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install libgdbm and libdb in GitHub Actions
[perl5.git] / .github / workflows / testsuite.yml
2021-10-15 Tomasz Konojackiinstall libgdbm and libdb in GitHub Actions
2021-10-15 Tomasz Konojackidisable LeakSanitizer in GitHub Actions
2021-10-12 Nicholas ClarkLeave the checkout `fetch-depth` at its default (1... 19153/head
2021-10-12 Nicholas ClarkA CI test that manicheck reports no errors on a clean...
2021-10-12 Nicholas ClarkA CI test that manicheck has no errors after `git clean...
2021-10-12 Nicholas ClarkAdd CI tests for `make distclean` and Porting/manicheck
2021-09-26 Nicholas ClarkTest ASAN with -DDEBUGGING (and so also with assertions...
2021-09-26 Nicholas ClarkTest a macOS threaded shared-library build too
2021-09-26 Nicholas ClarkTest clang's ASAN as well as gcc's ASAN
2021-09-26 Nicholas ClarkRun t/TEST directly on cygwin in the CI workflow
2021-09-26 Nicholas ClarkChange all LD_LIBRARY_PATH setup from '.' to `pwd`
2021-09-26 Nicholas ClarkRun `./perl t/harness` directly in the CI workflow
2021-09-26 Nicholas ClarkTest `make install` in the GH workflow
2021-09-26 Nicholas ClarkThe CI workflow needs some test builds without -DDEBUGGING
2021-09-26 Nicholas ClarkPERL_UNICODE= and LANG= can't be set as Configure arguments
2021-09-26 Nicholas ClarkCI tests for PERL_UNICODE="" with a UTF-8 locale
2021-09-26 Nicholas ClarkIn the Linux workflows use MALLOC_PERTURB_ and MALLOC_C...
2021-09-26 Nicholas ClarkTest ASAN builds with and without -DPURIFY
2021-09-26 Nicholas ClarkWorkflows should `make test_harness` to get parallel...
2021-09-26 Nicholas ClarkAll workflow jobs use the same env: so move it to the...
2021-09-26 Nicholas ClarkA prototype CI job to build with Address Sanitizer
2021-09-26 Nicholas ClarkAdd a CI job to confirm that minitest keeps passing
2021-09-26 Nicholas ClarkAdd "missing" descriptions to testsuite.yml
2021-06-23 Nicholas ClarkAdd a "Show Config" step to the GitHub CI config.
2021-05-29 Tomasz KonojackiThe previous commit wasn't meant to be pushed
2021-05-29 Tomasz Konojackissh
2021-05-26 Tony Cookremove MSVC100/vcexpress2010 from CI, at least for now
2021-03-08 Tomasz Konojackitestsuite.yml: set CCHOME during 'make'
2020-12-08 Jae BradleyUpdate the Xcode version in the testsuite.yml workflow
2020-12-08 Jae BradleyUse macOS-10.15 explicitly
2020-12-08 Jae BradleyExplicitly use Catalina when running the test with...
2020-10-13 Ichinose Shogoremove deprecated GitHub Actions Command and some impro...
2020-08-01 John LightseyFix github action testing of pull requests on cygwin
2020-08-01 John LightseySwitch EXTENDED_TESTING logic to avoid failure notifica...
2020-07-20 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Remove PERL_GLOBAL_STRUCT
2020-06-02 Nicolas RTweak check_extended_testing job
2020-06-02 Nicolas RAjust authors logic
2020-06-02 Nicolas RSet CONFIGURE_ARGS env correctly for sanity check
2020-06-02 Nicolas RMerge smoke informations to testsuite workflow
2020-06-02 Nicolas ROnly smoke extra flavors when EXTENDED_TESTING=1
2020-06-02 Nicolas RRun a sanity check before running all jobs
2020-06-02 Nicolas RMerge all workflows as a single testsuite workflow