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Create new perldelta for 5.21.12 (although it's unlikely to happen)
[perl5.git] / Makefile.SH
2015-04-20 Steve HayCreate new perldelta for 5.21.12 (although it's unlikel...
2015-03-20 Steve HayCreate new perldelta for 5.21.11 (if that happens)
2015-03-19 Karl WilliamsonChange name of mro.c
2015-03-11 Ricardo Signesmove back to a stable Test-Simple, v1.001014
2015-02-21 Steve HayUpgrade CPAN from version 2.05 to 2.09-TRIAL
2015-02-21 Sawyer Xnew delta for 5.21.10
2015-01-22 Mathieu ArnoldFix target for MANISORT_SRT and use perl just built
2015-01-20 Matthew HorsfallVersion bump + new perldelta
2015-01-20 Matthew HorsfallClean up under distclean
2014-12-25 Yves Ortonautomatically sort the MANIFEST if necessary
2014-12-21 Max MaischeinCreate new perldelta
2014-11-21 Chris 'BinGOs' Wil... New perldelta for v5.21.7
2014-11-13 Tony Cook[perl #123163] use the original link order unless on...
2014-11-11 Chad GranumRevert "Update Test-Simple to CPAN version 1.001009"
2014-11-10 Chris 'BinGOs' Wil... Update ExtUtils-MakeMaker to CPAN version 7.02
2014-11-07 Chris 'BinGOs' Wil... Update Test-Simple to CPAN version 1.001009
2014-11-05 Tony Cookchange 'make clean' to be equivalent to 'make realclean'
2014-11-02 Yaroslav KuzminMakefile.SH: Fix so works in EBCDIC
2014-10-26 David Mitchelladd t/perf/, t/perf/opcount.t
2014-10-26 Chad GranumImport Test-More 1.301001 alpha 63
2014-10-24 Father ChrysostomosRevert "Update ExtUtils-MakeMaker to CPAN version 7.00"
2014-10-24 Chris 'BinGOs' Wil... Update ExtUtils-MakeMaker to CPAN version 7.00
2014-10-20 AbigailNew perldelta for 5.14.6
2014-09-29 Chris 'BinGOs' Wil... Regen Makefile.SH for CPAN-Meta update
2014-09-20 Steve HayCreate new perldelta for 5.21.5
2014-09-10 David Mitchellfix 'make' header dependency generation
2014-09-06 Jarkko HietaniemiThe .i target should depend at least on perl.h and...
2014-09-03 Chris 'BinGOs' Wil... Update Scalar-List-Utils to CPAN version 1.40
2014-08-21 Peter MartiniNew perldelta.
2014-08-20 Peter MartiniRevert Test::Builder changes in prep for 5.21.3
2014-08-19 Brian FraserWhen cross-compiling, copy cpan/Module-Metadata/
2014-08-19 Chad GranumUpdate blead to Test::Builder alpha 40
2014-08-16 Chad GranumUpdate to include latest Test::Builder alpha
2014-07-25 Brian FraserMakefile.SH: Add missing files for make test on cross...
2014-07-25 Brian FraserMakefile.SH: Fix cross builds with -Uhostgenerate
2014-07-20 AbigailNew perldelta.
2014-07-02 Tony Cookallow the build to specify verbose
2014-07-02 Reini UrbanSupport faster make -s
2014-07-01 Peter MartiniIf building with DTrace, the dtrace header is required.
2014-06-20 Matthew Horsfall... Add new perldelta for 5.21.2
2014-06-13 Jarkko HietaniemiRemove MAD.
2014-06-02 Andy DoughertyRemove undefined Makefile.SH 'translators' target for...
2014-05-29 Brian FraserMakefile.SH: Module::Build is no longer there, stop...
2014-05-29 Leon TimmermansRemove x2p
2014-05-29 Doug BellStandardize spelling of program name on American English.
2014-05-28 Matthew Horsfall... [perl #121431] Add support for test.valgrind parallel...
2014-05-28 David Mitchellregen Makefile.SH
2014-05-27 Ricardo Signesadd new perldelta for 5.21.1
2014-05-27 Ricardo Signesremove Package-Constants from core perl distribution
2014-05-27 Ricardo Signesremove Module-Build from core perl distribution
2014-05-27 Ricardo Signesremove from core perl distribution
2014-05-27 Ricardo Signesnew perldelta
2014-05-14 Gisle AasFix broken Makefile on Solaris 10.
2014-05-13 Ricardo Signesbump version to 5.20.0, install 5.20 perldelta
2014-04-20 Steve HayCreate new perldelta for 5.19.12 (not that it's expecte...
2014-03-26 Karl WilliamsonRevert "Add support for test.valgrind parallel testing"
2014-03-20 Aaron CraneNew perldelta for 5.19.11
2014-03-18 Matthew Horsfall... Add support for test.valgrind parallel testing
2014-02-20 Tony Cooknew perldelta for 5.19.10
2014-01-30 Brian FraserConfigure: Added a targetenv variable
2014-01-25 Brian FraserMakefile.SH, make test: Copy when cross-compiling
2014-01-22 Brian FraserConfigure, Makefile.SH: Allow running generate_uudmap...
2014-01-22 Brian FraserMakefile.SH: Remove remnants of the old cross-compilati...
2014-01-22 Jess RobinsonMake sure to remove the Cross/mkdir script on *clean
2014-01-22 Brian FraserMakefile.SH: on make test_prep, add $target/lib:$target...
2014-01-22 Jess RobinsonMakefile.SH: 'make test' for cross-compilation builds.
2014-01-22 Jess RobinsonMakefile.SH: When cross-compiling, copy the files neede...
2014-01-22 Jess RobinsonUse HOST_PERL instead of built perl for perl installation
2014-01-22 Jess RobinsonUse the system perl for RUN_PERL, if we are cross compi...
2014-01-22 Brian FraserMakefile.SH: Updated the lib/ rule...
2014-01-22 Jess RobinsonRun all the miniperl calls locally, not via RUN
2014-01-22 Jess RobinsonBuild host miniperl and generate_uudmap binaries when...
2014-01-22 Jess RobinsonStop using $run for anything other than testing compile...
2014-01-20 Ricardo Signescreate new perldelta for 5.19.9
2013-12-25 David Mitchelldo cflags on stdout, not stderr
2013-12-20 AbigailGenerate new perldelta
2013-11-20 Chris 'BinGOs' Wil... New perldelta for v5.19.7
2013-11-04 Peter MartiniMove the function to set $^X to its own file
2013-10-20 Steve HayCreate new perldelta for Perl 5.19.6
2013-10-19 Steve HayMove B-Deparse from dist/ to lib/ since it is non-dual...
2013-09-20 Steve HayAdd new perldelta for 5.19.5
2013-08-22 Marco PeereboomAdd support for Bitrig BSD
2013-08-20 Steve HayCreate new perldelta for 5.19.4
2013-07-30 Nicholas ClarkNo need to prefix $(LDLIBPTH) when running $(CC) to...
2013-07-24 Nicholas ClarkGenerate the lib/ cleanup rules in Makefile.SH automati...
2013-07-24 Nicholas ClarkRe-order clean-up rules to give a line for regen/lib_cl...
2013-07-24 Nicholas ClarkDelete obsolete clean rules from Makefile.SH
2013-07-22 Aristotle Pagaltziscreate fresh perldelta
2013-07-16 Nicholas ClarkMove version from lib/ to cpan/
2013-07-13 Nicholas ClarkDon't call CPAN to install any "extra" modules for...
2013-07-13 Nicholas ClarkInline the Makefile rule for extra.install into all...
2013-07-13 Nicholas ClarkRefactor Makefile.SH to generate the install-* targets...
2013-07-13 Nicholas ClarkIn Makefile.SH, use the long names for options passed...
2013-07-13 Nicholas ClarkRefactor the Makefile so that the install target depend...
2013-07-12 Nicholas ClarkInline the Makefile target perl.valgrind.config into...
2013-07-12 Nicholas ClarkEliminate the Makefile targets test_notty.valgrind...
2013-07-09 Nicholas ClarkChange the *nix and VMS Makefiles to to pass a filename...
2013-07-07 Nicholas ClarkMove generation of ExtUtils::Miniperl to ext/ExtUtils...
2013-07-07 Nicholas ClarkGenerate utils/Makefile from utils/Makefile.PL, and...
2013-07-07 Nicholas ClarkReplace utils/Makefile.SH with utils/Makefile.PL