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Re: [patch@31988] Revised Module::Build fixes for VMS.
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2007-09-30 John E. MalmbergRe: [patch@31988] Revised Module::Build fixes for VMS.
2007-09-29 John E. Malmberg[patch@31988] Revised Module::Build fixes for VMS.
2007-09-07 John E. Malmberg[patch@31780] fixes for cpanplus on VMS
2007-07-17 Craig A. BerryInching towards Module::Build-ability on VMS.
2007-05-08 Steve PetersUpgrade to Module-Build-0.2808
2007-05-05 Craig A. BerrySome filename dot and extension help for Module::Build...
2007-04-10 Steve PetersUpgrade to Module-Build-0.2807
2006-12-23 Rafael Garcia-SuarezUpgrade to Module::Build 0.2806
2006-08-07 Steve PetersUpgrade to Module-Build-0.2805
2006-07-16 Steve PetersUpgrade to Module-Build-0.2803
2006-07-15 Steve PetersUpgrade to Module-Build-0.2802
2006-07-06 Steve PetersUpgrade to Module-Build-0.2801.
2006-04-28 Steve PetersUpgrade to Module-Build-0.28
2006-03-30 Randy W. SimsRe: New Module::Build released
2006-03-12 Steve PetersUpgrade to Module-Build-0.27_09
2006-03-06 Yitzchak Scott-Tho... add Module::Build 0.27_08