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bigint: Fix new oct override for older Math::BigInt
[perl5.git] / dist / bignum /
2012-10-04 Father Chrysostomosbigint: Fix new oct override for older Math::BigInt
2012-10-04 Father Chrysostomosbignum overrides.t: Skip some tests under 5.8
2012-10-04 Father ChrysostomosIncrease bignum versions to 0.31 after the preceding...
2012-10-04 Father ChrysostomosRewrite bignum’s hex and oct overrides
2012-09-11 Florian RagwitzSynchronise bignum with CPAN
2012-06-17 Hugo van der SandenFixup for bigint docs
2011-08-08 Florian RagwitzUpgrade bignum to version 0.29
2011-08-02 Father ChrysostomosMake verbatim pod in fit in 80 columns
2011-08-01 Father ChrysostomosMake verbatim pod in fit in 80 columns
2011-07-09 Florian RagwitzSynchronise bignum to CPAN
2011-03-29 Father ChrysostomosVersions bumps after the prev commit
2011-03-29 gene sullivan[perl #87216] POD typo in bigint, bignum and bigrat...
2011-01-21 Nicholas ClarkRemove training whitespace in Pod which can confuse...
2011-01-20 Jesse VincentBumped bignum's versions for release per
2011-01-07 Peter J. Acklam... Fix typos (spelling errors) in dist/*
2010-09-15 Florian RagwitzUpgrade bignum from version 0.24 to 0.25
2010-09-10 Nicholas ClarkConvert bignum tests from Test to Test::More.
2010-09-10 Nicholas ClarkRemove redundant lexicals from 3 bignum tests that...
2010-09-10 Nicholas ClarkRemove obsolete core test directory boilerplate from...
2010-09-04 Florian RagwitzSynchronize with bignum 0.24
2010-09-02 Florian Ragwitzblead is upstream for bignum