This is a live mirror of the Perl 5 development currently hosted at
Synch cpan/version/* and other files with CPAN version 0.9921.
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2018-04-12 John PeacockSynch cpan/version/* and other files with CPAN version...
2017-10-13 Lukas Maiget rid of "implicit fallthrough" warnings with gcc 7
2017-06-01 John PeacockUpdate core with version 0.9918
2016-10-19 Yves use new SvPVCLEAR and constant string friendly...
2016-03-18 John PeacockImport 0.9914 from CPAN
2014-02-04 Brian Fraservutil.c, Avoid warnings from -Wmissing-prototy...
2014-02-04 John PeacockAnd now the rest of the sync to 0.9908
2014-01-19 John PeacockLots of C optimizations for both speed/correctness
2014-01-04 Karl Move code to after declarations
2014-01-04 John PeacockEnsure that version::_VERSION is always exported
2014-01-04 John PeacockGrab latest changes from CPAN 0.9905
2014-01-04 John PeacockIntegrate CPAN release into core
2014-01-04 Father Fix thinko
2014-01-04 Father ChrysostomosUse VXS_ prefix for XSUB bodies in CPAN version
2014-01-04 Father ChrysostomosIntegrate the rest of CPAN’s
2014-01-04 Father Disallow multiple args to XS_version_normal
2014-01-04 Father Chrysostomos[ #88495] bad string comparison in version->qv
2014-01-04 Father Integrate the CPAN version of version_new
2014-01-04 Father Chrysostomos[ #88495] version->new str cmp bug
2014-01-04 Father Import UNIVERSAL::VERSION from CPAN
2014-01-04 Father arg list checking for UNIVERSAL::VERSION
2014-01-04 Father Add dVAR define for CPAN use
2014-01-04 Father Don’t hard-code class name
2014-01-04 Father ChrysostomosExtract version routines into two new files