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2011-08-21 Steffen MuellerNew XS keyword: EXPORT_XSUB_SYMBOLS
2011-07-12 Steffen MuellerLose $Fallback global
2011-07-12 Steffen MuellerLose the $Overload global
2011-07-12 Steffen MuellerRemove superfluous global "$errors"
2011-07-12 Steffen MuellerMake $FH no longer a global
2011-07-12 Steffen MuellerReduce code duplication by using the same prototype...
2011-07-12 Steffen MuellerRename some ExtUtils::ParseXS 'constants'
2011-07-12 Steffen MuellerReapply the patch that tought EU::ParseXS about _ protos
2011-07-12 James E. KeenanMove list of XS keywords to
2011-07-12 James E. KeenanChange ValidProtoString() to valid_proto_string()
2011-07-12 James E. KeenanRevise some of the placements into EU::PXS::Constants.