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A proper, working, stable optimisation for sort {$b cmp $a}
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2004-07-13 Nicholas ClarkA proper, working, stable optimisation for sort {$b...
2004-05-14 Jim CromieRe: more B::Concise stuff (PATCH - updated)
2004-05-07 Jim CromieRe: stdio still supported?
2004-04-06 Jim CromieRe: tests for change #22539
2004-03-26 Dave MitchellClarify op.h comments for which ops the OPpDEREF* priva...
2004-03-23 Nicholas ClarkUnify 5.008 and 5.009's B::Concise 0.58
2004-03-23 Nicholas ClarkUnify 5.008 and 5.009's B::Concise 0.56
2004-03-19 Jim Cromie[perl #24821] enhancement patch for B::Concise
2004-02-22 Dave MitchellExtend OP_AELEMFAST optimisation to lexical arrays
2004-02-21 Paul JohnsonRe: op_seq (was: Freeing code)
2004-02-20 Dave Mitchelladd Deparse/Concise support for inplace sort (change...
2004-02-09 Rafael Garcia-SuarezImplement stacked filetest operators (-f -w -x $file).
2004-02-08 Rafael Garcia-SuarezAdd the new private flag OPpGREP_LEX in B::Concise.
2003-08-14 Jarkko HietaniemiDiffs-sans-version-diffs between blead and maint.
2003-07-24 Stephen McCamantRe: Bug in B::Deparse/Concise with ithreads
2003-07-17 Stephen McCamant[PATCH] Increment cop_seqmax in utilize()
2003-07-02 Dave Mitchellvarious Deparse fixes
2003-05-24 Dave Mitchell[PATCH #2] Re: [perl #22181] goto undefines my() variables
2003-05-03 Jarkko HietaniemiExtra tweakage from Rafael for #19392.
2003-03-11 Todd C. Millertypos and other minor things
2003-02-18 Stephen McCamantRe: [perl #21261] B::Terse not outputting correct const...
2003-02-11 Stephen McCamantMore B::Concise fixes
2003-02-04 Stephen McCamantB::Concise updates (incl. avoiding use of op_seq)
2002-11-07 Hugo van der SandenRe: [perl #17605] strange behaviour (difference between...
2002-11-06 Stephen McCamantRe: [PATCH] [perl #18175] B::Concise,-exec doesn't...
2002-08-17 Michael G. SchwernRemove pseudo-hashes (complete)
2002-05-30 Jarkko HietaniemiIntegrate macperl patch #16868.
2002-02-26 Rafael Garcia-Suarezdocs, typos
2002-01-10 Stephen McCamantMagic numbers in B::Concise
2001-08-08 Paul JohnsonTeach B::Concise about PADOP
2001-04-30 Robin Houstonsuppress warning
2001-04-25 Paul JohnsonRe: [PATCH 5.7.1] B::Concise and extra variables
2001-04-22 Robin HoustonSupport BEGIN blocks in B::Deparse (& more)
2001-04-17 Robin Houstonmultiple B::* changes
2001-04-05 Robin Houstonprint control-character vars readably
2001-04-02 Robin Houstonpadname values may have bogus SvCUR
2001-04-02 Robin Houston@stash_array = split(/pat/, str);
2001-01-24 Charles BaileySYN SYN
2001-01-13 Stephen McCamantRe: B::Concise -- an improved replacement for B::Terse
2001-01-12 Stephen McCamantB::Concise -- an improved replacement for B::Terse