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mktables: Add error check
[perl5.git] / lib / unicore / mktables
2011-01-05 Karl Williamsonmktables: Add error check
2010-12-20 Karl Williamsonmktables: fix typo in comment
2010-12-16 Karl Williamsonuniprops.pod: restore properties counts
2010-11-21 Karl Williamsonmktables: Clean up warning msg
2010-11-21 Karl Williamsonmktables: comment typo and expand other comments
2010-11-21 Karl Williamsonmktables: Smaller tables if not -DDEBUGGING
2010-11-19 Karl WilliamsonAdd Unicode's minor 6.0 correction
2010-11-19 Karl Williamsonmktables: Leave Unicode1 BELL name alone
2010-11-19 Karl Williamsonperluniprops.pod: nits
2010-11-18 Karl WilliamsonWork-around Uni 6.0 issues with 'BELL'
2010-11-18 Karl Williamsonmktables: Upgrade to handle new Unicode 6.0 tables
2010-11-16 Karl Williamsonmktables: Fix subtraction that should be an add
2010-10-31 Karl WilliamsonDOCs: Clarify that \w matches marks and \Pc
2010-10-31 Karl WilliamsonAdd consistent synonyms for \p{PosxFOO}
2010-10-31 Father ChrysostomosRevert "Add consistent synonyms for \p{PosxFOO}"
2010-10-31 Karl WilliamsonAdd consistent synonyms for \p{PosxFOO}
2010-10-31 Karl Williamsonmktables: Clarify \d description for perluniprops
2010-10-31 Karl Williamsonmktables: Add tests for wrong equivalence attempts
2010-10-21 Karl Williamsoncharnames::viacode returning less correct name
2010-10-21 Karl Williamsonmktables: Complement variable meaning for clarity
2010-10-13 Karl WilliamsonFix typos in comments
2010-10-12 Karl Williamsonmktables: Change name of option to -annotate
2010-10-12 Karl Williamsonmktables: Change variable name
2010-10-12 Karl Williamsonmktables: Extend -output_names option
2010-10-12 Karl Williamsonmktables: Add arg to write() to say if in utf8
2010-10-12 Karl Williamsonmktables: Move method to different class
2010-10-12 Karl Williamsonmktables: Remove extraneous error message
2010-10-12 Karl Williamsonmktables: Change method name for clarity
2010-10-12 Karl Williamsonmktables: Finish the refactoring out of a pass.
2010-10-12 Karl Williamsonmktables: Remove unshift onto large array
2010-10-12 Karl Williamsonmktables: Rmv obsolete field
2010-10-12 Karl Williamsonmktables: refactor to eliminate a pass over tables
2010-10-12 Karl Williamsonmktables: Add # XXX so can find experimental code
2010-10-12 Karl Williamsonmktables: Move 'format' to base class
2010-10-12 Karl Williamsonmktables: Change format name for
2010-10-12 Karl Williamsonmktables: change variable name for clarity
2010-10-12 Karl Williamsonmktables: if modify during run, regen tables
2010-10-12 Karl Williamsonmktables: rewrite 'if' statement for clarity
2010-10-12 Karl Williamsonmktables: complement variable name for rebuilding
2010-10-12 Karl Williamsonmktables: Add type_of() method to get range's type
2010-10-12 Karl Williamsonmktables: Convert value_of() to use containing_range()
2010-10-12 Karl Williamsonmktables: Remove extraneous debug statement
2010-10-12 Karl Williamsonmktables: Add containing_range method
2010-10-12 Karl Williamsonmktables: Clarify comment in generated tables
2010-10-12 Karl Williamsonmktables: Clarify comment in generated tables
2010-10-12 Karl Williamsonmktables: Save reference to two commonly used tables
2010-10-12 Karl Williamsonmktables: Improve message
2010-10-12 Karl Williamsonmktables: Remove commented out obsolete code
2010-10-12 Karl Williamsonmktables: Can't generate simple casing tables
2010-10-12 Karl Williamsonmktables: Use more descriptive property names
2010-10-12 Karl Williamsonmktables: Make generated files use hex code points
2010-10-12 Karl Williamsonmktables: fix typos in comments
2010-09-25 Karl WilliamsonTeach Perl about Unicode named character sequences
2010-09-25 Karl Williamsoncharnames: Remove unnecessary \t in
2010-09-25 Karl Small performance enhancements
2010-09-25 Karl Williamsonmktables: Remove stubbed out code
2010-09-08 Zeframmake qw(...) first-class syntax
2010-08-28 Karl Williamsonmktables: Silence common build warning
2010-08-26 Nicholas ClarkIn mktables, disable string overloading when de-duping...
2010-08-26 Nicholas ClarkConvert mktables to assign lexicals via do { no overloa...
2010-08-26 Nicholas ClarkChange mktables to use pack 'J', $addr; to key its...
2010-08-26 Nicholas ClarkIn lib/unicore/mktables tweaks to tidy the file writing...
2010-08-26 Nicholas ClarkIn lib/unicore/mktables minor tidying of the numifciati...
2010-08-25 Karl Williamsonmktables: Clarify comment output in files
2010-07-13 Karl Williamsonmktables: Move some CJK chars out of table
2010-07-13 Karl Williamsonmktables: remove wrong extra blank from output
2010-06-15 Karl WilliamsonRemove debugging statement from mktables.
2010-06-07 Karl WilliamsonPATCH: uniprops.t take advantage of EBCDIC
2010-05-30 Karl WilliamsonAdd mktables option for development use
2010-05-30 Karl Williamsonmktables -- don't create Names table unless asked
2010-05-30 Karl WilliamsonFix priority of suppressed vs. explicitly output
2010-05-30 Karl WilliamsonRemove obsolete comment
2010-05-30 Karl WilliamsonGenerate simple case folding tables only if asked
2010-05-30 Karl WilliamsonAdd comment about objaddr in mktables
2010-05-30 Karl WilliamsonUse in-line 'no overloading' for speed
2010-05-03 karl williamson... PATCH: Make perluniprops.pod platform neutral
2010-01-17 Karl WilliamsonClean up mktables intro comments; remove trailing white...
2010-01-15 Karl WilliamsonPATCH: [perl #71726] \p{xdigit} should match full-width...
2010-01-15 Karl WilliamsonThis adds a constructor option to not output the commen...
2010-01-11 Karl WilliamsonAdd note to .pod for compound form perl extensions
2010-01-11 Karl WilliamsonRemove [[:posix:]] references because changes not going...
2009-12-30 Karl WilliamsonCorrect \p{print} to not match LINE SEPARATOR nor PARAG...
2009-12-20 Karl WilliamsonUnicode documentation updates
2009-12-06 Karl Williamsonqr/\X/ expansion
2009-12-04 Craig A. BerryPort lib/unicore/mktables to VMS.
2009-12-02 Karl Williamsonwork-around Carp/overloading miniperl problem
2009-11-28 Karl Williamsonmktables performance improvement
2009-11-25 Karl Williamsonwrap uniprops.t; makefile changes for mktables
2009-11-24 Rafael Garcia-SuarezRemove generated file pod/perluniprops.pod from the...
2009-11-24 Karl Williamsonmktables not run unless needed
2009-11-22 Rafael Garcia-SuarezSimplify title of perluniprops
2009-11-22 Karl Williamsonmktables revamp
2009-09-09 Nicholas ClarkMove the Text::Tabs use statement to the top of the...
2009-01-27 KarlChange to use 5.1 Unicode file versions
2009-01-19 KarlAdd NameAliases.txt; regenerate mktables.list
2008-11-07 Yves Ortoncreate new unicode props as defined in POSIX spec ...
2007-04-23 Yves OrtonChange meaning of \v, \V, and add \h, \H to match Perl6...
2007-02-06 SADAHIRO Tomoyukicurrent status on Unicode Regular Expressions
2006-09-13 Yves Ortonmktables executes seven time per build sigh
2005-06-01 Andy LesterSpeed up lib/unicore/mktables by 45%