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lexer API fixes
[perl5.git] / pod / perl5112delta.pod
2009-11-19 Zeframlexer API fixes
2009-11-10 Vincent PitClarify and complete documentation for in-place reverse
2009-11-10 Vincent PitOptimize reversing an array in-place
2009-11-08 ZeframBareword sub lookups
2009-11-05 Jesse VincentImplement facility to plug in syntax triggered by keywords
2009-11-04 Rafael Garcia-SuarezDocument qr overloading in perldelta
2009-11-04 Nicholas ClarkDeprecate use of := to mean an empty attribute list...
2009-11-01 Nicholas ClarkRemove Perl_pmflag() from the public API, and mark...
2009-10-24 Nicholas ClarkAdd perl5112delta, and change 5111delta from being...