This is a live mirror of the Perl 5 development currently hosted at remove extraneous comments from bison 3.x
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2020-08-17 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... remove extraneous comments from bison 3.x
2020-08-06 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Add support for Bison versions up to 3.7
2020-08-06 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Bump minimum required Bison version to 2.4
2019-07-11 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Support Bison version 3.1 through 3.4
2017-11-11 Nicolas RReplace multiple 'use vars' by 'our' in regen.
2016-11-11 H.Merijn BrandPatch unit tests to explicitly insert "." into @INC...
2016-05-17 Father Correct typo
2016-02-11 David improve action extracting
2016-02-11 David print command with -v
2016-02-03 David MitchellAdd support for bison 3.0
2014-06-13 Jarkko HietaniemiRemove MAD.
2013-05-06 Nicholas ClarkImprove the logic in for manually genera...
2013-03-03 Ruslan Zakirovupdate to recognise bison 2.7
2012-09-25 Jesse Luehrsfix for bison 2.6
2012-08-08 Father ChrysostomosPrevent double frees/crashes with format syntax errs
2012-06-27 Reini support latest bison-2.5.1
2012-06-13 David MitchellAvoid braces warning in
2012-01-19 Steffen SchwigonBump several file copyright dates
2011-05-19 Nicholas ClarkAdd an optional third argument to open_new(), to invoke...
2011-05-19 Nicholas ClarkRename safer_open() to open_new(), and eliminate the...
2011-01-23 Nicholas ClarkStore the SHA-256 of the source in files generated...
2011-01-23 Nicholas ClarkOutput "read only" editor blocks from
2011-01-07 Peter J. Acklam... Fix typos (spelling errors) in misc. files.
2010-10-14 Zeframaf00134636ffe4172cbffeaed3bbad802e58d8a0 broke regen_perly.
2010-08-28 Zeframavoid unnecessarily changing timestamp on perly.h
2010-05-04 Leon BrocardGive an error message if bison is not found at all
2009-03-24 Vincent PitUpdate the version requirement message in
2009-03-24 Vincent PitMake compatible with bison 2.4
2006-12-17 Dave Mitchellmerge the four parser stacks into one
2006-12-16 Dave Mitchellremove extraneous declaration prom
2006-12-13 Dave Mitchellmisc MAD coredump fixes and parser leak fixes
2006-12-10 Dave Mitchellparser: expand yy_is_opval[] to include all value types
2006-12-04 Dave Mitchellanother fix for bison 2.3
2006-12-03 Dave Mitchelladd support for bison 2.3
2006-07-17 Steve HayAvoid an error that VC++'s resource compiler seems...
2006-05-27 Dave Mitchellstop OPs leaking in eval "syntax error"
2006-03-11 Nicholas ClarkFix the last 2 perly.y specific parts of regen_perly...
2005-10-13 Rafael Garcia-SuarezThe new REQUIRE token introduced by change 25599 must be
2005-09-04 Yitzchak Scott-Tho... Re: [perl #37039] perlref documentation about optional...
2005-05-07 Dave Mitchelladd 1.875c to the list of supported bisons
2005-03-30 Rafael Garcia-SuarezUpdate copyrights.
2005-02-10 Marcus runs fine with bison 2.0.
2004-02-14 Dave MitchellSwitch from byacc to bison and simplify the perly....