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isPSXSPC() is a synonym for isSPACE
[perl5.git] / dist / Devel-PPPort / parts / inc / misc
2019-11-08 Karl WilliamsonisPSXSPC() is a synonym for isSPACE
2019-11-08 Karl WilliamsonBackport isFOO_utf8_safe() macros
2019-11-08 Karl WilliamsonAdd tests for NATIVE_TO_LATIN1, vice-versa
2019-11-08 Karl WilliamsonFix isGRAPH_L1() bug
2019-11-08 Karl Williamsonparts/inc/misc: Add withinCOUNT and inRANGE
2019-11-08 Karl Williamsonparts/inc/misc: Backport UNI to/from NATIVE
2019-10-11 Karl Williamsonparts/inc/misc: Fix EBCDIC build problem
2019-09-27 Karl WilliamsonWe don't provide GCC_BRACE_GROUPS_FORBIDDEND
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonparts/inc/misc: Use parameters in #defines
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonparts/inc/misc: Comment, white-space only
2019-09-27 Karl WilliamsonBackport isFOO_L1 macros
2019-09-27 Karl WilliamsonBackport NATIVE_TO_LATIN1, and vice-versa
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonparts/inc/misc: Remove extraneous ord() calls
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonparts/inc/misc: Shorten sub names
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonparts/inc/misc: Can't use GCC brace groups before 5.4
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonparts/inc/misc: Change Hints into comments
2019-09-27 Karl WilliamsonConsolidate UTF-8 functions/macros into new file
2019-06-21 PaliFix processing ERRSV and croak_sv
2019-06-21 PaliDefine more API functions as macros
2019-06-04 Nicolas RFix compilation issues with version older than 5.010
2019-05-16 Nicolas RRevert "Fix compilation issues with version older than...
2019-05-16 Nicolas RFix compilation issues with version older than 5.010
2019-04-27 David Mitchellre-fix leak in Devel-PPPort
2019-04-26 Nicolas RUpdate Devel-PPPort to version 3.46
2019-04-20 Karl WilliamsonProvide __ASSERT_
2019-04-20 Karl WilliamsonDevel-PPPort: Implement av_top_index, av_tindex
2019-04-20 Karl WilliamsonDevel-PPPort: Add support for LIKELY/UNLIKELY
2019-04-20 Karl WilliamsonDevel-PPPort/parts/inc/misc: Rmv duplicates in =provides
2019-04-20 Karl WilliamsonDevel-PPPort/parts/inc/misc: Sort =provides section
2019-04-20 Karl WilliamsonAdd/fix character classification macros, like isDIGIT
2019-04-03 David Mitchellfix leak in Devel-PPPort
2018-04-19 Sawyer XDevel-PPPort: Move magic defined to their own include...
2018-04-19 Sawyer XDevel-PPPort: Stringify Perl version in Makefile.PL:
2018-01-30 PaliDevel::PPPort: Do not define PERL_MAGIC_qr more times
2018-01-14 Karl WilliamsonDevel-PPPort: Rmv impediment to compiling under C++11
2017-12-08 Craig A. BerryFix WIDEST_UTYPE in Devel::PPPort.
2017-10-27 Karl Williamsonmv Devel-PPPort from cpan to dist