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Note that mro[gs]et_private_data are documented
[perl5.git] / mro_core.c
2019-09-03 Karl WilliamsonNote that mro[gs]et_private_data are documented
2018-07-17 Hugo van der SandenRestore lost line from comment
2017-11-06 Karl WilliamsonUse memEQs, memNEs in core files
2016-11-18 Karl WilliamsonChange white space to avoid C++ deprecation warning
2016-10-19 Yves Ortonmro_core.c: use new SvPVCLEAR and constant string frien...
2016-02-08 Tony Cook[perl #126410] keep the DESTROY cache in mro_meta
2015-09-04 Karl WilliamsonVarious pods: Add C<> around many typed-as-is things
2015-08-01 Karl Williamsonperlapi: Use F<> around file names
2015-03-23 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Replace common Emacs file-local variables with dir...
2015-03-19 Karl WilliamsonChange name of mro.c