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Rationalise refcounting of thread structures
[perl5.git] / ext / threads / threads.xs
2007-01-12 Dave MitchellRationalise refcounting of thread structures
2006-12-21 Jerry D. Heddenthreads 1.57
2006-12-15 Jerry D. Heddenthreads 1.54 - Adds ->error() method
2006-11-28 Jerry D. Hedden[PATCH[ threads 1.53
2006-11-26 Nicholas ClarkEliminated unitialised clone_params value bug accidenta...
2006-11-21 Jerry D. Heddenthreads 1.52
2006-11-16 Jerry D. Heddenthreads 1.51
2006-11-03 Jerry D. Heddenthreads 1.49
2006-10-31 Rafael Garcia-SuarezFix a case of segfault in ithread destruction
2006-10-31 Jerry D. Heddenthreads 1.47
2006-10-30 Jerry D. Heddenthreads 1.46
2006-10-27 Jerry D. HeddenMake 'threads' conform to perlguts
2006-09-13 Jerry D. HeddenBump version and other misc. changes. 3rd patch from:
2006-09-13 Jerry D. HeddenStatically allocate the main thread.
2006-09-13 Jerry D. HeddenRace condition fix in
2006-08-01 Jerry D. Heddenthreads 1.38
2006-07-21 Rafael Garcia-SuarezMore tweaks to threads 1.37, by Jerry D. Hedden
2006-07-20 Rafael Garcia-SuarezUpgrade to threads 1.37, by Jerry D. Hedden
2006-07-11 Jerry D. Heddenthreads 1.36 - Signalling terminated threads core dumps
2006-07-10 Jerry D. Heddenthreads 1.35 - Borland compiler fix
2006-07-07 Jerry D. Heddenthreads 1.34 - state methods
2006-07-04 Jerry D. Heddenthreads 1.33
2006-06-17 Dave Mitchelldont warn at exit of detatched threads still running
2006-06-06 Jerry D. Heddenthreads 1.32
2006-05-23 Jerry D. HeddenExplicit thread context
2006-05-18 Jerry D. Heddenthreads core dump in BEGIN
2006-05-18 Jerry D. Heddenthreads 1.28
2006-05-11 Jerry D. HeddenThread signalling [REVISED]
2006-05-09 Jerry D. Hedden'threads' patch to fix threaded build on Win32
2006-05-05 Jerry D. Heddenthreads - stack size support
2006-05-04 Jerry D. Heddenthreads - formatting [REVISED]
2006-04-28 Jerry D. Heddenthreads - miscellaneous
2006-04-26 Jerry D. Heddenthreads - consolidate XS functions
2006-04-25 Jerry D. HeddenContinuing threads sync
2006-04-21 Jerry D. HeddenRework threads destruct call
2006-04-20 Jerry D. Hedden[REPOST] [PATCH] Remove superfluous counter in threads
2006-04-14 Jerry D. HeddenFix implementation of threads->_handle on unixes.
2006-04-03 Jerry D. Hedden2nd patch to sync blead 'threads' with CPAN [REPOST]
2006-03-24 Jerry D. Hedden(2nd revised) 1st patch to sync blead 'threads' with...
2006-03-17 Jan Duboisthreads.xs broken under PERL_IMPLICIT_SYS; 5.8.8 regression
2006-02-13 Nicholas ClarkAll the bits of clone_params.flags need to be initialis...
2006-01-06 Jarkko Hietaniemisprinkle dVAR
2005-12-31 Dave Mitchellmake threads use MY_CXT API rather than using PL_modglobal
2005-10-16 Dave Mitchellstatic functions should be prefixed S_
2005-10-16 Dave Mitchellfree a thread's interpreter after $t->join() rather...
2005-09-17 Nicholas ClarkHolding a mutex then croak()ing strikes me as deadlock.
2005-08-19 Tassilo von Parsevalmake threads.xs emit warnings properly
2005-06-13 Nicholas ClarkWe no longer need PL_shared_hek_table
2005-05-25 Nicholas ClarkTrack the mapping between source shared hash keys and...
2005-04-08 Steve PetersRefactoring to Sv*_set() macros - patch #2
2005-04-06 Nicholas ClarkCasting to/from (void *) sufficient to make a C++ compi...
2004-07-16 Nicholas ClarkSome calls to PerlMemShared_alloc() aren't checking...
2004-07-15 Nicholas Clarkthreads.xs doesn't check the return value of the thread...
2004-06-09 Kevin Chase[patch] Windows/Win32 thread handle leak with threads...
2004-01-23 Jan DuboisRe: threads::shared::queue;
2004-01-08 Dave Mitchellsegv in pad.c with threads (was: DBD::Oracle and Perl...
2003-08-06 Jarkko HietaniemiCast away gcc 3.3 type conversion pickiness.
2003-06-11 Marcus Holland-MoritzIntegrate from maint:
2003-06-07 Artur BergmanMajor (internal) change to make it much more easy to...
2003-06-05 Jarkko HietaniemiEven more getspecific patches from Brian De Pradine;
2003-06-05 Jarkko Hietaniemiz/OS threads tweak from Brian De Pradine.
2003-06-03 Jarkko HietaniemiAccording to Arthur this should help
2003-05-24 Jarkko HietaniemiAdd a real scan for pthread_attr_setscope().
2003-05-19 Jarkko HietaniemiNekkid numbers.
2003-05-19 Jarkko HietaniemiMeaningless cosmetics.
2003-05-19 Jarkko HietaniemiMake Perl_ithread_self() a bit more helpful when
2003-05-19 Jarkko HietaniemiSlightly wrong panic messages.
2003-05-19 Craig A. BerryBased on
2003-05-01 Jarkko Hietaniemiz/OS: More threaded build tweaks from Brian De Pradine--
2003-04-21 Artur BergmanFixes bug #17043, resets PL_srand_called before the...
2003-04-16 Artur BergmanFix double join problem for those places where free
2003-04-13 Artur BergmanFix bug #16253, use all the CPU that we can :-)
2003-04-02 Jarkko HietaniemiMake at least the thread count make sense.
2003-04-01 Ilya ZakharevichIntegrate:
2003-02-01 Artur BergmanFix bug #15837, temporary from storable call hadn't...
2003-02-01 Artur BergmanDon't free thread before using it, breaks platforms...
2003-01-04 Jarkko HietaniemiOne more (or, rather, less) //.
2003-01-04 Jarkko HietaniemiIntegrate from maintperl:
2003-01-03 Artur BergmanFixes bug #15273, the return of the object caused
2003-01-03 Artur BergmanFake what context we are running in for CLONE and DESTR...
2002-11-19 Dave Mitchelltrivial typo
2002-07-11 Artur BergmanDon't set the context to the running thread before
2002-07-11 Artur BergmanProblem fixed with detached threads reported by Stacy...
2002-07-10 Artur BergmanMakes list skip the main thread.
2002-06-09 Jarkko Hietaniemi"thread failed to start: " is better than "Died:".
2002-06-08 Artur BergmanFix for bug [ID 20020602.007].
2002-05-16 Dave MitchellRe: [PATCH] allow use threads qw(yield)
2002-05-14 Dave Mitchellallow use threads qw(yield)
2002-05-12 Jarkko HietaniemiReword the "threads still running" cleanup message.
2002-05-10 Robin Barkerformat and other warnings
2002-05-01 Artur BergmanCleanup memory a bit better in some cases.
2002-04-28 Artur BergmanAdded test cases and fixed some obvious things.
2002-04-27 Artur BergmanRemoved last traces of autodetach.
2002-04-22 Artur BergmanEnd blocks were not run on Win32.
2002-04-21 Artur BergmanDo not unlock mutex twice.
2002-04-21 Artur BergmanGot the last memory leak in the while(1) { threads...
2002-04-20 Artur BergmanRemove auto-detach
2002-04-20 Artur BergmanReally let the update of the link list do something.
2002-04-18 Artur BergmanPort testcases from thr5005 tests so we don't fail...
2002-04-17 Jarkko HietaniemiAs suggested by Arthur: the threads and threads::shared