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2019-04-27 H.Merijn BrandTwo more e-mail addresses for me
2019-03-31 Alberto SimõesUpdate EU::CBuilder to 0.280231
2018-11-14 Dominic HargreavesEnable integration
2018-09-24 sisyphusamend sisyphus' email in Porting/
2018-06-22 James E KeenanNeed to add email address in Porting/
2018-05-11 Gene Sullivanperlretut correction: 'qw' should be inside parens
2018-04-08 James E KeenanProvide additional email address for author.
2018-02-20 reneebupdate checkAUTHORS v5.27.9
2017-06-01 Karl WilliamsonAUTHORS: Update Jim Shneider's email
2017-03-02 Dave CrossEnsure that documentation works under 'use strict'.
2017-02-20 Tony CookAdd another reneeb alias
2016-12-23 John LightseySwitch most open() calls to three-argument form.
2016-12-06 James E KeenanImprove discussion of packages and their scopes.
2016-11-11 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Use \w instead of obscure character range
2016-08-05 Father ChrysostomosRemove duplicate Mark Fisher AUTHORS entry
2016-01-25 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Move email alias from AUTHORS to
2016-01-19 Stevan Littleapparently that was now to best to deprecate an email...
2016-01-19 Stevan Littleupdating my own email, that address is no longer valid
2016-01-03 James E KeenanRemove superfluous entry in
2016-01-03 James E KeenanProvide additional email address for contributor Mattia...
2015-12-21 David GoldenAdd alternate email address for dagolden to
2015-10-28 Ruud H.G. van TolFix Tie::StdScalar when $instance exists but isn't...
2015-10-24 Jerry D. HeddenUpgrade to Thread::Queue 3.07
2015-09-08 Tony Cookreport missing authors to stderr
2015-08-27 Jan DuboisUse personal email address for Jan Dubois
2015-06-09 Thomas SibleyPorting/ Sort author names using Unicod...
2015-05-21 Ricardo Signesadd new address for kmx v5.22.0-RC2
2015-03-09 Karl WilliamsonUpdate David Wheeler's email address
2015-02-04 James E KeenanLukas Mai has two email addresses.
2015-01-20 Karl WilliamsonPorting/ New alternate addr for jhi
2015-01-06 Father ChrysostomosUpdate address for E. Choroba
2014-12-23 Chad GranumTest-Simple Version Bump, 1.301001_093 (RC13)
2014-10-19 Karl WilliamsonUpdate Stevan Little's email address
2014-05-31 Todd RinaldoCorrect illegal use of >> in Exporter POD.
2014-02-20 Nicholas ClarkUpdate ribasushi's e-mail address.
2014-02-13 Alan Haggai AlaviReplace 'mkpath' (legacy interface) with 'make_path'.
2014-01-16 Tony Cooksomeone forgot to test_porting and it was me
2014-01-04 Karl WilliamsonChange preferred email for Karl Williamson in AUTHORS
2013-10-05 James E KeenanRemove pod/perlembed.pod in wake of RT #120093 corrections.
2013-09-12 Nicholas ClarkUpdate John P. Linderman's e-mail address in AUTHORS.
2013-07-13 Father Add alt addr for Kent Fredric
2013-05-23 James E KeenanProvide alternate email address for jkeenan.
2013-04-10 James E KeenanProvide proper link to original Dylan paper.
2013-03-12 Karl WilliamsonChange preferred email for Shirakata Kentaro
2013-03-12 Karl WilliamsonPorting/ Clarify comment
2013-02-27 Scott Lanningminor perlipc doc fix missing semicolon
2013-02-27 James E KeenanAdd alternate email address for contributor.
2013-01-23 James E KeenanNote why switchF1.t and switchp.t do not use
2012-12-26 James E KeenanAdd another address for Renee Baecker.
2012-12-17 Dave RolskyLook up RT authors in the DATA section aliases as well...
2012-08-28 Father ChrysostomosAdd another address for Shawn Moore to
2012-07-03 Nicholas ClarkAdd another address for Colin Kuskie to
2012-06-22 Shirakata KentaroPOD typo in perlfunc
2012-06-15 Father another address for Renee Bäcker
2012-06-15 Steve HayUpdate for 4f46e52b00
2012-05-28 Steve HayUpdate with missing author
2012-05-24 Father ChrysostomosAdd another address for Ronald Kimball to
2012-05-22 Father Another address for Matthew Horsfall
2012-05-22 Matthew Horsfall... Fix --authors to work and fix documentation as well.
2012-03-20 AbigailChanged email adress & fixed name for Mark Fisher.
2012-03-18 AbigailSome backslashes turn out not to be always there.
2012-03-18 AbigailFix a cut-and-paste error
2012-03-18 AbigailAttempt to find an author if (s)he comes via RT.
2012-02-09 Reini UrbanAdd new email address for Reini Urban
2012-02-07 Ricardo Signesadd an alias for marcg's other email
2012-01-28 Yves Ortonaccidentally used my work email for a commit so add...
2012-01-28 Father Add another (old?) address for Juerd
2012-01-20 Father Another address for Bo Lindbergh
2012-01-16 Steffen MuellerShuffle my entry around to use my name instead of old...
2011-12-17 Father ChrysostomosUpdate Timothe Litt’s e-mail address
2011-10-31 Nicholas ClarkRemove $date from Porting/, which was...
2011-10-23 Father ChrysostomosAdd another e-mail address for Jim Meyering
2011-10-19 H.Merijn BrandDennis has (yet) another e-mail address :)
2011-09-08 Keith ThompsonConvert some files from Latin-1 to UTF-8
2011-08-14 Father Chrysostomosget authors.t passing again
2011-07-28 From: John PeacockUpdate AUTHORS
2011-07-22 AbigailOne more missing address
2011-07-22 Shlomi FishChange Shlomi Fish's E-mail Address in AUTHORS file
2011-07-21 Nicholas ClarkUpdate Porting/ after commit 6410892abe3...
2011-07-12 Steffen MuellerAdd an email alias for James Keenan
2011-07-07 Leon BrocardWrap text with Porting/ --who option...
2011-07-05 Jesse VincentUpdate Keith Thompson's email address in AUTHORS, add...
2011-07-02 Father ChrysostomosAdd another address for John Peacock
2011-07-01 Father ChrysostomosAdd another address for Claes Jakobsson
2011-06-20 Father ChrysostomosAdd Shigeya Suzuki’s new address to
2011-06-16 Jesse VincentAdded Shawn's canonical address
2011-06-16 Father ChrysostomosAdd another address for Shlomi Fish
2011-06-10 Father ChrysostomosAdd another address for Ian Goodacre
2011-06-01 Craig A. BerryAdd alternate e-mail for Dennis Kaarsemaker.
2011-05-23 Father ChrysostomosAdd another address for Sisyphus
2011-05-18 Father ChrysostomosAdd Nuno Cavalho’s other e-mail address
2011-03-06 Leon BrocardAdd Danny Sadinoff's old email address to Porting/check...
2011-02-24 David Mitchellspeedup t/porting/authors.t
2011-02-13 Father ChrysostomosAdd Larwan Berke’s other address to
2011-01-29 Father ChrysostomosAnother address for Schubiger
2011-01-29 Father ChrysostomosAdd another address for Jay Hannah to
2011-01-16 Father ChrysostomosAdd another address for R. Barker to
2011-01-15 Vadim KonovalovUpdate perlguts.pod so that prose isn't a lie
2011-01-07 Peter J. Acklam... Fix typos (spelling errors) in Porting/*.
2010-12-29 Renee BaeckerUpdate Renee Baeckers mail address