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perldelta for 69afcc21edd2
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2019-06-12 Tony Cookperldelta for 69afcc21edd2
2019-06-12 Tony Cookperldelta for 7259f4194f31
2019-06-11 Tony Cookperldelta for eec88220688f, 10724e88639b, be9b05102160...
2019-06-11 Tony Cookperldelta for 16f2ddb79488, 5afa8ffbdf01
2019-06-05 Tony Cookperldelta for 0f4fe36327e6, 1768639d6db2
2019-06-03 Tony Cookperldelta for 027471cf1095
2019-06-03 Tony Cookperldelta for 94a2f6a3c87a
2019-06-03 Tony Cookperldelta for 9dfe0a3438ae, b0f5b1daacb2
2019-05-30 Karl WilliamsonPATCH: [perl #119439] Remove Pod::Parser from core
2019-05-30 Tony Cookperldelta for fb5e77103dd4, 35608a1658fe
2019-05-24 Sawyer Xnew perldelta for 5.31.1
2019-05-24 Sawyer XFix perldelta mistake
2019-05-24 Karen Etheridgefix version in perldelta
2019-05-24 Sawyer XRemove the update from perldelta v5.31.0
2019-05-24 Sawyer XFinalize perldelta
2019-05-22 Sawyer XNew perldelta
2019-05-22 Sawyer XLast minute fix, thanks SHIRAKATA Kentaro
2019-05-21 Sawyer XTypo fix
2019-05-20 Sawyer X[perldelta] Typo, thanks Paul Johnson!
2019-05-19 Sawyer X[perldelta] Rephrase Acknowledgements, thanks Hugo...
2019-05-17 Sawyer XFix to acknowledgements
2019-05-16 Sawyer XLinkify B::Debug and Locale::Codes to CPAN in a uniform way
2019-05-16 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Improvements
2019-05-15 Sawyer X[perldelta] Missing =item
2019-05-15 Karl WilliamsonFix up perldelta in regard to Unicode versions
2019-05-15 Sawyer XRevert "[perldelta] Merge Unicode 11.0, 12.0, and 12.1"
2019-05-15 Sawyer XRevert "[perldelta] Missing 'of'"
2019-05-15 Sawyer X[perldelta] Missing 'of'
2019-05-15 Sawyer X[perldelta] Merge Unicode 11.0, 12.0, and 12.1
2019-05-14 Karen Etheridgeminor wording changes, rt links
2019-05-12 Sawyer XRemove references to 5.29
2019-05-11 Sawyer XFinalize perldelta
2019-05-09 Tony Cookperldelta for 9f300641fc6f
2019-05-03 Tony Cookperldelta for 9a48f2ab9670, 5a6219089f70
2019-04-26 Nicolas RUpdate Devel-PPPort to version 3.46
2019-04-21 Sawyer XUpdate perldelta wrt Module::CoreList
2019-04-20 Sawyer Xnew perldelta for 5.29.11, even though we won't see it
2019-04-20 Sawyer XUpdate perldelta for 5.29.10 release
2019-04-20 Karen Etheridgetypo
2019-04-19 Karl WilliamsonCreate Strtod()
2019-04-15 Tony Cookperldelta for 05fed879afad, 15f67d146cf1, 0a4d1779402e
2019-04-09 Steve HayAdd support for VS2019 (Visual C++ 14.2)
2019-04-08 Unicode ConsortiumPreliminary Unicode 12.1
2019-03-23 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Add errata for 5.29.9 perldelta
2019-03-21 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Rmv extraneous =back
2019-03-21 Zak B. ElepUpdate Module::CoreList for 5.29.10
2019-03-21 Zak B. ElepNew perldelta for 5.29.10
2019-03-20 Zak B. ElepUpdate perldelta for 5.29.9 release
2019-03-19 Nicolas RBump Devel::PPPort to keep in sync with CPAN
2019-03-19 Karl WilliamsonChange error wording for empty \x{}
2019-03-19 Karl WilliamsonChange error wording for \o{}
2019-03-18 Karl WilliamsonImplement variable length lookbehind in regex patterns
2019-03-14 Karl WilliamsonAny Common digit set can match in any script
2019-03-14 Karl WilliamsonAllow qr'\N{...}'
2019-03-12 Karl WilliamsonAdd Unicode property wildcards
2019-03-08 Karl Williamsonperldelta for fd879d933c2a2ee22ac6e2462acc016aa033854d
2019-03-08 Tony Cookperldelta for d22170b0f355 through bf3e41ff5d42
2019-03-06 Karl Williamsondocs (incl. perldelta) for aa8a2baafac
2019-03-04 Karl Williamsonperldelta for Unicode 12.0
2019-02-25 Tony Cookperldelta for 7d0a46b7159e
2019-02-24 Tony Cookperldelta for 238f2c136aa0
2019-02-21 Nicolas RNew perldelta for 5.29.9
2019-02-20 Nicolas RBump Devel::PPPort to 3.44 for CPAN release v5.29.8
2019-02-20 Nicolas RPerldelta final massage for 5.29.8 release
2019-02-20 Tony Cookperldelta for 125ddee8ebdb, 2e51033c15c9
2019-02-16 Karl Williamsonperldelta: perldelta for previous commit
2019-02-16 Karl Williamsonperldelta for previous commi
2019-02-16 Karl WilliamsonPATCH: [perl #133767] Assertion failure
2019-02-15 Karl WilliamsonMove \p{user-defined} to core from
2019-02-14 Nicolas Rperldelta prep setup for v5.29.8
2019-02-14 Nicolas Rperldelta module changes from ext,lib
2019-02-14 Nicolas RUpdate Modules section for perldelta for 5.29.8
2019-02-05 Karl WilliamsonDocs for new Turkic UTF-8 locale support
2019-01-29 Tony Cookperldelta for d4c456e337e6
2019-01-22 Tony Cookperldelta for 4829a1eae86e
2019-01-22 Tony Cookperldelta for 5d4636a3aa0b
2019-01-20 AbigailNew perldelta for 5.29.8
2019-01-20 AbigailNew/Update Modules section for perldelta
2019-01-19 AbigailPerldelta acknowledgements for 5.29.7.
2019-01-19 AbigailPerldelta: Link to each ticket.
2019-01-19 AbigailPerldelta: spell out '2nd'.
2019-01-19 AbigailPerldelta: Document changes leading up to 5.29.7.
2019-01-09 Karl WilliamsonDelay fatalization of deprecation of unsafe UTF-8 macro...
2019-01-03 Tony Cookperldelta for 817480137a8b
2019-01-02 Tony Cookperldelta for b4e880f3b5c8, eb699a9c8fb7
2019-01-02 Tony Cookperldelta for 7122d783e33c
2018-12-18 AbigailNew perldelta for 5.29.7
2018-12-18 AbigailPerldelta: Don't put a reference to an RT ticket in...
2018-12-18 AbigailPerldelta: Linkefy references to Perl RT tickets in...
2018-12-18 AbigailErrata in perldelta.
2018-12-18 AbigailPerldelta: New/Updated Modules for 5.29.6
2018-12-17 AbigailPerldelta: Acknowledgements for 5.29.6.
2018-12-16 Tony Cookperldelta notes for Storable, EU::PXS, and sort the...
2018-12-16 Tony Cookperldelta for f75dfdbdb9d5
2018-12-16 AbigailPerldelta: Clarify when CVE-2018-18312 was fixed.
2018-12-16 Karl WilliamsonCorrect previous perldelta entry, and add a test
2018-12-16 Leon TimmermansAdd perldelta entry for pipe open fixes
2018-12-15 AbigailGet pod/perldelta in shape.
2018-12-15 AbigailPerldelta entries for 5.29.6.
2018-12-15 H.Merijn BrandUpdate Config::Perl::V to version 0.31