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perldelta: remove placeholders for module changes
[perl5.git] / pod / perldelta.pod
2013-05-10 Ricardo Signesperldelta: remove placeholders for module changes
2013-05-10 Ricardo Signesperldelta: acknowledgements
2013-05-09 Ricardo Signesperldelta: remove some placeholders
2013-05-09 Ricardo Signesperldelta: "single character" is clearer than "length...
2013-05-09 Ricardo Signesperldelta: update how we talk about COW
2013-05-09 Ricardo Signesperldelta: use v5.x rather than 5.x
2013-05-09 Ricardo Signesperldelta: we suspect no known problems..?
2013-05-09 Ricardo Signesperldelta: typo fix
2013-05-09 Ricardo Signesperldelta: use UTF-8 when we mean UTF-8
2013-05-09 Ricardo Signesperldelta: warn of more platform deprecation
2013-05-09 Ricardo Signesperldelta: correct "new hash function" entry
2013-05-09 Ricardo Signesperldelta: hash ordering may differ, may not
2013-05-09 David Goldenrevise hash overhaul docs
2013-05-09 Ricardo Signesperldelta: drop a reference to a change internal to...
2013-05-09 Ricardo Signesperldelta: remove an inscrutable note, clean up another
2013-05-09 Craig A. BerryMinor touch-ups to VMS section of perldelta.
2013-05-08 Karen Etheridgespelling, punct fixes for perldelta
2013-05-08 Leon TimmermansOfficially deprecate stdio/sfio builds of perl
2013-05-08 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Typos, grammar
2013-05-08 Karl WilliamsonChange some perldelta text
2013-05-08 Karl WilliamsonUse 'was' not 'is' to describe fixed regressions
2013-05-08 Ricardo Signesperldelta: mention non-blocking sockets on VMS
2013-05-08 Ricardo Signesperldelta: mention PERL_NO_INLINE_FUNCTIONS in delta
2013-05-08 Ricardo Signesperldelta: use Pod, not asterisks, for emphasis
2013-05-08 Ricardo Signesperldelta: document PERL_PERTURB_KEYS
2013-05-07 Karl Williamsonpod/perldelta: Add in some deprecations; fix a typo
2013-05-07 Ricardo Signesput the perldelta we had been working on in place
2013-04-20 Ricardo Signesperldelta: ExtUtils::MakeMaker update v5.17.11
2013-04-20 Ricardo Signesperldelta: module updates for 5.17.11
2013-04-20 Ricardo Signesacknowledgements in perldelta
2013-04-19 Ricardo Signesperldelta: significant typo!
2013-04-19 Ricardo Signesperldelta: update most of the delta for 5.17.11
2013-04-19 Tony Cookperldelta for 92fd341d6
2013-03-27 Brian Fraserperldelta for the new warnings
2013-03-22 Max MaischeinNew perldelta
2013-03-21 Max MaischeinRemove empty POD sections, fix link in pod v5.17.10
2013-03-21 Max MaischeinUpdate corelist for 5.17.10
2013-03-21 Max MaischeinUpdate perldelta for 5.17.10
2013-03-21 Nicholas ClarkAdd a deprecation warning for all uses of @*, %*, ...
2013-03-21 Nicholas ClarkChange the warning for $* to add ", and will become...
2013-03-21 Nicholas ClarkGenerate the deprecation warnings for all uses $* or $#.
2013-03-20 David Goldenupdate Perl::OSType from 1.002 to 1.003
2013-03-19 Ricardo Signesperldelta for debugger changes
2013-03-06 Brian FraserRestrict the valid identifier syntax, fix some identifi...
2013-03-06 Brian FraserFix several differences in the parsing of $.. and ...
2013-03-06 Steffen MuellerPL_sv_objcount deprecation notice
2013-03-03 H.Merijn Brandfixed minor typo in delta
2013-03-02 David MitchellDisable by default the new Copy-on-Write for 5.18
2013-03-01 David Mitchellrevert: Benchmark iteration warnings should warn
2013-02-28 Karl Williamson\N is no longer experimental
2013-02-20 Chris 'BinGOs' Wil... New perldelta template for v5.17.10
2013-02-20 Chris 'BinGOs' Wil... Finalise perldelta with updated module information v5.17.9
2013-02-20 Chris 'BinGOs' Wil... Updated ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS in perldelta
2013-02-20 Ricardo Signesput an experimental warning on lexical topic
2013-02-20 Chris 'BinGOs' Wil... Remove more perldelta boilerplate
2013-02-20 Rafael Garcia-SuarezPerldelta note for undeprecating my $_
2013-02-20 Chris 'BinGOs' Wil... Remove boilerplate from perldelta
2013-02-19 Karl Williamsonperldelta for #116322 and #112244
2013-02-18 Chris 'BinGOs' Wil... Document d8a821fe in perldelta
2013-02-18 Chris 'BinGOs' Wil... Document 721fe537 in perldelta
2013-02-18 Chris 'BinGOs' Wil... Document 0f87678 in perldelta
2013-02-18 Chris 'BinGOs' Wil... Document encoding deprecation in perldelta
2013-02-17 Kent Fredricmg.c : revert ENV{x} = undef behaviour to be empty...
2013-02-16 Craig A. Berryperldelta for 012528a99df1906d6fe.
2013-02-16 Chris 'BinGOs' Wil... Updates to perldelta
2013-02-16 Chris 'BinGOs' Wil... Document in perldelta, new diag and Configure option.
2013-02-12 James E KeenanAdd entry for update to Data::Dumper.
2013-02-10 Chris 'BinGOs' Wil... Mention inclusion of both META files, in perldelta
2013-02-09 Chris 'BinGOs' Wil... Document corelist change in perldelta
2013-02-08 Karl WilliamsonAdd av_tindex() synonym for av_top_index()
2013-02-08 David GoldenUpdated File::Temp from 0.22 to 0.22_90
2013-02-06 David GoldenBenchmark iteration warnings should warn, not print
2013-02-04 Karl Williamsonperldelta.pod: Fix misstatement
2013-02-04 Karl WilliamsonAdd interpolations to regex sets
2013-01-30 Chris 'BinGOs' Wil... Add Config::Perl::V coring to perldelta
2013-01-27 Chris 'BinGOs' Wil... Fix podcheck errors in perldelta
2013-01-27 Chris 'BinGOs' Wil... Document module and utility deprecations in perldelta
2013-01-26 Tony Cookperldelta for f0af002c73 (-DPERL_GLOBAL_STRUCT)
2013-01-25 Tony Cookperldelta for a951350815 (PerlIO-scalar)
2013-01-24 Karl WilliamsonAdd deprecation warning for literal PATWS under /x
2013-01-20 Aaron CraneMake a new perldelta for 5.17.9-to-be
2013-01-20 Aaron CraneUpdate Module::CoreList for 5.17.8
2013-01-20 Aaron CraneLast-minute "known issue" in perldelta
2013-01-20 Aaron CraneUpdate perldelta for 5.17.8
2013-01-20 Karl WilliamsonAdd av_top() synonym for av_len()
2013-01-20 Karl WilliamsonDeprecate certain rare uses of backslashes within regexes
2013-01-16 Nicholas ClarkRemove the Rhapsody port.
2013-01-14 Karl WilliamsonAdd warnings for "\08", /\017/
2013-01-13 Ricardo Signesperldelta for #61362, croak on `perl directory`
2013-01-11 Karl WilliamsonNew regex experimental feature: (?[ ])
2013-01-03 Steve HayAdd support for building with VC++ 2012
2012-12-22 Karl WilliamsonDeprecate all is_(uni|utf8)_foo function uses
2012-12-20 Daniel Dragana better perldelta for d1bee06989
2012-12-19 Tony Cookperldelta for d1bee06989
2012-12-18 Dave RolskyMake a new perldelta for 5.17.8-to-be
2012-12-18 Dave RolskyAdd known t/op/require_errors.t failure to known problems v5.17.7
2012-12-18 Dave RolskyUpdate Module::CoreList for 5.17.7
2012-12-18 Dave RolskyThe 23b7025ebc commit is sufficiently documented in...
2012-12-18 Dave RolskyBetter description of hash assignment bug fixes
2012-12-18 Dave RolskyClarify hash assignment bug fix in list context