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2014-11-29 David Mitchelladd Porting/
2014-06-13 Matthew Horsfall... [perl #121126] - Allow deparse tests to skip/ignore...
2013-07-01 Nicholas ClarkRemove Makefile targets and tools related to Irix and...
2013-06-27 Brian GottreuFix Porting/README.pod so it passes its new test.
2013-05-23 David Steinbrunnertypo fixes for porting pod note optimiser
2013-04-13 James E KeenanPorting/ no longer needed; delete it.
2013-03-09 James E KeenanStandardize spelling of 'supersede' throughout the...
2013-03-08 Andy DoughertyMinor corrections to descriptions of files in Porting/.
2013-03-07 James E KeenanFix POD formatting error.
2013-03-07 James E KeenanAdd a README outlining contents of Porting directory.