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First class regexps.
[perl5.git] / ext / B / t / b.t
2007-12-28 Nicholas ClarkFirst class regexps.
2007-12-26 Nicholas ClarkEliminate SVt_RV, and use SVt_IV to store plain references.
2007-04-19 Brandon BlackRe: new C3 MRO patch
2007-03-30 Nicholas ClarkA logical rearrangement of ops, to get the post 5.005...
2006-02-21 Joshua ben JoreRe: Patches: B, CGI, ExtUtils::MM_Unix
2006-02-02 Steve PetersIt would be nice to have tests in B for the functions...
2005-11-26 Steve PetersAdditional tests for B and POSIX. The POSIX ones conce...
2004-12-29 Stephen McCamantCleanup ext/B tests for -w and to run separately
2004-10-29 Steve Peters36 additional tests for B
2004-06-18 Nicholas ClarkIf we don't build B, we should skip all its tests.
2002-09-03 Rafael Garcia-SuarezFix bug #16828.
2001-09-28 Jarkko HietaniemiMove the B tests to B/t.