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Get t/uni/gv.t working under minitest
[perl5.git] / t / test_pl /
2014-07-02 Tony Cookallow tests to use C<< plan skip_all => $reason >>
2014-02-13 Brad GilbertMake sure that tempfile() in t/ removes the...
2014-02-13 Brad GilbertAdd register_tempfile() to t/
2014-02-13 Brad GilbertTest that tempfile() in t/ skips files that...
2014-02-13 Brad GilbertImprove error diagnostics in t/test_pl/tempfile.t
2012-09-25 Brad GilbertMake t/test_pl/tempfile.t produce more diagnostics
2012-09-25 Brad GilbertAdded t/test_pl/tempfile.t
2012-09-25 Brad GilbertAdded test names to some tests in t/test_pl/_num_to_alpha.t
2012-09-25 Brad GilbertAdded optional char limit to _num_to_alpha() in
2012-09-25 Brad GilbertAdd _num_to_alpha() to
2011-11-17 Michael G. SchwernAdd class_ok() and object_ok() to t/
2011-11-17 Michael G. SchwernPatch t/ so isa_ok() works with objects.