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Fix missing build dependency for pods
[perl5.git] / AUTHORS
2018-11-14 Dan DedrickFix missing build dependency for pods
2018-10-28 Phil Pearl (Lobbes)remove extra 'be' in perlre pod
2018-10-06 Karl WilliamsonAdd Matthias Bethke to AUTHORS
2018-09-24 sisyphusamend sisyphus' email address in AUTHORS
2018-07-17 Tina MüllerFix typo: IS_NUMBER_INFINITE -> IS_NUMBER_INFINITY
2018-06-20 Sawyer XRemoval from AUTHORS based on author's request
2018-04-19 Alexandr SavcaSpelling corrections in pod/*.pod from Alexandr Savca.
2018-04-08 Karl WilliamsonAdd Marc-Philip Werner to AUTHORS
2018-03-05 Father ChrysostomosMore AUTHORS sorting
2018-03-05 Father ChrysostomosAUTHORS: sorting; consistent indent
2018-03-05 Father ChrysostomosAdd Shoichi Kaji to AUTHORS
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanFix rurban email address
2018-01-25 Tony CookGeorge Hartzell is now a perl author
2017-11-29 Marco Fontanisecond arg to mkdir is MODE, not MASK
2017-11-20 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Fix Ask Bjørn Hansen's AUTHORS entry
2017-10-29 Harald JörgShow that '/o' modifier no longer has adverse effects...
2017-10-15 Dmitry UlanovUse library functions instead of manual TAP in t/io...
2017-08-09 Tony CookAdd Ken Brown to AUTHORS
2017-07-05 Vitali PeilAdd test descriptions for some tests in t/base/translate.t.
2017-06-07 Steve HayAdd Jacques Germishuys to AUTHORS
2017-06-05 Eugen KonkovXPUSH*: reuse code from mPUSH* macros
2017-06-01 Karl WilliamsonAdd Ken Cotterill to AUTHORS
2017-06-01 Karl WilliamsonAUTHORS: Update Jim Shneider's email
2017-05-11 David H. GutteridgeAdd missing commas to perlfunc
2017-05-11 David H. GutteridgeAdd missing commas to perlfunc
2017-01-26 Karl WilliamsonAdd Pali to AUTHORS
2017-01-26 Colin NewellDocumentation patch to recommend newSVpvn over newSVpv.
2017-01-10 Karl WilliamsonAdd Tomasz Konojacki to AUTHORS
2017-01-07 Peter Avalosadd setproctitle() support for DragonFly BSD
2016-11-28 Tony CookJ. Nick Koston is now a perl AUTHOR
2016-11-09 Tony CookStefan Seifert is now a perl author
2016-09-21 Steven HumphreyFix typo in perlrun.pod
2016-09-01 Dave CrossCorrect 'map' documentation to reflect operation on...
2016-09-01 Karl WilliamsonAdd Theo Buehler to AUTHORS
2016-08-13 Father ChrysostomosMore AUTHORS sorting
2016-08-10 Karl WilliamsonAdd Sergey Aleynikov to AUTHORS
2016-08-09 Craig A. BerryAdd Richard Levitte to AUTHORS.
2016-08-05 Father ChrysostomosAUTHORS: consistent indent
2016-08-05 Father ChrysostomosRmv duplicate AUTHORS entry for Stéphane Payrard
2016-08-05 Father ChrysostomosRemove duplicate Mark Fisher AUTHORS entry
2016-08-05 Father ChrysostomosAUTHORS: some sorting
2016-08-05 Father ChrysostomosAdd Chris Travers to AUTHORS
2016-07-25 Father ChrysostomosUse tabs consistently in AUTHORS
2016-07-25 Father ChrysostomosAdd Chris R. Donnelly to AUTHORS
2016-07-12 Chris LambMake the build reproducible.
2016-06-20 David Mitchellupdate AUTHORS
2016-05-16 Tony CookMaxwell Carey is now a perl author
2016-05-10 Tony Cook(perl #127923) pass porting tests
2016-02-10 Karl WilliamsonAdd Nick Logan to AUTHORS
2016-02-07 Tony Cookadd Pip Cet to AUTHORS
2016-01-25 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Move email alias from AUTHORS to
2016-01-25 Daniel Draganbackport EUMM commits
2015-12-09 Tony CookAchim Gratz is now a perl author
2015-11-16 Mohammed El-Afifihandle empty directory lists in File::Find
2015-10-20 Victor AdamAUTHORS: Add Victor Adam
2015-09-17 Nicolas RRemove legacy/dead code from B
2015-09-16 Karl WilliamsonAdd Zachary Storer to AUTHORS
2015-09-13 Karl WilliamsonAdd Dan Collins to AUTHORS
2015-09-09 darksujiMake behavior of $Carp::MaxArgNums match docs
2015-09-01 Karl WilliamsonAdd John SJ Anderson to AUTHORS
2015-08-27 Jan DuboisUse personal email address for Jan Dubois
2015-08-27 Jarkko HietaniemiAUTHORS for 8c1ed856
2015-08-18 Ludovic E. R. Tolh... Clarify functioning of '||' operator.
2015-08-05 Aaron PrivenAdded {unlock,lock}_hashref_recurse to @EXPORT_OK
2015-07-30 H.Merijn BrandAdd Ivan Pozdeev to AUTHORS
2015-07-03 Stanislaw PusepNon-invasive mojibake fixes
2015-06-17 Karl WilliamsonAdd to the AUTHOR file
2015-06-16 Tony Cookadd Martijn Lievaart as a perl author
2015-06-04 Chase WhitenerPrefer 'Foo->new' to 'new Foo' in examples of constructors.
2015-04-15 Tony CookJames McCoy is now a perl AUTHOR
2015-03-09 Karl WilliamsonUpdate David Wheeler's email address
2015-03-09 Karl WilliamsonAUTHORS: Add comment
2015-02-24 Jasmine Nganfix some spurious PERL_UNUSED_ARG/VAR() usage
2015-02-18 Tony CookRandy Stauneris now a perl author
2015-01-29 Lajos VeresCorrections to spelling and grammatical errors.
2015-01-13 David Mitchellupdate AUTHORS
2015-01-07 Father ChrysostomosAdd Andreas Voegele to AUTHORS
2015-01-06 Father ChrysostomosUpdate address for E. Choroba
2014-12-29 Ævar Arnfjörð Bjar... Add support for new warning categories outside of ...
2014-12-15 Father ChrysostomosUse tabs in AUTHORS
2014-12-02 Father ChrysostomosAdd James Raspass to AUTHORS
2014-11-28 Steffen MuellerAdd Eric Herman to Perl AUTHORS
2014-11-18 James E KeenanAdd word missing from docs for 'wait' function.
2014-11-03 Tony CookGlenn D. Golden is now a perl AUTHOR
2014-10-21 Yaroslav Kuzminperlio: Fix to work with MVS Dataset
2014-10-19 Karl WilliamsonUpdate Stevan Little's email address
2014-09-25 Father ChrysostomosAdd Ed J to AUTHORS
2014-09-19 Father ChrysostomosConsistent indentation in AUTHORS
2014-09-03 Anthony Headingstat Makefile.PL to get values for utime.
2014-08-24 Tadeusz SośnierzMake eval_pv documentation more precise
2014-08-20 Alexandre (Midnite... magic.t: android: bypass two $0 tests and add one
2014-08-05 Rafael Garcia-SuarezAdd syber to AUTHORS
2014-07-23 Tony CookVladimir Marek is now a perl author
2014-07-23 Tony CookChad Granum is now a perl author
2014-06-21 Dmitri TikhonovUntie STDERR in IPC::Open3.
2014-06-17 Michael BunkCorrect two subtle typos.
2014-06-11 Tony CookAndrew Fresh is now a perl author
2014-05-31 Norman KochClarify "require <>"-message.
2014-05-31 Todd RinaldoCorrect illegal use of >> in Exporter POD.
2014-05-29 Tony CookDoug Bell is now a perl author