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small wording fixes for perldelta
[perl5.git] / pod / perldelta.pod
2022-05-22 Karen Etheridgesmall wording fixes for perldelta
2022-05-21 Ricardo Signesperldoc: add performance enhancement note about #19414
2022-05-20 Ricardo Signesperl5360delta: remove XXXs, add acknowledgements
2022-05-20 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Note documentation effort in perlapi
2022-05-20 Ricardo Signesperldelta: fix broken links
2022-05-20 Ricardo Signesperldelta: populate "new/updated modules"
2022-05-20 Ricardo Signesperl5360delta: undocument removal of bareword_filehandles
2022-05-20 Ricardo Signesperl5360delta: typo corrections from code review
2022-05-20 Ricardo Signesperl5360delta: integrate "switch left bundle" into...
2022-05-20 Ricardo Signesperl5360delta: isbool is now builtin::is_bool
2022-05-20 Ricardo Signesperl5360delta: update notes on generating Acknowledgements
2022-05-20 Ricardo Signesperl5360delta: avoid talking about exact wallclock...
2022-05-20 Ricardo Signesperl5360delta: reorganize changes to diagnostics
2022-05-20 Ricardo Signesperl5360delta: add -g docs to perlrun section, also
2022-05-20 Ricardo Signesperl5360delta: move a perldiag update to Diagnostics
2022-05-20 Ricardo Signesperl5360delta: rewrite the "use vX" and strict section
2022-05-20 Ricardo Signesperl5360delta: sort () is as erroneous as sort
2022-05-20 Ricardo Signesperl5360delta: restructure the Core Enhancements section
2022-05-20 Ricardo Signesperl5360delta: combine notes on "use v5.36" behavior
2022-05-20 Ricardo Signesperl5360delta: clean up the top header
2022-05-20 Ricardo Signesperl5360delta: incorporate perl53510delta
2022-05-20 Ricardo Signesperl5360delta: incorporate perl5359delta
2022-05-20 Ricardo Signesperl5360delta: incorporate perl5358delta
2022-05-20 Ricardo Signesperl5360delta: incorporate perl5357delta
2022-05-20 Ricardo Signesperl5360delta: incorporate perl5356delta
2022-05-20 Ricardo Signesperl5360delta: incorporate perl5355delta
2022-05-20 Ricardo Signesperl5360delta: incorporate perl5354delta
2022-05-20 Ricardo Signesperl5360delta: incorporate perl5353delta
2022-05-20 Ricardo Signesperl5360delta: incorporate perl5352delta
2022-05-20 Ricardo Signesperl5360delta: a work in progress
2022-04-20 Steve HayNew perldelta for 5.35.12
2022-04-20 Steve HayFinalize perldelta
2022-04-20 Steve Hayperldelta - Update for 5.35.11
2022-04-20 Neil Bowersfixed typo in taint_support comments, shoulda been...
2022-04-20 Neil BowersAdded perldelta entry on support for building a taint...
2022-04-19 Yves Ortonperldelta.pod - document PERL_USE_UNSHARED_KEYS_IN_LARG...
2022-04-19 David Mitchellperldelate entry for Deparse changes
2022-04-17 Paul "LeoNerd" EvansAdd created_as_... builtins to perldelta
2022-03-20 Sawyer XNew perldelta for 5.35.11
2022-03-20 Sawyer XFinalize perldelta
2022-03-20 Karl WilliamsonAdd musical score paired delimiters
2022-03-20 Karl WilliamsonAdd 'extra paired delimiters' feature
2022-03-20 Karl WilliamsonAdd builtin::trim()
2022-03-19 Nicholas Clarkperldelta entry for the new key behaviour for large... 19208/head
2022-03-14 Paul "LeoNerd" EvansAdd mention of new `builtin::indexed` to perldelta
2022-03-08 Paul "LeoNerd" EvansMention in perldelta
2022-03-06 Felipe GasperProperly handle UTF8-flagged strings when assigning...
2022-03-04 Felipe GasperMake sv_dump() (and Devel::Peek) escape PV contents...
2022-03-03 Yves Ortonregcomp.c: Reduce scope of experimental warnings with...
2022-02-20 reneebadd new perldelta for 5.35.10
2022-02-20 reneebfinalize perldelta for 5.35.9
2022-02-20 Paul "LeoNerd" EvansAdd 'signatures' to :5.36 feature bundle
2022-02-20 Paul "LeoNerd" EvansUpdate various documentation files
2022-02-19 Nicholas Clarkperldelta entry for the PV/IV flags changes.
2022-02-19 Tomasz Konojackiimplement a new command-line flag, -g
2022-02-15 Paul "LeoNerd" EvansAdd 'isa' to 'use feature :5.35'
2022-02-15 Paul "LeoNerd" EvansNo longer print experimental::isa warning (closes ...
2022-02-13 Paul "LeoNerd" EvansAdd to perldelta.pod
2022-01-31 Paul "LeoNerd" EvansAdd @_ in signatured sub being experimental to perldelt...
2022-01-27 Tomasz Konojackisubroutine redefinitions made with local() shouldn...
2022-01-27 Paul "LeoNerd" EvansAdd perldelta entry for the four new functions
2022-01-20 Nicolas RNew perldelta for 5.35.9
2022-01-20 Nicolas RUpdate perldelta for blead release v5.35.8
2022-01-20 Paul "LeoNerd" EvansAdd perldelta entry for try/catch/finally
2022-01-19 David Mitchellperldelta for empty sort croak (78cc98885ff2800c)
2022-01-16 Tomasz Konojackiofficially support Visual C++ 2022
2021-12-21 Neil Bowersnew perldelta for 5.35.8
2021-12-20 Neil BowersUpdated perldelta with changes to core modules
2021-12-20 Neil Bowersadded some entries to perldelta after trawling the...
2021-12-20 Nicholas Clarkperldelta entry for the fix for unbounded memory consum...
2021-12-18 Paul "LeoNerd" EvansMention builtin in perldelta
2021-11-25 Felipe GasperAdd a phase_name() macro.
2021-11-21 Richard Leachnew perldelta for 5.35.7
2021-11-20 Richard LeachUpdate perldelta for 5.35.6 release
2021-11-17 James E KeenanAdditional feedback 19230/head
2021-11-17 James E KeenanUpdate per feedback
2021-11-17 James E KeenanObituary for David H Adler
2021-11-15 Tony Cookperldelta for 0cdbe216286, 9bce496f83cb, 9c913148860
2021-11-02 Ricardo Signesperldelta: update feature bundle changes for bareword_f... 19184/head
2021-11-02 Ricardo Signesfeature updates: tweaks from code review
2021-11-02 Ricardo Signesperldelta: note changes to feature bundle
2021-11-02 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Remove AT&T UWIN support
2021-11-02 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Remove DOS/DJGPP support
2021-10-21 Leon Timmermansnew perldelta for 5.35.6
2021-10-21 Leon TimmermansUpdate perldelta for 5.35.5 release
2021-10-20 Leon TimmermansAdd dropping old MSVC++ (pre-VC12) to perldelta
2021-10-15 Nicholas ClarkPod improvements suggested by Matthew Horsfall 18925/head
2021-10-15 Nicholas Clarkperldelta for n-at-a-time for loops.
2021-10-13 Nicholas Clarkperldelta for C99 support
2021-10-11 Nicholas Clarkperldelta entry describing the HvAUX struct move to...
2021-10-09 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Fix grammar
2021-10-08 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Remove NetWare support
2021-10-04 Tony Cookperldelta for e4140d10fb3
2021-09-22 Nicholas ClarkFree tied hash iterator state immediately at the `untie...
2021-09-20 Matthew Horsfallnew perldelta for v5.35.5
2021-09-20 Matthew HorsfallFinalize perldelta
2021-09-20 Matthew Horsfallperldelta: Update modules list
2021-09-20 Matthew Horsfallperldelta: Acknowledge thyself
2021-09-20 Matthew HorsfallPrepare perldelta for upcoming v5.35.4 release
2021-09-20 James E Keenanperldelta for 983d5bee62