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Update ExtUtils-ParseXS to CPAN version 3.07
[perl5.git] / dist / ExtUtils-ParseXS / Changes
2011-12-07 Chris 'BinGOs' Wil... Update ExtUtils-ParseXS to CPAN version 3.07
2011-10-05 Steffen MuellerUpgrade ExtUtils::ParseXS to 3.05
2011-09-12 Steffen MuellerExtUtils::ParseXS changelog
2011-09-06 Steffen MuellerExtUtils::ParseXS: Fix INCLUDE: $cmd |
2011-09-04 Steffen MuellerExtUtils::ParseXS: Allow users to enforce linkage of...
2011-08-29 Stephen BennettExtUtils::ParseXS: Don't put null chars into generated...
2011-08-28 Steffen MuellerBackport XS_(IN|EX)TERNAL, be explicit about linkage
2011-08-25 Steffen MuellerExtUtils::ParseXS: Accept overridden input typemaps
2011-08-25 Steffen MuellerExtUtils::ParseXS: Explicitly require current version...
2011-08-21 Steffen MuellerChangelog/version bump for ExtUtils::ParseXS
2011-08-11 Steffen MuellerExtUtils::ParseXS: Check that an XSUB with CODE&RETVAL...
2011-08-11 Steffen MuellerExtUtils::ParseXS version bump: release 3.03
2011-08-10 Mike SheldrakeExtUtils::ParseXS: Test All @INC Derived typemap Locations
2011-08-04 Steffen MuellerAnother ExtUtils::ParseXS version upgrade necessary
2011-08-04 Steffen MuellerPromote ExtUtils::ParseXS to a stable release
2011-07-27 Steffen MuellerFix ExtUtils::ParseXS to work on pre 5.8.9 perls
2011-07-27 Steffen MuellerExtUtils::ParseXS requires 5.8.1
2011-07-27 Steffen MuellerEU::ParseXS: Fix CPAN RT #53938, #61908
2011-07-24 Steffen MuellerSync EU::ParseXS Changes and $VERSION with CPAN
2011-07-12 Steffen MuellerDocument full changeset in ExtUtils::ParseXS
2011-07-12 Steffen MuellerDocument inception of EU::Typemaps
2011-07-12 Steffen MuellerStart documenting the EU::ParseXS changes
2011-07-12 Steffen MuellerRe-apply typo fixes from c4a6f826b3676d1fdbd99
2011-07-12 Steffen MuellerRevert the EU::ParseXS part of c4a6f826b3676d1fdbd9972a...
2011-01-07 Peter J. Acklam... Fix typos (spelling errors) in dist/*
2010-07-27 Florian RagwitzMove ExtUtils::ParseXS from cpan/ to dist/