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perldelta.pod: Document "Lost precision" warning changes
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2020-12-29 TAKAI Kousukeperldelta.pod: Document "Lost precision" warning changes
2020-12-20 Max Maischeinnew perldelta for 5.33.6
2020-12-20 Max MaischeinFinalize perldelta for 5.33.5
2020-12-20 Max MaischeinFinalise perldelta for 5.33.5
2020-12-19 James E Keenanperldelta for edd16cfcff
2020-12-08 TAKAI Kousukeperldelta.pod: Document new "0o" octal syntax.
2020-12-06 Karl WilliamsonEvaluate arg once in all forms of SvTRUE
2020-12-03 Tony Cookperldelta for the Win32 symlink()/readlink()/stat(...
2020-12-03 Karl WilliamsonDocument PERL_TEST_HARNESS_ASAP
2020-11-24 Tony Cookperldelta updates for the SysV IPC changes
2020-11-20 Tom HukinsCreate new perldelta for 5.33.5
2020-11-20 Tom HukinsFinalise perldelta for 5.33.4
2020-11-20 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Note ongoing perlapi work
2020-11-19 Tom Hukinsperldelta: the FAQ was updated in 09e51a95
2020-11-18 Tony Cookperldelta updates
2020-10-20 Steve HayCreate new perldelta for 5.33.4
2020-10-20 Steve HayFinalize perldelta
2020-10-18 Steve Hayperldelta - Various updates
2020-10-18 Steve Hayperldelta - Remove boilerplate
2020-10-18 Steve Hayperldelta - Update Modules and Pragmata
2020-09-20 Sawyer XUpdate perldelta with Module::CoreList
2020-09-20 Sawyer Xnew perldelta for 5.33.3
2020-09-20 Sawyer XUpdate perldelta
2020-09-20 Sawyer XUpdate Module::CoreList for 5.33.2
2020-09-20 Sawyer XClean up perldelta
2020-08-20 Karen Etheridgenew perldelta for 5.33.2
2020-08-20 Karen Etheridgefinalize perldelta for 5.33.1
2020-08-20 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... perldelta: add missing =over/=item/=back around perldeb...
2020-08-20 Tony Cookfix broken perldelta links introduced in 5238875cf10
2020-08-20 Tony Cookperldelta for 3134649473, 64ca16b728, fc5f3468dc, 89341...
2020-08-19 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Add missing =item lines
2020-08-19 Karl WilliamsonAdd entry for fixing #16529
2020-08-19 Nicolas Rpod/perldelta: Improve formatting for dual life modules
2020-08-19 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Add perldelta entry for perldebguts ${"_<$filename...
2020-08-19 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... perldelta: alphabetise document list
2020-08-19 Nicolas RAdd perldetla entries for my_rpeep and range op
2020-08-19 Nicolas RAdd perldelta entries for dual life modules
2020-08-19 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Add perldelta entry for Intel compiler detection fix
2020-08-19 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Note GH #18019 is fixed
2020-08-19 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Note more doc changes
2020-08-19 Karen Etheridgeperldelta update for commit 3aa74965c0
2020-08-19 Karl WilliamsonAdd av_count()
2020-08-19 Nicolas Rperldelta: Plan9 and 9front i386
2020-08-19 Karen Etheridgemassage perldelta entries for
2020-08-19 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Note new z/OS locale categories
2020-08-19 Ricardo Signesperldelta: explain 015b02fd303c and HistItemMinLength...
2020-08-19 Leon TimmermansAdd perldelta entry for ExtUtils::PL2Bat
2020-08-19 Paul "LeoNerd" EvansAdd a note to perldelta about the recently-added SAVEt_...
2020-08-12 Tony Cookperldelta updates
2020-08-06 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Add support for Bison versions up to 3.7
2020-08-06 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Bump minimum required Bison version to 2.4
2020-07-20 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Perldelta entry for PERL_GLOBAL_STRUCT removal 17941/head
2020-07-20 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Perldelta entry for Symbian removal
2020-07-17 Karen Etheridgenew perldelta for 5.33.1
2020-07-17 Sawyer Xnew perldelta for 5.33.1
2020-07-17 Sawyer Xsmall version number orrection v5.33.0
2020-07-17 Sawyer XUpdate perldelta for 5.33.0
2020-06-27 Sawyer XBumps, perldeltas, pods
2020-06-20 Sawyer XUpdate perldelta
2020-06-19 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Update advice for z/OS
2020-06-18 SHIRAKATA Kentaroperldelta: minor pod fix
2020-06-14 SHIRAKATA Kentaroperldelta: add shorter heading for POSIX::mblen() etc.
2020-06-09 Thibault DUPONCHELLEMinor perldelta fix to link to the correct issue tracke...
2020-06-07 Sawyer XUpdate perldelta
2020-06-07 Karl WilliamsonAdd z/OS platform notes to 5.32 perldelta
2020-06-07 Sawyer XUpdate perldelta on security fixes:
2020-06-06 Sawyer XGH #17826: Remove entire section, thanks @richardleach
2020-06-03 SmylersCorrect warning categories
2020-06-02 Aaron CraneFix tiny POD syntax error
2020-06-02 Sawyer XUpdate Scalar-List-Utils to 1.55
2020-06-01 Richard LeachMinor tweaks to perldelta.pod
2020-05-31 Sergey Aleynikovperldelta: remove blead-only regressions from changelog
2020-05-30 Karen Etheridges/Github/GitHub/
2020-05-30 Tomasz Konojackiperldelta: move windows-specific bugfix to the right...
2020-05-30 Tomasz Konojackiperldelta: mention sort optimization
2020-05-30 Karen Etheridgefix the remaining whitespace changes made in error
2020-05-30 Karen Etheridgefix whitespace in error message
2020-05-30 Karen Etheridgeedit 5.32.0 perldelta for spelling, grammar, links
2020-05-30 Sawyer XMerge all perldelta files
2020-04-28 Sawyer Xnew perldelta for 5.31.11
2020-04-28 Sawyer XUpdate perldelta
2020-04-09 Sawyer XBump back to 5.31.11, if we need to release it
2020-03-20 Sawyer XBump version to 5.32.0
2020-03-20 Sawyer Xnew delta for 5.31.11
2020-03-20 Sawyer Xperldelta cleanup
2020-03-20 Sawyer XAdd obituary for DrForr...
2020-03-20 Sawyer XShape up perldelta, write obituary...
2020-03-20 Sawyer XDocument chained oprators in perldelta
2020-03-11 Karl WilliamsonImplement \p{Name=/.../} wildcards
2020-03-11 Karl WilliamsonUnicode 13.0 is now official
2020-03-05 Karl WilliamsonAllow wildcard pattern debugging
2020-02-21 reneebgenerated new perldelta after 5.31.9 release
2020-02-20 reneebfinalize perldelta
2020-02-20 reneebfinalize perldelta
2020-02-20 Karl WilliamsonFixup POSIX::mbtowc, wctomb
2020-02-20 Karl WilliamsonPOSIX::mblen: Make length parameter optional
2020-02-20 Karl WilliamsonPOSIX::mblen() Make thread-safe; allow shift state...
2020-02-20 Karl WilliamsonRestrict features in wildcards
2020-02-20 Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Add wrappers for cmplng/xctng wildcard subpa...
2020-02-20 Karl WilliamsonImprove handling of nested qr/(?[...])/