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Big-endian 64-bit patch from Raphael Manfredi.
[perl5.git] / ext / Storable / Storable.xs
2000-08-27 Jarkko HietaniemiBig-endian 64-bit patch from Raphael Manfredi.
2000-08-26 Jarkko HietaniemiMore casting.
2000-08-26 Jarkko HietaniemiNicer in decimal.
2000-08-26 Jarkko HietaniemiThere be no UVdf.
2000-08-26 Jarkko HietaniemiContinue IVdfing and UVxfing.
2000-08-26 Jarkko HietaniemiUse IVdf.
2000-08-26 Jarkko HietaniemiUse UVxf, PTR2UV, NVff.
2000-08-24 Jarkko HietaniemiUpgrade to Storable 0.7.4, from Raphael Manfredi,
2000-08-23 Peter Prymmerfix a small typo in Storable.xs
2000-08-21 Jarkko HietaniemiFew more casts, need reported in
2000-08-21 Radu GreabSupport long doubles in Storable.
2000-08-21 Daniel ChetlinArray context keeps slithering in.
2000-08-21 Jarkko HietaniemiBig-endian quad fixes for Storable from Radu Greab,
2000-08-21 Radu GreabAdd Storable 0.7.2 from Raphael Manfredi,