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Add a section on committing to maintenance versions
[perl5.git] / pod / perlrepository.pod
2008-12-23 Leon BrocardAdd a section on committing to maintenance versions
2008-12-22 Vincent PitNote the --author option of git commit, and therefore...
2008-12-21 Vincent PitA short introduction to git bisect.
2008-12-21 Vincent PitDocument how commiters can keep 'origin' as a git remot...
2008-12-21 Yves Ortonadd a comment about git clean to the perlrepository.pod
2008-12-20 Nicholas ClarkNote how to set user name and e-mail address.
2008-12-20 Rafael Garcia-SuarezVarious corrections and formatting nits to perlreposito...
2008-12-20 Yves Ortontrim trailing spaces
2008-12-20 Yves Ortonexplain more stuff about status
2008-12-20 Yves Ortonexplain git status and stuff about remotes
2008-12-20 Yves Ortonuse checkout -b and not the more verbose two step process
2008-12-20 Jody BelkaImprove perlrepository.pod to explain how to checkout...
2008-12-20 AbigailFrom Paul Fenwick <>; Instructio...
2008-12-20 Matt KraaiDo not use a dash between git and its subcommand
2008-12-19 Leon Brocardafter applying, committers should push
2008-12-19 Leon BrocardAdd a section on applying a patch
2008-12-19 Leon BrocardIn the patch section, show how to work on a temporary...
2008-12-19 Leon BrocardAdd a section on how to submit a patch
2008-12-19 Leon BrocardMention that cloning over HTTP is slow
2008-12-19 Leon BrocardShow how to switch between branches
2008-12-19 Leon Brocardmerge in changes
2008-12-19 Leon BrocardChange perl.git to perl-git to not confuse people ...
2008-12-19 Yves Ortonfix thinko
2008-12-19 Yves Ortonexplain how to switch a git from git:// protocol to...
2008-12-19 Leon Brocardadd a minimal pod/perlrepository.pod