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No need to use locale_r with thread-safe locales
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2020-07-30 Karl WilliamsonNo need to use locale_r with thread-safe locales
2020-03-19 Karl Williamsonregen/ Add comment
2020-03-19 Karl Williamsonregen/ Rearrange ternary expression
2020-03-19 Karl Williamsonreentr.[ch]: Add gmtime_r, localtime_r
2020-03-19 Karl Williamsonreentr.h: Add way to see if reentrant used
2020-03-19 Karl Williamsonreentr.h: Add clarifying comment
2020-03-19 Karl Williamsonreentr.[ch]: White-space only
2020-03-18 Karl Williamsonreentr.c: revise handling of several wrapped fcns
2020-03-18 Karl Williamsonreentr.c: Handle getspnam()
2020-03-18 Karl Williamsonreentr.c: Use keywords, not ops
2020-03-15 Karl Williamsonreentr.[ch]: White-space only
2020-03-15 Karl Williamsonregen/ Add some comments
2020-01-14 Karl Williamsonregen/ Use Configure'd types
2017-12-14 Karl WilliamsonAdd PERL_REENTRANT for XS modules
2017-10-21 Aaron Craneregen/ simplify cpp conditionals
2017-06-02 Karl WilliamsonUse new paradigm for hdr file double inclusion guard
2017-06-01 H.Merijn BrandDisable readdir_r and readdir64_r on glibc >= 2.24
2017-03-15 Hugo van der Sandenreentr: update size after Renew
2016-12-23 John LightseySwitch most open() calls to three-argument form.
2016-11-11 H.Merijn BrandPatch unit tests to explicitly insert "." into @INC...
2015-06-24 Jarkko HietaniemiMake the LoTR quote of reentr.c formatted more like...
2014-06-24 Jarkko HietaniemiUnused contexts found under PERL_GLOBAL_STRUCT.
2014-01-26 Brian Fraserreentr.c: Handle systems without getpwent
2013-09-13 Tony Cook[perl #115928] we don't use drand48_r or random_r any...
2013-05-22 David Steinbrunnertypo fixes for regen scripts
2012-11-09 Daniel Draganremove various redundant dTHXes
2011-05-19 Nicholas ClarkCreate open_print_header() to avoid duplicate parameter...
2011-05-19 Nicholas ClarkAdd a 'quote' argument to read_only_top(), to pass...
2011-05-19 Nicholas ClarkAdd an optional third argument to open_new(), to invoke...
2011-05-19 Nicholas ClarkRename safer_open() to open_new(), and eliminate the...
2011-01-23 Nicholas ClarkIn regen scripts, print to explicit file handles instea...
2011-01-23 Nicholas ClarkChange close_and_rename() to read_only_bottom_close_and...
2011-01-23 Nicholas ClarkIn regen/*.pl, refactor the repeated code for close...
2011-01-23 Nicholas ClarkIn, when opening, first unlink a previous...
2011-01-23 Nicholas ClarkMove all the generated file header printing into read_o...
2010-10-14 Father -> regen/
2010-10-10 Steffen MuellerMove regen scripts to regen/