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Remove unused USING_WIDE code from win32 and wince branches
[perl5.git] / win32 / ext / Win32 /
2005-11-08 Jan DuboisRemove unused USING_WIDE code from win32 and wince...
2005-10-10 Gisle AasWin32::GetShortPathName() does not always return a...
2005-08-23 Jan DuboisAdd Windows Vista support to Win32::GetOSName()
2005-05-16 Nicholas ClarkBump the version number on Win32::Win32
2005-05-12 Steve HayRemove a couple of unreferenced local variables
2005-05-12 Jan DuboisAdd Win32::GetFileVersion() function
2004-03-19 Nicholas Clark[PATCH] Move from libwin32 module...