, metadata to reference...
2019-10-11 Max MaischeinMailling list archaeology, restoring old content
2019-10-11 Max MaischeinPerl5 git is on https
2019-09-23 David MitchellUn-revert "[MERGE] add+use si_cxsubix field"
2019-09-20 Max MaischeinRevert "[MERGE] add+use PL_curstackinfo->si_cxsubix... v5.31.4
2019-09-19 David Mitchelladd PL_curstackinfo->si_cxsubix field
2019-09-03 Karl WilliamsonChange pod for macros that require "literal strings"
2019-09-03 Karl WilliamsonDocument CopLABEL[_len[_flags]]
2019-07-08 Tony Cookuse hex for the call_*()/eval_sv() flag definitions
2019-07-08 Tony Cook(perl #134177) add G_RETHROW flag to eval_sv()
2019-06-25 Karl WilliamsonFix apidoc macro entries
2019-05-31 Karl WilliamsonAdd 'n' flag to various =for apidoc lines
2017-12-29 Zeframrevert smartmatch to 5.27.6 behaviour
2017-12-05 Zeframinternally change "when" to "whereso"
2017-11-29 Zeframremove unused CXp_FOR_DEF and OPpITER_DEF
2017-11-29 Zeframmake loop control apply to "given"
2017-11-29 Zeframrevise block_givwhen for sole use by "when"
2017-11-12 Zeframbetter document macros taking literal strings
2017-08-23 David Mitchellmake 'struct jmpenv' size independent of DEBUGGING
2017-07-16 David MitchellPL_curstackinfo->si_stack_hwm: gently restore
2017-07-03 David Mitchellsave si_stack_hwm across JMPENV_PUSH
2017-06-24 Lukas Maiparanoia: parenthesize macro parameters
2017-06-24 Lukas Maifix #ifdef directives with extra tokens
2017-06-24 David Mitchelladd PL_curstackinfo->si_stack_hwm
2016-11-12 David Mitchellremove eval's usage of SvSCREAM
2016-05-23 David MitchellCX_POP_SAVEARRAY(): use more distinctive var name
2016-03-30 David MitchellImprove code comments for some ctx stuff
2016-03-28 David Mitchellsilence -Wparentheses-equality
2016-02-03 Karl Williamsonperlapi: Clarify that a literal string must end in...
2016-02-03 David Mitchellmake gimme consistently U8
2016-02-03 David MitchellMULTICALL *shouldn't* clear savestack
2016-02-03 David Mitchelladd blk_old_tmpsfloor shortcut
2016-02-03 David MitchelldMULTICALL: remove unused vars
2016-02-03 David Mitchellconvert CX_{PUSH|POP}{WHEN|GIVEN} to inline fns
2016-02-03 David Mitchellconvert CX_PUSHLOOP*/POPLOOP to inline fns
2016-02-03 David Mitchellconvert CX_PUSHEVAL/POPEVAL to inline fns
2016-02-03 David Mitchellconvert CX_PUSHFORMAT/POPFORMAT to inline fns
2016-02-03 David Mitchellconvert CX_PUSHSUB/POPSUB to inline fns
2016-02-03 David Mitchellconvert CX_PUSH/POP/TOPBLOCK to inline fns
2016-02-03 David Mitchellrename PUSHBLOCK,PUSHSUB etc to CX_PUSHBLOCK etc
2016-02-03 David Mitchelleliminate PUSH/POPBASICBLK macros
2016-02-03 David Mitchellconsolidate common code in PUSHLOOP_FOR,_PLAIN
2016-02-03 David MitchellPUSHEVAL: make n param an SV rather than a string
2016-02-03 David MitchellPUSHSUB: make retop a parameter
2016-02-03 David MitchellPUSHEVAL: make retop a parameter
2016-02-03 David MitchellPUSHFORMAT: don't use implicit args
2016-02-03 David MitchellPUSHSUB: don't use implicit args
2016-02-03 David MitchellPUSHBLOCK: don't use implicit args
2016-02-03 David Mitchellmove PL_savestack_ix saving into PUSHBLOCK
2016-02-03 David MitchellPUSH_MULTICALL: use SAVEOP()
2016-02-03 David Mitchelleliminate PERL_STACK_OVERFLOW_CHECK
2016-02-03 David MitchellMULTICALL should clear scope after each call
2016-02-03 David MitchellDocument CxLVAL()
2016-02-03 David MitchellCX_POPFOO(): assert cx is of the right type
2016-02-03 David Mitchellrename POPFOO() to CX_POPFOO()
2016-02-03 David Mitchellfactor out common actions in TOPBLOCK and POPBLOCK
2016-02-03 David Mitchelltweak POPLOOP and CXt_LOOP_* order
2016-02-03 David Mitchellfix CxFOREACH
2016-02-03 David Mitchellonly set CXp_FOR_DEF with CXp_FOR_GV
2016-02-03 David Mitchellgive POP_SAVEARRAY() macro a cx arg
2016-02-03 David MitchellTOPBLOCK: make comment clear its used by goto too
2016-02-03 David MitchellPOPSUB_ARGS: move a code comment to the right line
2016-02-03 David Mitchellmake TOPBLOCK(cx) not set cx
2016-02-03 David Mitchellrename DEBUG_CX() to CX_DEBUG()
2016-02-03 David Mitchelladd CX_CUR() macro
2016-02-03 David Mitchellmake POPSUBST re-entrant safe
2016-02-03 David Mitchellmake POPGIVEN re-entrant safe
2016-02-03 David Mitchellmake POPSUB re-entrant safe
2016-02-03 David Mitchellmake POPEVAL safe against re-entrancy
2016-02-03 David Mitchellmake POPSUB and POPFORMAT re-entrant safe
2016-02-03 David Mitchellreorder 'struct block' fields.
2016-02-03 David Mitchellmove and rename cx_old_savestack_ix
2016-02-03 David MitchellPUSHLOOP_PLAIN: don't set unused fields
2016-02-03 David MitchellEliminate cx->blk_loop.resetsp
2016-02-03 David Mitchellsplit CXt_LOOP_FOR into CXt_LOOP_LIST,CXt_LOOP_ARY
2016-02-03 David Mitchellrename S_doeval() to S_doeval_compile()
2016-02-03 David MitchellPOPEVAL: don't set optype
2016-02-03 David Mitchelladd CX_POP(cx) macro: glorified cxstack_ix--
2016-02-03 David Mitchellsimplify CHANGE_MULTICALL_FLAGS
2016-02-03 David Mitchellfactor common code into POPSUB_ARGS()
2016-02-03 David Mitchellsplit some common POPSUB code into a macro
2016-02-03 David Mitchellmake POPSUBST not cxstack_ix--
2016-02-03 David Mitchellmove blku_old_savestack_ix to base of cxt struct
2016-02-03 David Mitchellmove sbu_oldsave into base of CX struct
2016-02-03 David Mitchellmove CX_LEAVE_SCOPE outside the POPFOO's
2016-02-03 David Mitchelldo PL_tmps_floor save in PUSHBLOCK
2016-02-03 David Mitchelldo PL_tmps_floor restore in POPBLOCK
2016-02-03 David Mitchellsort(!) out CXt_NULL and CXp_MULTICALL
2016-02-03 David Mitchellpp_sort: add missing CX_LEAVE_SCOPE()
2016-02-03 David Mitchellremove newpm param from POPBLOCK() macro.
2016-02-03 David Mitchellreverse the order of POPBLOCK; POPFOO