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op.c: Add debugging dump function
[perl5.git] / invlist_inline.h
2019-11-07 Karl Williamsonop.c: Add debugging dump function
2019-11-07 Karl WilliamsonMove some static fcns from regcomp.c to invlist_inline.h
2019-11-07 Karl Williamsoninvlist_inline.h: White space only
2019-11-07 Karl Williamsoninvlist_inline.h: Restrict files symbols are in
2019-03-12 Karl Williamsonis_invlist(): Allow NULL input
2019-02-05 Karl Williamsonpp.c: Avoid use of unsafe function
2018-12-05 James E KeenanProvide header guards to prevent re-inclusion
2018-08-20 Karl Williamsoninvlist_inline.h: Two symbols no longer needed in utf8.c
2018-08-20 Karl WilliamsonAdd inline function to hide implementation details
2018-03-31 Karl WilliamsonUse charnames inversion lists
2015-07-22 Jarkko Hietaniemiinline_invlist.c -> invlist_inline.h