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Preserve filename case on VMS.
[perl5.git] / vms / vms.c
2012-11-11 Craig A. BerryPreserve filename case on VMS.
2012-11-11 Craig A. BerryMove VMS feature-setting function to an appropriate...
2012-11-11 Craig A. BerrySet feature logical names in VMS init code.
2012-11-05 Steffen MuellerAdd C define to remove taint support from perl origin/smueller/no_taint3
2012-11-03 Craig A. BerryRemove thread context from Perl_vmssetuserlnm.
2012-10-20 Craig A. BerryTweak psect attributes in VMS initialization code.
2012-08-18 Karl WilliamsonOmnibus removal of register declarations
2012-07-11 Craig A. BerryCast following 22831cc58.
2012-07-06 Craig A. BerryUnquote spawned command verbs on VMS.
2012-06-08 Craig A. BerryUpgrade initialization code in vms/vms.c.
2012-06-08 Craig A. BerryRemove pragma about pragma messages.
2012-05-26 Craig A. Berry__DECCXX usually should do what __DECC does.
2012-05-25 Craig A. BerryFix varying string struct for VMS's home-grown glob.
2012-05-25 Craig A. BerryFix a cast in vms/vms.c.
2012-05-24 Craig A. BerryFix up vms/vms.c for C++.
2012-02-16 Craig A. BerrySimplify VMS symlink override.
2012-02-09 Craig A. BerryAvoid null pointer dereference in tovmsspec.
2012-01-28 Craig A. BerryTrim directory extension in pathify under EFS.
2012-01-28 Craig A. BerryRestore directory extension and version in fileify...
2012-01-28 Craig A. Berryfilelify shouldn't always escape dots.
2012-01-24 Craig A. BerryHandle directories with dots in fileify under EFS.
2012-01-21 Craig A. BerryStart rationalizing Unix-to-VMS file spec conversion...
2012-01-15 Craig A. BerryIn vmsify, leave ../ path components alone.
2011-12-31 Craig A. Berrystrlcpy fix-ups in vms/vms.c following a35dcc95dd24.
2011-12-11 Craig A. BerryRemove explicit support for pre-7.0 VMS and pre-6.0...
2011-12-09 Craig A. Berrystat() fix for write but not read permission on a direc...
2011-12-03 Craig A. BerryRework vms/vms.c:Perl_flex_stat_int() to avoid undersco...
2011-11-13 Craig A. BerryUpdate string copying in vms/vms.c
2011-08-28 Craig A. BerryThinko in vms.c:copy_expand_unix_filename_escape().
2011-08-28 Craig A. BerryClose some unclosed comments in vms/vms.c.
2011-08-28 Craig A. BerryFix miscellaneous compiler warnings in vms/vms.c.
2011-08-28 Craig A. BerryRemove unnecessary includes from vms/vms.c.
2011-07-05 Craig A. BerryFix ?/% mix-up in Perl_vms_start_glob.
2011-02-24 Craig A. BerryFurther consolidate static logical name routines in...
2011-02-23 Craig A. BerryRemove unused static function popen_translate from...
2011-01-07 Peter J. Acklam... Fix typos (spelling errors) in vms/*.
2010-12-03 Craig A. BerryRemove lots of unused, VMS-specific variables.
2010-12-03 Craig A. BerryFix K&R-style function declaration.
2010-12-03 Craig A. BerryRemove unused include file from vms/vms.c.
2010-12-02 Craig A. BerryFix some unreachable and return nits in vms/vms.c.
2010-12-02 Craig A. BerryFix some =/== nits in vms/vms.c
2010-11-06 Nicolas KaiserRT 78836: vms/vms.c: dubious expressions
2010-10-03 Craig A. BerryUse isGV_with_GP in vms/vms.c for better glob recognition.
2010-07-03 Craig A. BerryPlug more memory leaks in vms.c.
2010-07-02 Craig A. BerryFix nasty memory leak in vms.c:Perl_flex_stat_int().
2010-06-26 Craig A. BerryOnly use home-rolled prototypes on VMS when really...
2010-04-23 Craig A. BerryFix broken -Uuseperlio build on VMS.
2010-01-06 Craig A. BerryIncrease default pipe buffer size on VMS to 8192 on...
2009-11-21 Craig A. BerryDeclaration nit in vms.c's Perl_my_fwrite.
2009-07-08 Craig A. BerryMake File::Copy::rmscopy return the documented values.
2009-07-02 Craig A. BerryRemove fake facility strings from VMS start-up warnings.
2009-06-18 Craig A. BerryHandle the rare but legal angle bracket in unixify.
2009-06-04 John E. Malmbergvms.c EFS logical name fix.
2009-02-23 John Malmbergvms.c - Remove .DIR; in UNIX mode.
2009-02-20 Craig A. BerryAvoid VMS long filename support on older systems that...
2009-02-20 Craig A. BerryMove redefinition of lstat above its first use in vms...
2009-02-11 John Malmbergvms fgetname wrapper.
2009-02-10 John MalmbergLogic changes for the VMS-specific mkdir/chdir/chmod...
2009-02-08 Craig A. BerryFix some thread context mistakes that snuck in with...
2009-02-04 John Malmbergvms rename Unix mode fixes
2009-02-04 John Malmbergvms kill_file / rmdir updates
2009-02-01 John Malmbergvms stat patches (take 2)
2009-01-29 John Malmbergvmspath without thread context.
2009-01-25 John Malmbergvms fileify_dirspec refactor / Unix mode fixes
2009-01-25 John Malmbergvms glob patches
2009-01-20 John MalmbergPathify_dirspec replacement
2009-01-15 Craig A. BerryFix handling of DECC$DISABLE_POSIX_ROOT feature on...
2009-01-15 John Malmbergvms rmsexpand refactor
2009-01-13 John Malmbergvms - unixspec refactor
2009-01-13 John Malmbergvms - vmsspec refactor
2009-01-11 John Malmbergmore vms thread ctx fixes
2009-01-10 John Malmbergvms setup_cmddsc buffer fixes.
2009-01-10 Craig A. BerryRevision to thread context fixes from ebd4d70bfcb408fd3...
2009-01-09 Craig A. Berrysimple_trnlnm needs an actual length as its last argument.
2009-01-08 John Malmbergvms.c backslash efs and long name fixes
2009-01-07 John MalmbergVMS feature logical name fixes
2009-01-07 John MalmbergVMS thread context fixes
2008-12-05 Chip Salzenbergstandardize save/restore of errno & vaxc$errno
2008-12-04 John E. Malmberg[patch@34995] vms.c - Memory freed from wrong pool
2008-11-24 John E. Malmberg[patch@34896] vms readdir() fixes for UNIX/EFS mode
2008-11-10 John E. Malmberg[patch@34779] Get posix exit mode working/tested on VMS
2008-11-02 Tom ChristiansenPATCH: Large omnibus patch to clean up the JRRT quotes
2008-10-30 Craig A. BerryTry to demangle the mess created by 34667 (the "resubmi...
2008-10-30 John E. MalmbergRe: patch@34561 VMS exec handling / cwd realpath fixes
2008-10-30 John E. Malmberg[patch@34600] vms.c setup_cmddsc
2008-10-23 Craig A. BerryWhen testing the case sensitivity settings of the process
2008-06-14 Craig A. BerryFix off-by-one error in sanity check in my_fclose wrapp...
2008-06-03 Craig A. BerryMake Perl_vms_start_glob() decline politely when passed...
2008-03-24 John E. and vms.c fixes.
2008-03-07 Craig A. BerryOn VMS, don't call flex_stat from my_flush as the latte...
2008-02-22 Craig A. BerryFollowing 33291, on VMS we need to use the same prototy...
2008-02-12 Nicholas Clarkassert() that every NN argument is not NULL. Otherwise...
2007-12-23 Steve PetersNullch and others were still alive and well in some...
2007-12-22 Nicholas ClarkExterminate PL_na! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!
2007-12-10 Craig A. BerryFix uninitialized pointer bug in VMS version of readdir...
2007-12-09 Craig A. BerryTolkien quote for vms/vms.c.
2007-12-09 Craig A. BerryOne more clean-up for new VMS::Filespec functions.
2007-11-29 Craig A. BerryMake VMS::Filespec::vms_realname return undef instead...
2007-11-24 John E. Malmberg[patch@32376] VMS symbolic links part 4 of 4 - Final...
2007-11-15 Craig A. BerryIn Perl_vms_start_glob, when we don't have any matches...