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PPPort_pm.PL: Revise pod
[perl5.git] / dist / Devel-PPPort / PPPort_pm.PL
2019-09-27 Karl WilliamsonPPPort_pm.PL: Revise pod
2019-09-27 Karl WilliamsonPPPort_pm.PL: Rename variable for clarity
2019-09-27 Karl WilliamsonPPPort_pm.PL: Comments, white space
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonppport.h: Print out more API info
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsondevel/ Don't discard earliest info
2019-09-27 Karl WilliamsonPPPort_pm.PL: Don't hard-code min/max versions
2019-09-27 Karl WilliamsonSort a bunch of outputs in dictionary order
2019-09-27 Karl WilliamsonUpdate minimum perl version to 5.003_07
2019-09-27 Karl WilliamsonPPPort_pm.PL: Prototypes differing only in pTHX_
2019-09-27 Karl WilliamsonPPPort_pm.PL: Note the functions that are special
2019-09-27 Karl WilliamsonPPPort_pm.PL: Move some includes to earlier
2019-09-27 Karl WilliamsonPPPort_pm.PL: Add/fix comments, pod
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonparts/ Normalize prototypes
2019-09-27 Karl WilliamsonConsolidate UTF-8 functions/macros into new file
2019-09-27 PaliEnable Perl compile-time warnings at all places
2019-07-22 Tony Cookbump $Devel::PPPort::VERSION
2019-06-21 Nicolas RTemporary bump PPPort to 3.54 before next release
2019-06-21 Karl WilliamsonUse latest blead embed.fnc
2019-06-04 Nicolas RBump Devel-PPPort for next release
2019-06-04 Nicolas RFix compilation issues with version older than 5.010
2019-05-16 Nicolas RRevert "Fix compilation issues with version older than...
2019-05-16 Nicolas RFix compilation issues with version older than 5.010
2019-05-14 Nicolas Rsync with cpan release of Devel-PPPort 3.52
2019-04-30 Karen Etheridgesync up with cpan release of Devel-PPPort 3.51
2019-04-30 H.Merijn BrandAnother re-order in Devel::PPPort - warn before uv...
2019-04-29 Nicolas Rsync with cpan release of Devel-PPPort 3.49
2019-04-28 Karen Etheridgefix version
2019-04-28 Karen Etheridgedo not include PPPort_pm.PL in the uploaded tarball
2019-04-28 H.Merijn BrandDevel::PPPort order misc before uv because of UNLIKELY
2019-04-26 Nicolas RUpdate Devel-PPPort to version 3.46
2019-03-19 Nicolas RBump Devel::PPPort to keep in sync with CPAN
2019-02-20 Nicolas RBump Devel::PPPort to 3.44 for CPAN release v5.29.8
2018-09-15 Karen Etheridgebump Devel::PPPort version from 3.42 to 3.43.
2018-04-21 Sawyer XDevel-PPPort: Bump to 3.42
2018-04-19 Sawyer XDevel-PPPort: Attempt to reorder, based on CPAN version
2018-04-19 H.Merijn BrandAdd documentation to Devel::PPPort (and fix MANIFEST)
2018-04-19 Sawyer XDevel-PPPort: Move magic defined to their own include...
2018-04-02 Tony Cook(perl #132876) define API macros on if the NEED_ macro...
2018-03-29 Sergey AleynikovUpdate links in Devel::PPPort documentation
2018-01-30 Tony Cookbump $Devel::PPPort::VERSION to 3,39
2018-01-30 PaliDevel::PPPort: Do not define PERL_MAGIC_qr more times
2018-01-15 Tony Cook(perl #132533) bump $Devel::PPPort::VERSION
2018-01-15 PaliImplement mess
2017-12-08 Craig A. BerryFix WIDEST_UTYPE in Devel::PPPort.
2017-10-27 Karl Williamsonmv Devel-PPPort from cpan to dist