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document revert of 'local $tied' change
[perl5.git] / pod / perl5132delta.pod
2010-06-07 David Mitchelldocument revert of 'local $tied' change
2010-06-03 Vincent PitDeprecate find_rundefsvoffset()
2010-06-03 Vincent PitThe UNDERBAR macro should use find_rundefsv() as well
2010-06-03 Vincent PitMake pp_reverse fetch the lexical $_ from the correct pad
2010-05-24 ZeframAdd package block syntax to perldelta
2010-05-24 David GoldenAdd perldelta entry for non-destructive substitution
2010-05-23 David Mitchelladd perldelta entry for overload fixes
2010-05-23 David Goldencreate perl5132delta