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Porting/ protect against data loss
[perl5.git] / Porting /
2016-06-15 Jim CromiePorting/ protect against data loss
2016-06-15 Jim Cromieprep grind-run to accept args from PUTs
2016-06-15 Jim CromiePorting/ --verbose assist on tests failure
2016-04-28 Jim Cromietrivial s/or/of/ doc patch
2016-01-04 David MitchellPorting/ add --compact option
2016-01-04 David MitchellPorting/ preserve test order
2015-02-13 David fix doc --sort thinko
2014-12-02 Father Load IO::File explicitly
2014-12-02 Father Correct optional = in pod synopsis
2014-12-01 David MitchellPorting/ handle perl select with --write
2014-12-01 David improve single-field formatting
2014-11-30 Father ChrysostomosWrap long verbatim pod lines in
2014-11-29 David Mitchelladd Porting/