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Clarify what AmigaOS version was broken by 5.8.0
[perl5.git] / pod / perlport.pod
2016-03-03 Jarkko HietaniemiClarify what AmigaOS version was broken by 5.8.0
2016-02-29 Lukas Maiperlport: use italics instead of colon in "don't":s...
2016-01-10 Lukas Maifix more file paths
2015-11-25 Karl WilliamsonExtend UTF-EBCDIC to handle up to 2**64-1
2015-09-26 Craig A. Berrykillpg for VMS.
2015-09-08 Karl WilliamsonRefactor tr/// parsing to work on EBCDIC, fix other bug
2015-06-26 Craig A. BerryUpdate File::Spec advice in perlport.
2015-05-09 Karl Williamsonperlport: Add notes about EBCDIC
2015-04-10 Karl Williamsonperlport: Various nits
2015-04-09 Craig A. BerryFix/simplify VMS-specific info in perlport.
2015-02-10 Tony Cookremove the shell fallback from list pipe open on Win32
2015-01-14 Karl WilliamsonAdd text about EBCDIC to pods: perlhack* perlport
2014-11-11 Chris 'BinGOs' Wil... Trailing whitespace removed in perlport.pod
2014-10-22 Tony Cookdocument the limitations of list pipe open on Win32
2014-06-08 Thomas SibleyDocument that "exec LIST" and "system LIST" may fall...
2014-02-18 Tony Cookupdate perlport with currently unresolved Cygwin test...
2014-01-26 Brian Fraserperldelta for Android
2014-01-26 Brian Fraserpod/perlport.pod: Note which functions are not availabl...
2014-01-22 H.Merijn BrandRegenerate from meta after backporting crosscompile...
2014-01-16 Tony Cookdescribe the level of FreeMINT support
2013-09-06 Andy DoughertyRemove Configure hints for the old AT&T 3b1.
2013-06-21 David GoldenRevert "portport: remove DG/UX"
2013-06-20 David Goldenportport: remove DG/UX
2013-05-27 Nicholas ClarkRemove DG/UX support.
2013-03-19 Paul GreenUpdate pod/perlpord.pod to reflect recent VOS port...
2013-02-12 Chris 'BinGOs' Wil... Add Midnight BSD to perlport
2012-12-14 Nicholas ClarkRemove the BeOS port.
2012-11-19 Nicholas ClarkRemove the EPOC port.
2012-09-21 Nicholas ClarkRemove the MPE/iX port.
2012-09-19 Steve HayNote that sleep is emulated on Windows to allow alarm...
2012-09-18 Steve HayMinor fixups from 001e9f8966
2012-09-18 Daniel Draganfix over/underflow issues in win32_msgwait
2012-08-31 Nicholas ClarkRemove the VM/ESA port.
2012-06-27 Brian Fraserperlport: #109408
2012-01-29 Chris 'BinGOs' Wil... Add Windows 2008 to the list of Windows versions in...
2011-09-15 Moritz Lenzremove outdated information from perlport
2011-08-25 Father Chrysostomos[perl #92376] Change - to : in time template
2011-07-16 Karl Williamsonperlport: remove perlapollo link
2011-06-22 Nicholas ClarkTrim multiple blank lines above =item in pod files.
2011-05-18 Karl Williamsonperlport: Fix pod errors
2011-02-28 Chris 'BinGOs' Wil... Corrected an incredibly small error in perlport.pod
2011-02-27 Chris 'BinGOs' Wil... Added GNU/kFreeBSD to list of systems where 5.12.x...
2011-02-16 ApocalypseFix bad pod links found by Test::Pod::LinkCheck
2011-02-13 Father ChrysostomosReplace mention of MacPerl with Symbian
2011-02-09 Robin Barkerproblem with exit in child process in BEGIN
2011-02-09 Robin Barkermissing paragraph break in perlport
2011-01-30 Michael StevensTidy up perlport.pod with more L<> around URLs.
2011-01-07 Peter J. Acklam... Fix typos in pod/*
2010-12-02 Jan DuboisWindows 95 Chainsaw Massacre
2010-11-20 Chris 'BinGOs' Wil... Add QNX Neutrino RTOS to list of platforms in perlport
2010-11-20 Chris 'BinGOs' Wil... Update mailing list and website for cpantesters in...
2010-10-25 Jan DuboisDocument rewinddir() limitations
2010-10-07 Paul GreenPatch for Stratus VOS for extended file names
2010-08-23 Philippe Bruhat... typo in perlport
2010-07-21 Jan Duboisalarm() on Windows cannot interrupt blocking I/O
2010-06-29 Karl WilliamsonPrefer 3 digit octal character constants
2010-05-13 Curtis JewellUpdating list of DOSish perls in perlport.pod.
2010-05-08 Karl Williamsonperlport: fix 80 col display; broken link
2010-04-30 Rafael Garcia-SuarezUpdate title of "Supported Platforms" in perlport to...
2010-04-26 Rafael Garcia-SuarezFill blank with the release date of 5.12 in perlport
2010-01-13 brian d foy* Em dash cleanup in pod/
2010-01-05 Tom ChristiansenPATCH: minor typo cleanup of pod/ directory
2009-12-19 brian d foy* Update perlport examples for modern Perl style
2009-10-20 Jesse VincentRevert accidental executability of several pod files
2009-10-20 Jesse VincentUpdated perlport.pod with notes on VMS support from...
2009-10-19 Jan DuboisPerl builds fine on Windows 7
2009-10-19 Jerry D. HeddenAdd Cygwin to supported platforms list
2009-10-19 Jesse VincentHP/UX should have been HP-UX
2009-10-19 Jesse VincentFirst pass at updating perlport.pod with data from...
2009-10-18 Jesse VincentRemove Mac OS Classic caveats from perlport.pod as...
2009-09-24 brian d foy* RT #63620: Refer to the :crlf layer instead of STDIO...
2009-09-04 Leon BrocardUse alternative URLs for links which are now broken...
2009-09-01 Leon BrocardUse alternative URLs for links which are now broken...
2009-08-03 Jesse VincentRemoved vestigal support for Tenon Intersystems MachTen...
2009-08-03 Jesse VincentRemove the port to MiNT. It's a dead platform that...
2009-05-14 Vincent PitRemove remaining POD tags in verbatim paragraphs
2009-04-28 Jan DuboisFix -p function and Fcntl::S_IFIFO constant under Micro...
2009-01-03 Rafael Garcia-SuarezMerge branch 'schwern/y2038' into blead
2009-01-03 Michael G. SchwernUpdate from y2038.
2009-01-03 Michael G. SchwernUpdate some docs to explain that Perl no longer has...
2008-10-29 Ingo WeinholdHaiku Port
2008-03-25 Steve HayRE: [PATCH revised] Fix ExtUtils::Install under Cygwin
2008-03-11 Nicholas ClarkAdd characters that VOS forbids in filenames, mentioned...
2008-01-25 Jan Duboissocketpair() *is* available on Win32
2007-11-26 John E. MalmbergVMS POD updates: perlport.pod, vmsperl.pod
2007-11-24 Jan DuboisDocument different kill(-9, ...) semantics on Windows
2007-03-07 Juerd WaalboerRe: [PATCH] (Re: [PATCH] unicode/utf8 pod)
2007-02-26 Craig A. BerryIn perlport, refine description of eight-level director...
2006-05-04 Jan DuboisRE: [PATCH] Implement ${^WIN32_SLOPPY_STAT}
2006-05-03 Jan DuboisClarify hard link support on Windows
2006-05-02 Xavier Noria[DOC PATCH] chop warning in perlport
2006-01-26 Yves OrtonMake dump and -u croak on Win32 and Cygwin to avoid...
2005-10-15 John E. Malmberg[patch@blead] perlport.pod
2005-06-03 Andy LesterQuotes in pod/*.pod
2005-05-27 Michael G. SchwernRe: [perl #35420] localtime corruption
2005-05-18 Gisle AasWell defined $? and introduction of ${^CHILD_ERROR_NATI...
2005-05-18 Michael G. Schwern[PATCH] Eliminate radically out of date CHANGES from...
2005-05-04 Rafael Garcia-SuarezDocument the unportability of atan2() edge cases
2005-04-29 Sébastien Aperghis... Small patch to perlport.pod
2005-04-08 Steven SchubigerRe: [PATCH] Re: [perl #24119] error in Win32...