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Add overload types for string-specifc bitops
[perl5.git] / overload.h
2015-02-01 Father ChrysostomosAdd overload types for string-specifc bitops
2012-11-17 Father Chrysostomos[perl #114864] Don’t use amt for DESTROY
2011-01-23 Nicholas ClarkChange close_and_rename() to read_only_bottom_close_and...
2011-01-23 Nicholas ClarkMove all the generated file header printing into read_o...
2011-01-14 David Mitchelladd enum index in overload.h comments
2011-01-03 David Mitchellregen/ add comments to overload.[ch]
2010-10-14 Father -> regen/
2009-11-01 Ben MorrowAdd a new overload type, "qr".
2009-03-25 Ben MorrowRun
2007-10-16 Nicholas ClarkPL_AMG_names is only used by gv.c (as far as Google...
2006-10-06 Nicholas ClarkGenerate the overload enum and names array programatica...