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Revert "av_create_and_push/unshift_one: faster create via newAV_alloc_xz"
[perl5.git] / av.c
2021-07-31 Karl WilliamsonRevert "av_create_and_push/unshift_one: faster create...
2021-07-31 Richard Leachav_create_and_push/unshift_one: faster create via newAV...
2021-07-06 Richard Leachav_new_alloc: revise description of size parameter
2021-05-26 Richard LeachAdd Perl_av_new_alloc() function and newAV_alloc_x...
2021-04-06 Hugo van der SandenAdd reference to av_extend_guts zeroing discussion
2021-04-05 Richard Leachav_extend_guts: set correct ary_offset when unshifting...
2021-01-17 Michael G. Schwernstyle: Detabify indentation of the C code maintained...
2020-11-20 Tom HukinsFix documentation grammar
2020-11-06 Karl Specify scn for single-purpose files
2020-11-04 Richard Leachav_make: remove unnecessary AvFILLp assignment
2020-10-04 Richard LeachPerl_av_extend_guts: use Zero() rather than a while...
2020-10-04 Richard LeachPerl_av_extend_guts: tabs converted to spaces; unnecess...
2020-09-29 Karl WilliamsonRemove Perl_av_top_index
2020-09-14 Karl WilliamsonDocument AvFILLp; clarify related entries
2020-09-04 Karl WilliamsonReorganize perlapi
2020-08-19 Karl WilliamsonAdd av_count()
2020-01-31 Yves Ortonpp_sort.c: fix fencepost error in call to av_extend()
2020-01-02 Karl WilliamsonRevert "Add some defensive coding to av_store()"
2019-06-27 Karl WilliamsonAdd some defensive coding to av_store()
2018-03-07 Daniel Draganrmv/de-dup static const char array "strings"
2018-02-19 Father Chrysostomos‘Nonelems’ for pushing sparse array on the stack
2017-11-11 Zeframstore AV iterator as mg_len in more cases
2017-06-01 Yves Ortonav.c: silence compiler warning
2016-11-18 Karl WilliamsonChange white space to avoid C++ deprecation warning
2016-10-26 David Mitchellspeed up AV and HV clearing/undeffing
2016-09-27 David Mitchellfixup some AV API pod descriptions.
2016-09-08 David MitchellRevert "tmp fix for Bleadperl breaks Variable-Magic"
2016-08-24 David Mitchelltmp fix for Bleadperl breaks Variable-Magic
2016-08-19 David Mitchellav_fetch(): remove check for freed SV
2016-08-17 David Mitchellav_fetch(): use less branches.
2016-08-17 David Mitchellav_fetch(): sprinkle UNLIKELY()
2016-08-17 David Mitchellav_fetch(): optimise the negative index branch.
2016-08-17 David Mitchellav_fetch(): use AvFILLp rather than AvFILL
2016-08-17 David Mitchellav_fetch(): remove redundant condition
2016-03-07 Karl Williamsonperlapi: Slight clarification
2015-10-20 David MitchellImprove pod for [ah]v_(clear|undef)
2015-10-02 David Mitchellmake EXTEND() and stack_grow() safe(r)
2015-09-04 Karl Williamsonperlapi: Add some S<>
2015-09-04 Karl WilliamsonVarious pods: Add C<> around many typed-as-is things
2015-03-23 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Replace common Emacs file-local variables with dir...
2014-12-31 David Mitchellavoid integer overflow in Perl_av_extend_guts()
2014-12-17 David MitchellRemove duplicate apidoc entries
2014-08-06 Rafael Garcia-SuarezDocumentation typo fix
2014-06-25 Jarkko HietaniemiRemove or downgrade unnecessary dVAR.
2014-06-01 Karl WilliamsonPATCH: [perl #120386]: av_len documentation
2014-05-28 Daniel Draganrefactor av_delete
2013-12-29 Father Chrysostomosperlapi: Consistent spaces after dots
2013-11-23 Father ChrysostomosExtend STRESS_REALLOC to move the stack with every...
2013-11-15 Daniel Dragan[perl #120544] fix "goto" around var init error in...
2013-11-04 Father Chrysostomossub NEGATIVE_INDICES; + $tied[-1] = crash
2013-08-25 Father ChrysostomosUse SSize_t for arrays
2013-08-25 Father ChrysostomosUse SSize_t when extending the stack
2013-08-21 Father Chrysostomos[perl #7508] Use NULL for nonexistent array elems
2013-07-20 Steffen MuellerClarify av_shift API docs
2013-06-30 Ruslan Zakirovchange magic_methcall to use SV with shared hash value
2013-02-22 Nicholas ClarkAbolish STRANGE_MALLOC. Now all malloc()s are considere...
2013-02-08 Karl WilliamsonAdd av_tindex() synonym for av_top_index()
2013-02-08 Karl WilliamsonInline av_top_index()
2013-02-08 Karl WilliamsonChange name 'av_top' to 'av_top_index'
2013-01-25 Karl WilliamsonFix various minor pod issues
2013-01-20 Karl WilliamsonAdd av_top() synonym for av_len()
2013-01-12 Karl Williamsonperlapi: Clarify av_pop
2012-11-25 Karl WilliamsonRemove "register" declarations
2012-11-23 bulk88 (via RT)av_exists: dont make a mortal never to use it
2012-11-12 Daniel Draganrmv context from Perl_croak_no_modify and Perl_croak_xs...
2012-10-28 Father ChrysostomosDon’t crash with $tied[-1] when array is tied to non-obj
2012-10-28 Father ChrysostomosDon’t skip tied EXISTS for negative array indices
2012-10-26 Father Chrysostomos[perl #115440] Fix various leaks with fatal FETCH
2012-08-21 Father ChrysostomosStop padlists from being AVs
2012-08-18 Karl WilliamsonOmnibus removal of register declarations
2012-07-15 Chip SalzenbergMagic flags harmonization.
2012-05-30 Ricardo Signesupdate the editor hints for spaces, not tabs
2012-02-27 David Mitchellav_fetch: de-duplicate small bit of code
2012-01-10 Father ChrysostomosDocument that [ah]v_undef/clear may free the [ah]v
2012-01-10 Father ChrysostomosBetter fix for perl #107440
2012-01-08 Father ChrysostomosSimplify magic logic in av.c:av_store
2012-01-07 Father Chrysostomos[perl #85670] Copy magic to ary elems properly
2011-12-27 Father Chrysostomosav.c: Consistent use of spaces after dots in apidocs
2011-07-19 Shlomi Fishperlapi.pod Enhancements
2011-07-16 Father Chrysostomosav.c: Add blank line before =cut
2011-01-29 Karl Williamsonperlapi: Clarify statement about av_push()
2011-01-03 Peter Martini[perl #45147] Issue with the exists function
2010-10-15 Chip SalzenbergDocument that av_delete and hv_delete make their return...
2010-09-08 Nicholas ClarkRemove offer_nice_chunk(), PL_nice_chunk and PL_nice_ch...
2010-06-27 Nicholas ClarkAdd Perl_croak_no_modify() to implement Perl_croak...
2010-06-04 David Mitchellrename DM_ARRAY flag to DM_ARRAY_ISA
2010-05-25 Shlomi FishAdd the perl equivalent for av_make.
2010-05-25 Shlomi FishAdd the Perl equivalent for av_len.
2010-05-25 Shlomi FishAdd a missing comma in the av_fill() docs.
2010-05-25 Shlomi FishClarify the av_fetch() documentation.
2010-05-25 Shlomi FishAdd Perl equivalent for av_exists().
2010-05-25 Shlomi FishAdd a Perl equivalent to av_delete().
2010-05-25 Shlomi FishAdd the Perl equivalent example to av_clear.
2010-04-26 Nicholas ClarkConvert Perl_magic_methcall() to varargs.
2010-04-26 Nicholas ClarkFor Perl_magic_methcall() add G_UNDEF_FILL to fill...
2010-04-24 David Mitchelladd Perl_magic_methcall
2010-04-21 David Mitchellfollow up fix for fd69380d5d5b95ef16e2521cf4251b34ee0ce151
2010-04-15 David Mitchelluse cBOOL for bool casts
2009-11-02 Bo Borgerson[PATCH] [perl #20321] Non-destructive Perl_av_make
2009-10-12 Nicholas ClarkAdd Perl_ck_warner_d(), which combines Perl_ckwarn_d...