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Script Run: Scripts couldn't start with Common
[perl5.git] / regexec.c
2018-01-04 Karl WilliamsonScript Run: Scripts couldn't start with Common
2018-01-04 Karl WilliamsonMake script run code a separate function
2018-01-01 Karl Williamsonregexec.c: Change declaration to U8
2017-12-30 Karl Williamsonregexec.c: Replace loop by memchr()
2017-12-30 Karl WilliamsonUse new regnodes for /[[:ascii:]]/
2017-12-30 Karl WilliamsonSpeed up /[[:posix:]]/a UTF-8 matching
2017-12-30 Karl Williamsonregexec.c: White-space, braces only
2017-12-30 Karl Williamsonregexec.c: Save a conditional per iteration
2017-12-25 Karl WilliamsonAdd script_run regex feature
2017-12-14 David MitchellRevert "re_intuit_start(): rename some local vars"
2017-12-13 David Mitchellre_intuit_start()/S_reghop3(): don't go beyond end
2017-12-13 David Mitchellre_intuit_start(): rename some local vars
2017-12-03 David Mitchellre_intuit_start(): skip too short variant utf8 pat
2017-10-27 Karl WilliamsonChange upper limit handling of -Dr output
2017-07-27 David Mitchellmake callers of SvTRUE() more efficient
2017-07-27 David Mitchelladd, and use, some RXp_FOO() variants of RX_FOO()
2017-07-27 David Mitchellrename RX_HAS_CUTGROUP() to RXp_HAS_CUTGROUP()
2017-06-21 Karl WilliamsonPrepare for Unicode 10.0
2017-06-16 David Mitchelldon't call Perl_fbm_instr() with negative length
2017-06-03 James E KeenanPatch suggested by Craig Berry for RT 131337.
2017-06-01 Yves OrtonFix #131190 - UTF8 code improperly casting negative...
2017-04-28 Yves OrtonRevert RT #131190 patches.
2017-04-23 Yves Ortonmake fix for #131190 EBCDIC safe
2017-04-23 Yves OrtonFix #131190 - UTF8 code improperly casting negative...
2017-02-15 Karl Williamsonregexec.c: Fix comment typos
2017-02-14 David MitchellS_regmatch: eliminate WHILEM_A_min paren saving
2017-02-14 David MitchellS_regmatch: eliminate WHILEM_B paren saving
2017-02-14 David MitchellAdd a comment on why TRIE.jump does a UNWIND_PAREN
2017-02-14 David Mitchellclear savestack on (?{...}) failure and backtrack
2017-02-14 David Mitchell-Mre=Debug,ALL: indicate regex state stack pushes
2017-02-14 David Mitchellfix pad/scope issue in re_evals
2017-02-11 Karl WilliamsonChange av_foo_nomg() name
2017-01-26 Karl Williamsonregexec.c: Clarify comment
2017-01-19 Hugo van der Sanden[perl #129377] don't read past start of string for...
2017-01-11 Hugo van der Sanden[perl #130522] don't try to find_by_class outside the...
2017-01-11 Hugo van der Sanden[perl #130522] do not allow endpos to exceed strend
2017-01-06 Andy LesterRemoved unused CHR_DIST macros
2016-12-29 Craig A. BerryDon't define Perl_isFOO_lc in the regex extension.
2016-12-24 Karl WilliamsonDeprecate non-grapheme string delimiter
2016-12-24 Karl WilliamsonConvert core to use toFOO_utf8_safe()
2016-12-24 Karl WilliamsonConvert some calls to test for malformations
2016-12-24 Karl WilliamsonFor character case changing, create macros and use
2016-12-23 Karl Williamsonregexec.c: Make isFOO_lc() non-static
2016-12-23 Karl WilliamsonConvert core (except toke.c) to use isFOO_utf8_safe()
2016-12-23 Karl WilliamsonUse fnc to force out malformed warnings
2016-12-16 David Mitchellregexes: make scanning for ANYOF faster
2016-12-12 Hugo van der Sanden[perl #130307] Correctly unwind on cache hit
2016-12-11 Karl Williamsonregexec.c: Remove obsolete expression
2016-12-11 Karl Williamsonregexec.c: Remove use of obsolete flag
2016-11-18 Karl WilliamsonChange white space to avoid C++ deprecation warning
2016-11-15 Nicolas RCleanup PERL_VERSION checks in .c files
2016-11-01 Yves Ortonrework perl #129903 - inf recursion from use of empty...
2016-10-31 Tony Cook(perl #129085) avoid memcmp() past the end of a string
2016-10-19 Yves Ortonmake regen and args assert fix
2016-10-19 Yves OrtonAdd a way to have functions with a trailing depth argum...
2016-10-19 Yves Ortonmark depth unused except under DEBUGGING
2016-10-19 Yves OrtonPerlIO_printf() does not take aTHX_ as an argument
2016-10-19 Yves Ortonregexec.c: add comment and add a test
2016-10-19 Yves Ortonregexec.c: fixup annoying unbalanced whitespace
2016-10-19 Yves Ortonregexec.c: in debug fixup indents and TRIE/BUFFER debug...
2016-10-19 Yves Ortonregexec.c: fix perl #129897: trie short circuit breaks...
2016-10-04 Hugo van der Sanden[perl #129350] anchored/floating substrings must be...
2016-08-29 Karl WilliamsonPATCH: [perl #129038] Crash with s///l
2016-08-24 David Mitchellre_untuit_start() avoid overshoot with utf8
2016-08-17 Karl Williamsonregexec.c: White-space only
2016-07-13 Karl Williamsonregexec.c: Silence compiler warning
2016-06-22 Karl WilliamsonPrepare for Unicode 9.0
2016-06-22 Karl Williamsonregexec.c: Add a const to a function parameter
2016-06-20 Karl Williamsonregexes, Slight refactor, but mostly fix comments,
2016-05-09 Yves OrtonCall PERL_ASYNC_CHECK when we backtrack in the regex...
2016-04-04 David MitchellFollow-up to previous Solaris/S_regmatch commit
2016-04-04 David MitchellS_regmatch(): work around Solaris optimiser bug
2016-04-03 Yves Ortonrestore incorrectly deleted note
2016-03-28 David Mitchellre_exec_indentf,re_indentf: silence warnings
2016-03-14 Yves Ortonfix "bad match" issue reported in perl #127705
2016-03-14 Yves Ortonfix perl #127705, incorrect restoration of state during...
2016-03-14 Yves Ortonfixup broken diagnostic
2016-03-14 David MitchellHOPBACKc(pos, off): silence compiler warning
2016-03-14 Tony Cookonly call Perl_re_printf() under -DDEBUGGING
2016-03-13 Yves Ortononce more for the win
2016-03-13 Yves Ortonfixup definitions and usage of new re debugging subs
2016-03-13 Yves Orton[perl #126182] rework pattern GOSUB infinite recursion...
2016-03-13 Yves OrtonRework diagnostics in the regex engine
2016-03-08 Karl WilliamsonConvert to use av_tindex_nomg()
2016-03-06 Yves Ortonfix Perl #126182, out of memory due to infinite pattern...
2016-03-06 Yves OrtonUnify GOSTART and GOSUB
2016-03-06 Yves Ortonfirst step cleaning up regexp recursion "return" logic
2016-03-02 David MitchellS_regmatch(): remove dead code
2016-03-02 David Mitchellremove some duplicate /* NOTREACHED */
2016-03-01 Karl Williamsonregexec.c: Fix failure to match problem
2016-02-11 Karl Williamsonregexec.c: Skip duplicate work
2016-02-11 Karl Williamsonregcomp.c, regexec.c: Comments, white-space only
2016-02-07 Jarkko HietaniemiCheck for invlist_search() returning negative array...
2016-02-03 Karl Williamsonregexec.c: Refactor \b{sb} handling
2016-02-03 Karl Williamsonregexec.c: Fix comment, white-space
2016-02-03 Karl WilliamsonUse table lookup for qr/\b{wb}/
2016-02-03 David Mitchellmake gimme consistently U8
2016-02-03 David MitchellMULTICALL *shouldn't* clear savestack
2016-02-03 David MitchelldMULTICALL: remove unused vars
2016-02-03 David MitchellMULTICALL should clear scope after each call